World-renowned and prize-winning studio REMEDY presents this action-packed 3D strategy game. Take command of a forward operating base somewhere in the South Seas. Arm your hi-tech naval force and defeat the sinister Chimera Corporation.

Cool agents, fast action, hi-tech hardware

# Fast paced 3D action strategy gameplay
# Cinematic battles on gorgeous paradise islands
# Even faster and more beautiful with Apple’s Metal technology
# Build, extend and improve your spectacular base
# Upgrade and advance your hi-tech weapons and fleet
# Co-operate with friends and send reinforcements

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Bored of easy games? Sick and tired of the term “Pay to Win”?
Need a challenge? Want to become a true warrior?
Welcome to Warrior Souls.

Warrior Souls is an action/fighting game, that actually allows you to be a warrior and come face-to-face With the enemy. Every victory earned, the enemies will be tougher and smarter, you have to be aware of Your enemies. Learning from death, face your fear and defeat it!


# Full control with one hand.

#4 playable characters.

# Balanced characters design.

# Deep combat systems.

# Smart enemy AI.

# Compare your performance against friends and climb the leaderboards.

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Tap in rhythm to generate wild visual effects!

Play Incandescence by finger drumming on the phone screen. Tap tap tap on a mystical crystal object, and as your score increases it will generate a visual feast of multi-coloured light emissions, accompanied by rapidly intensifying music.

Most people finger drum without even thinking about it, but Incandescence challenges you to keep in rhythm. There’s a knack to it, and the game tests your stamina. Practice, and see your score shoot up to new heights!

It’s a simple game. One mechanic. Infinitely addictive!

• It’s finger drumming twisted into a compulsive casual game.
• It’s a test of rhythm and stamina…
• Tap with 2, 3 or 4 fingers… Whichever suits you best!
• A bizarre visual feast of wild light effects!
• Energetic synthwave music procedurally building up as you tap.

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Nonstop Basketball Action is fast paced fantasy basketball / action game, without classical basketball rules – team who has most points wins.
How to win is up to you – hard play or fair play!

# Start up gradually in ‘Missions’ game mode.
# Survive in tense ‘Bleedout’ game mode.
# Use special power-balls to get maximum score.
# Attack other players and knock them out.
# 29 different power balls with different visual effects.
# 40 different items to boost player abilities.
# 12 special items with special ability & visual effect
# Online leaderboards, to compare your results with other players!
# Adjustable round duration to suit your needs.

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ATTENTION! At the beggining of October, based on the results of Homeless World Rankings iTunes and App store gift cards in the amount of 75$ will be raffled!
The first place of the World Ranking receives a gift card for 50$, the second and the third get 15$ and 10$ respectively!

#1 App in RU App Store at the moment!!

Travel around the world and make a space-flight, build your cottage and buy a luxury car!

Return bottles – achieve a success!

Manage your own Company or live your life on bank credits!
Visit the Casino and try your luck to earn extra money!
Choose what to play: roulette or thimbles!
Lead the score or long-life ranking!
One move or action takes one day. Every day your mood, hp and satiety decreases.
If the level of vital signs falls to zero, you’ll have 7 days to raise it, otherwise you will die.
CAUTION: There are events in the game, that can influence your character’s health & wealth.

Over 150 different actions!
Over 50 different events and items!
New gifts and bonuses every day!
Opportunity to continue the game even if your hero is dead, without point or day loss!
World scores and lifetime rankings!

# new actions!
# new items and events!
# new casino games!
# new inventory and market to trade with your friends!
# new skins and sounds!
# network game support!

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You’re going diving! Explore the depths of the sea and complete the quests in this action packed, Underwater adventure game. Sounds easy? It’s easy to play but gets tricky!

After dropping into the ocean, simply touch the screen to ascend and release to descend as you dive Towards higher scores!

Throughout each game you’ll collect coins and complete quests to earn cash, buy new upgrades and Vehicles in the store! Pick your favorite vehicle and stock up on upgrades then get back out there for More action!

Make sure you avoid the obstacles in your path. These include jelly fish, grampus’s, sharks, octopus and Even torpedoes. As you dive further there will be even more goodies to pick up and help along the way. Swim from danger and you’ll reach massive scores, unlock Achievements and beat your Facebook Friends on the leaderboard!

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Galaxy Ranger is dynamic fast paced shoot’em up arcade game, inspired by the famous old-school shooter games from the 90s.
The goal is simple, shoot at everything that comes your way and collect gems so you can boost up your Ship performences! You’ll have three ships at your disposal to comlete your mission.
Numerous asteroids and allien battle ships will come your way and make your galaxy adventure harder Troughout the game! Use the store to boost up your ship preference.
We hope you’ll have fun time playing Galaxy Ranger! Human kind survival is in your hands!

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The makers of Instafusion present Tank Boom
Destroy your enemies to the ground!
A great power packed 3d action game for your Iphone/Ipad
Now get into Power form and destroy enemy tanks with endless emp bullets.
From the makers of Instafusion, tankboom is know available on ios!



# 20 levels of endless action
# Fight against intelligent enemy tanks
# Support for Iphone & Ipad
# Multi-touch and easy joystick navigational control schemes
# Fluid and super easy game controls
# Tap where you want to fire and the gun automatically points itself their

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Mutant birds are taking over the skies. Armed with nothing more than a lance and your trusty Pegasus it’s your job to rid each area of these overgrown and unwelcome pests. Fight your way though swarms of increasingly difficult birds. Survive as long as you can! Do you have what it takes to be a Lord of the Skies?

# Birds have 31 different skills
# 6 unique areas to explore
# Leader-boards for points, kills and highest level achieved
# A few surprises to make your life more difficult
# Saves your personal best score
# Controls designed for a touch screen
# No additional fees, no ads

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Fight for your army! Shoot enemy soldiers, tanks, and helicopters, before they take you down. Don’t shoot bombs, unless you want to die.

You are equipped with awesome weapons (mini gun, flame thrower, laser gun, and SMG), use them quickly and wisely!

Tap Army is the first lane-based shoot’em up arcade game – It’s a lot of fun, and insanely addictive!

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