From a classic board game, to an excited iOS game, we proudly invite you to join the reveal of mysterious murder case in iM Detective game!

There is a mystery murder case that a murderer has hidden all evidences in order to conceal the truth. People who were in the incidence that night, have become the suspects and been wanted to arrest. Thus, to purge and to prove that they are the guiltless ones, they have to find the truth of the incidence.
Once they know that someone in their team is a murderer and no one also can be trusted, they have to find out the truth and the exact murderer before it is too late! And YOU are the one of suspects in this park!

In order to reveal the incident case and to stay alive, you have to;
Inspect:Every places in the park that possibly happened the incidence.
Guess:Use your detective instinct to guess the incidence from the clues you get to find out more evidences.
Charge:When you find out who is the murderer, what is the weapon and where is the place that had been involved in this murder case, you have to accuse and arrest the murderer in order to end the game and become the winner of this game.

Fun and exited in revealing a mystery murder case, either single player or multiple players.
Single player:- play with AI that can be chosen from a beginner to an expert levels.
Multiplayer:- join to investigate, outsmart with your friends or your team members in the iM Detective game.
Various playing platforms:- you can play with your friends who use other OS phones as well as friends who join the iM Detective game via Facebook without any restrictions.
Ranking system:- to reduce the advantages between a beginner and an excellent players
Unlock-able items:- trophies and special outfits are available for player’s prize.
3D view camera:- you can feel like you play on the actual board.
Ability card:- special abilities to make the game more fun and exited!
The 3 various playing modes:- there are “show”, “center” and “deal” modes, so players will have different experiences from the game.
Tutorial:- explain how to play the game step by step that is easy to understand, so player can easily learn from the tutorial.

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Test your reactions, hide in the hat, rage HELMUT to berserker mode and compete with your friends!

# One finger control
# African sound system
# 3 leg algorithm
# Invisible trunk mechanics
# Complete lifecycle processing
# Ivory based physics engine
# Complete profit based gameplay
# Cloud powered success sync
# Fashion guided hat modeling
# No caribian influences
# Incredible frustration rate
# One hundred million people can fail
# Multicharacter mode
# Quantum obstacles

HELMUT logog
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Jump and Shoot has been my project for the past few months now, and I’m so excited to release it to all on the app store. The game is designed to be as quick as possible, immediately after you die, you’re ready to go back into the game. No annoying wait times with ads, no wait times to regain lives. Just as many retries as you want, trying to get the highest score that you can!

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