Christmas is our biggest festival and we all love to celebrate it. Here Ollie the AR Elf is for you. With this application, you can easily get the Augmented Reality app with fun. He can come to our home where we can interact with him in new seasonal scenes. The main thing is that you can get holiday stories at this platform.

 Features of Ollie the AR Elf:

  • Easy to use, it can be used by kids too
  • Hide and Seek game for more fun
  • For the special interactions, just tap the character
  • Ollie holiday stories
  • Option to mute the music
  • There is Elf-ie photo op letting that enables you to take the photo with Ollie
  • Share the pictures on social media

How to use this Augmented Reality app?

To use this application, just pick the location in your home. Now on the flat surface, place the AR target. Enjoy watching Ollie. There are awesome graphics used in this app. Return the next day to see the new activity. You can enjoy the game of Hide & Seek in this application with your friend.

Last words:

Ollie the AR Elf is a nice application. I love this game so far and also recommend to others. I’m happy with this application that makes my upcoming Christmas wonderful.

Ollie the AR Elf


The Smartphone platform in general is aimed at teenagers and adults who own their smart phones. However, the platform is quickly growing into a great place for kids with a selection of apps and games that cater to younger minds along with hardware specifically geared toward kids.

There are literally thousands of kids’ apps for Android, iPhone, Smartphone, tablet and iPad. But not all apps are equal. Some will entertain your kids for only a short while. Others will push them to make expensive in-app purchases. There are some ‘kids’ apps that aren’t really appropriate for young people.

Simple Fun is yet another developer studio that has produced a variety of decent kids’ games. Their big thing is putting you in scenarios where your kids can do things. They have games oriented for both kids and teenagers. Most of the games have free so you can pick and choose which one you like to play

It’s important to note that kids can be anywhere from three or four years old to twelve years old so this games is suitable for all

Patrick’s Dinosaur is a game which is specially designed for kids age more than 5+ its similar to simple mission game where your kids will try to stop the coming spaceships, but it is not so easy as the effect of gravity can play an important role in game play. The game starts by selecting the purple dinosaur and we can place different stickers” of characters and objects in the game. The game has different levels where the gameplay varies according to levels. Double tap on any sticker to use in game. Users can save scene by click on camera button. The game has totally kids friendly as it has no in app purchase and no extra ads or popup. The game save all your current progress and stickers on iCloud so you can play the game from any devices from the level you left. The game is really fun for all kids and hope they will enjoy. Play now its free !!

Patrick's Dinosaur logo



Patrick's Dinosaur QR


Create 3D animations of cartoons in a simple and intuitive manner on your tablet or phone.
If you ever wondered how they bring characters to life in animation movies like Frozen or Toy Story, this app is for you.
Kids can learn to make 3D animations that showcase their creativity and storytelling abilities.
Animations can then be uploaded on YouTube to share with friends and family!

# Pre-built 3D cartoon characters lets kids quickly and effortlessly learn the basics of 3D animation.
# Make 3D cartoons walk, run, jump and talk with simple controls and an intuitive workflow.
# Designed by animators from the ground up, this app is an excellent way for kids to learn animation.
# Contains video tutorials such as walking, talking and acting to teach the fundamentals of animation.
# Tested extensively with dozens of kids and parents.
# Share your animations on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter through our Everyplay feature

Animate Me  logo

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20 FREE levels to test your memory, with this free and simple to use fun game.
With the option to unlock a further 24 levels
A game that is simple to use, but hard to master, so go ahead and try to master it.
Very addictive and simple to use game that is fun for hours. Ideal for both kids and adults
Match the pair of pictures as you see them, each level increases the number of pictures while reducing the time you get to solve the puzzle.
Each time you complete each level the next level increases in difficulty. Giving you more images but less time to match them.
Compete against your best scores! Game Centre integration keeps track of your best scores for each mode and also your overall score!

# Suitable for kids and adults alike
# Game Center leaderboards — Compete with your friends!
# 20 levels of fun
# Multiple difficult levels
# Personal best score system
# Compete with your friend
# Post your scores online to Facebook & Twitter
# Playable on for both ipad and iphone

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Match -3, a mixture of classical lovely games: the player controls falling shapes and chooses what pieces want to delete.

The action takes place in a colorful cartoon world, the main characters – colorful kittens. One of the key features of the game – #mimimi. The player interacts with the kittens, they meow being touched, hold on foot, sharpening claws and yawn.

Game Rules
On playing field – figures composed of colored cats. Player moves these figures with finger left or right. When shapes touch the bottom or other chips, they will crumble and fall .
To cleanse the field player may remove chips that form chains of matching colors. The more cats included in the chain, the more points you will get. Sometimes falls on the bonus, which integrates on its chain.
Speed ​​falling shapes gradually increases, the game ends when the chips are filled to the top of the field . The player’s task – to collect as many points.
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I would like to dedicate this game (my first one :)) to my wife, who never ceases to amaze me with her love and has just brought our first son into this world… I LOVE YOU NAVI!

Look! It’s a bird. No! It’s a plane. No! It’s NAVI BUNNY!! Navi is a special kind of bunny, who had looked enviously all her life at birds flapping their wings and flying in the sky. She dreamed that a day would come when she too will grow wings and soar above the ground. Determined to fulfill her dream, she spent hours and days thinking and experimenting in order to achieve her goal. After many months of hard work, sleepless days and long nights she finally succeeded …

Navi built the first jet pack intended for bunnies!

Excited at her success, she strapped herself to the jet pack, and placed her hands on the handles ready to become the first bunny to fly.

Navi Bunny logo  Download Now on ( Free ) App Store


Run Zombie Cheerleader Run is a addicting and fun matching game that will test your ability to problem solve, despite its simple design. Your goal is to match 3 or more zombies in a row to score as many points as you can. Sounds simple? It’s not!


# One touch controls, touch and drag to transfer the zombies
# You can connect either horizontally or diagonally
# Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master
# Fun graphics and lots of different zombies to connect

Run Zombie Cheerleader Run  logoDownload Now on ( Free ) App Store


In this appetizing game you will have to feed kids with tasty sweets.

Lovely kids came to their grandmother to know if she has something yummy to eat. They found plenty of sweets and divided it for everyone to get special candies.

When you start the game – it will bring you a lot of joy and improve your mood! A row of candies will be falling down and the kids will be flanked. You will have to give the necessary candy to the right child. Be careful! Don’t let sweets get into grandmother’s pot, otherwise kids couldn’t get it!

The more sweets kids eat the better result you have! Have a competition with your friend and know who is the best sweet-tooth!

Enjoy your game!

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Chomps is hungry! Help this adorable kitty fatten-up by catching food while avoiding pesky bricks. Gobble power-ups for extra pounds, increased speed and bonus time. Use points to get extra special Power-ups for really high scores in this fast-paced and fun game.

Poor Chomps can’t get into his food bag so has to blow-up the kitchen! Tilt the screen to catch falling Kibble and power-ups. Gain as much weight as possible in 60 seconds. Gobble power-ups to collect Points and help Chomps fill his belly. Donuts are worth extra pounds, peppermints make it rain candy, Tuna cans increase speed and clocks add bonus time. Avoid falling bricks that temporarily stun Chomps. Use your points to get extra special power-ups like the Mega Donut, Candy Bricks and Extra Time. Challenge your friends in Game Center to see who can make Chomps the fattest…and happiest!

Chomps  logog
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Challenge your friends and other players, or go solo in 11 addicting games!

Tap To Play is a social gaming platform where you can challenge other players to 11 different games. You can also chat with your opponents, and follow your friends in your feed.
All games can also be played in single player mode – for fun, for practice, or to compete in the Leaderboards.

Earn medals and xp, reach a higher level, and earn coins to unlock new games.


# 11 games (with more coming soon!)
# Chat with your opponents
# Find and add friends
# Random opponents
# Compete in leaderboards
# Follow your friends’ activity in the feed
# Beautiful artwork and animations
# Connect with Facebook and play against your friends


# Bird Down
The early bird catches the worm – but not if he gets shot down by a missile! Keep flapping to help Twitch stay in the air.

# Birds On A Pole
Twitch and Twinkle are just chilling on a telephone pole, but someone is attacking them – and they brought out the big guns! Help our lovebirds avoid the missiles, or they will be as dead as a dodo.

# Deck Attack
Time to lay all your cards on the table. This reaction-based card game is spades of fun!

# Dragon Fish
It’s a fish-eat-fish world out there. Help Olaf the dragonfish hunt for food – but make sure he doesn’t eat himself!

# Friggin’ Frog
Get that frog out of your throat, and help our ex-tadpole Francis reach soaring new heights.

# Jungle Glide
Join our mascotte Otto in his quest to satisfy his hunger. Glide through the jungle and collect those tasty potassium-filled bananas!

# Ribbit Rush
This game covers the entire spectrum of being a frog – jumping, eating flies, and saying ‘ribbit’. Help Francis the frog eat as many flies as possible, while avoiding the numerous obstacles.

# Seashell Shore
It’s time to come out of your shell in this color-matching game.

# Splosh
Priscilla the fish just loves to eat those yummy flies. The only problem is that they don’t live in the sea, so she has to jump out of the water to catch them.

# Squeaky Wheels
Drift your way across three different race tracks in this top-down racing game.

# Tap To Run
Hazel the Ostrich loves to run. Help her avoid the obstacles, or her luck will run out!

Tap To Play  logo
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