Folded Flyer

Throw the paper plane as far as possible and upgrade your skills to improve your best score and unlock gifts! We found the app Folded Flyer: Paper Plane Game developed by Tim Vogel.

With lots to explore and hidden collectibles to find, you’re set for a fun airborne adventure!

Race to the finish for the fastest time on each level, or search every nook and cranny for hidden rewards. Craft and fully personalize your own paper plane with a near-endless combination of colors, patterns, and upgrades. Download Folded Flyer today for free and become the ultimate paper pilot.


Fly your paper glider through a beautiful 3D world full of funky and dangerous objects. Folded Flyer is full of playful animations, colorful graphics, and an incredibly catchy soundtrack.


Get creative and craft your own paper airplane with the “Plane Designer”. Choose your own designs and colors to create your dream paper plane design. From colorful flowers and pink hearts to a tough camouflage or metal look; The combinations are endless!


Choose from multiple ways to control your plane. Take full control with the tilting controls that make clever use of the iPhone’s and iPad’s Gyroscope / Accelerometer. Or instantly take-off with the easy and innovative one-fingertip and Steer’ controls.


Earn epic upgrades for your airplane by completing levels and beating high scores. Increase your plane’s acceleration, cornering, and speed boost ability to build the fastest paper glider.


Compete on Game Center Leaderboards with your friends, family, or pilots from all over the world. Unlock unique achievements and show your friends how to take-off in style.

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Pre-K Preschool

I know that I am not the only person out there who wants to give their toddler the best tools and resources to grow, learn, and thrive. In fact, I think it is safe to say that we all want the best for our little ones. With that in mind and the reality that social distancing is still prime, finding a valuable learning platform for them to enrich their lives is essential. Luckily, there is a new app launched today called Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids. From memory improvements to perfecting numbers, colors, shapes, body parts, and much more, this app can solidify any parent’s confidence that their toddler will be completely ready to take on preschool and kindergarten.

Notable Features

It is no secret that toddlers and younger children learn the most through play. It stimulates their minds, and they are able to associate their play with real-life concepts. With that base, these toddler games for 4-year old’s are all strategically implemented and developed by educational experts to ensure that your kid can get the most benefit and value while enjoying games. Some notable features you can expect to find include:

  • 32 different elements your toddler can learn through, including indoor, outdoor, Pre-k specified content, animals, and tons of other explorations
  • Over 150 matching game levels, so your toddler will have something new to learn every day that tactfully challenges them
  • 696 interactive flashcards that have an advanced controlling system
  • Constructive screen time for your kids with trackable features for parents to monitor
  • Voice narrations and an animated teacher named Marina
  • No WiFi needed and there are no third-party advertisements
  • A simple, clean interface that gives your toddler the leverage to strengthen their visual perceptions, motor skills, critical thinking, attention and memory, vocabulary, and cognitive abilities to optimal heights.

Promotional Offering!

Though the app is free, some in-app purchases can take your toddler’s experience to more advanced levels. As a launching gift to you, there is a promotional offer starting on the launch day (June 15th), where you can save $6.99 instantly. All you have to do is apply promo code LOVE4KIDS, and you save!

This is a limited offer for discounted access to incredible features, so take advantage of it while you can so you can give your toddler the best stepping stones for developmental success.

Final Thoughts

Keeping toddlers sharp during this vital part of their development is crucial. With captivating learning games fostered on the Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids, your child is guaranteed to be enlightened and build an excellent educational foundation, all while having fun doing so. Give this new innovative app a try for yourself and see how it can transform your toddler’s mind with discovering new concepts, logical ideas, cognitive skills, and unlock their full potential.

For more assistance, you can watch the video tutorial “how to apply the promo code” in their facebook and youtube channel so you can begin your journey hassle-free. Again, the promo code is LOVE4KIDS.


Have a nice day!

Do you like to play a fast-paced Hockey strategy card game? This little hockey card game is a fun based strategy which give you all a good gaming experience. All you need to tap a team to challenge in the game. The main task this app requires is to manage the team. It is a fun card game with accurate presentation of the playing.

Slapshot could be the right cup of tea. This game carries the object to win your war-like card games to get the playoff. This game is based on card playing. All those who are hockey lovers are at perfect platform here. The main aim of this game is to provide a fun-based game experience. The originality of this game is phantoms of the ice.

Slapshot Features:

  • New-season: To start any fresh season, you could go for this feature. This will start a new game.
  • Save season: With the help of saving the season, you could easily retain your session back. Whenever you come back and want to start from the previous one, this feature is best
  • Cool Graphics: The graphics and color combination in this application is as per the game theme. There is a user-friendly interface.
  • Music: It is having cool music that keeps your interest to the level.
  • Color of the puck: The color of the puck could be changed through the setting option
  • Number of the team: The number of the team could be increase or decrease
  • Chart: A chart showing the values, shots, CHK & INJ
How to play?

As a player you need to manage a team of six player cards in which one will be goalie, two will be defensemen & three forwards. You must be sure that each player must manage the team skilfully. Also, make the playoffs and after that win the championship. With trades and drafts, you could improve your team. At a time you could play against up to five opponents. Your hockey team will be ever-changing there will be constant changes in drafting free-agent players. You need to play against the home team.

Unique feature:

It is a fun little hockey card game: This game is based & inspired by the movie of the same name. The other thing is that it is not a war game and gives out the experience of a peaceful game. Moreover, it could be played with children also as it is not involving any gambling strategy.

Last words:

Slapshot is the best hockey card game that one could enjoy. Just challenge your opponent to win. At last, you need to win with your skills. All the best and enjoy the game. Enjoy the cool hockey card game.

Drag Racing Manager Bike Race

In the mediocre life of routine schedules set, want to do something refreshing? Had enough with so many racing games and looking forward to the new game set? If you are a big-time bike fan, this one app is a good one to begin a new era in the Drag Racing racing game.

Key Features of Drag Racing

  • Many options of Bikes: An app that knows change of bikes is the best way to make sure one enjoys his/her game. Among the various options of bikes available, there are not only ranges of bikes available but also comes a few settings to help people make necessary changes in their bikes, as per their desire.
  • A lot in-store to choose from: Even if by chance the fuel or the necessary biking range falls short in this online easy gaming app, one can make use of the settings options and the range of various powers available.
  • Music at one’s comfort: Music helps one to make the journey easier. This might be easy for some to play. But for those least percent, who do not want to disturb others while playing this game at night, touch the music icon and make it on mute!
  • Customizing it as per one’s desire: What is that one thing, that people like to do whenever they get the app installed on the phone? Making it as per their choice and trying to customize it as much as possible!
  • An option to add your name: To your choice of bike will give you a personalized feeling. Won’t you like it and regard it as a moment of pride when the collected prizes and positions will come in front of your name!
  • Get on the groovy mode with excellent racing skills: Kids and even adults find it addicting with any racing game. The inner instinct of love for driving and excitement makes Drag racing, a potential favorite for many bikes and driving lovers!

Follow the potential inner hidden racing biker in you and unleash the different levels of fun and bike ranges surprisingly!

Last words: In this world where work and busy routine has taken a lot of time, of every individual, there is one needed way to be refreshed easily. Drag Racing is an excellent way to keep it installed on one’s phone. Play it whenever one gets the time and make sure things are falling in a proper place for everybody.


Have already played tones of games and still searching for something interesting? With this New Jupiter Pong game on our review plate today, we promise to bring the best information to you. Thus helping your Great Game Search come to an end!

Key Features of Jupiter Pong

  •        Not a strategic game! Do you play games for fun and relaxation? You are not interested in so many technical setups but simply want to relax while playing. Then it is time to leave all the hefty level games and think of installing Jupiter Pong.
  •        Relaxing music: Personally our team likes the music integrated into the app. Not too much of beats and not too loud as well. The calm and easy-going music pick will surely help you relax and will not exchange you with any kind of headache.
  •        Kids are all la-la about it: Do you want your babies to be pacified with this? The easy skills required and the attractive appearance of the game board makes it a great pick for your kids too! If in case, momma and Baby want to have some relax time together, Jupiter Pong is a good one to rely on!
  •        A thematic background makes it more interesting: An impressive abstract combined with attractive colors keep the game more interesting. Milky way feel will keep you abound with the thought of space being realistic in your surrounding!
  •        Challenge your inner player: Thirteen different levels are crafted to help you feel accomplished after beating them all! With acute concentration and fast-moving of fingers, you can win it over and over again!
  •        Not like other violent games: A calm background with pacifying music with some easy game skill is what we have relied on. Unlike other violent games, we keep gaming easy, appreciable and soft skill in this era of violent gaming too!

A simple way to get refreshed

With an easy concentration demanding game, you can enter your level of relaxation anytime and anywhere!

You do not need a very brilliant set up but just your smartphone. Install it and start making your ranks. Make sure you take good care to adjust with the speed of the moving ball even if any celestial object comes in your way!

How to play!

After installing the app from Apple Store and launching it successfully, take hold of the spaceship paddle towards the bottom of your screen. Control it well and keep moving right and left to keep your ball safe. Note that the ball’s speed increases, as it hits other objects in between and so you need to be quick as well!

Last words: Senses involving app altogether aiming at increasing the coordination between Visual sense and the movement of fingers. Take time to adjust with the speed of the game and then make it happen with every single lifeline provided.

Big time tennis fan or a GK aspirant ready to crack some quiz? A common interest for tennis will definitely keep you stuck with this app in the review today!

Key Features of World Tennis Winners

  • Simple and Basic: a Most simple app that has only two keys, “Country” and “Player” to be operated with. Thus nothing to worry about the entire various, “How to?”
  • Information Based: An app that is built to provide information about every tennis player across various countries. Helps in knowing the awards stats along with the ranking as well!
  • Self-segmented: Everybody likes it when things are organized and easy to find! That is the same case when we talk about World tennis Winners. The country and Player segments are self-organized in the alphabetical order and hence make sit relatively easy to find names from the list!
  • No need to update, we have it set right: A centrally based app that needs no updating but the list gets automatically updated. Hence it is a sure help that is easy to set!
  • Search makes it easy: Search icon as an eye helps in searching your desired player easily.

Simple ways to search!

Get on the app and search country by entering your choice of a country name. After country selection gets on the players’ list and finds all the players from the selected country. Simply tap on any player and get the information loaded below!

Last words: An information-based app that has all the power to equip you with tennis players’ awards information across the world.

Summary: Just a click to download this app and the treasure of information is within your reach when your device is well connected to the internet.

Every parent has a wish that his or her toddler get good learning. The cycle starts with the learning of rhymes and poems. For that books are the first priority but this could be also made easy through using the application called Cheeky Beasts. It is a collection of wacky poems which helps a child to learn with fun.

Features of Cheeky Beasts:

  • No in-app purchasing
  • No adds which make the disturbance
  • Facility to read along with the narrator
  • Educational pop-up
  • Attractive images to help in better understanding
  • Cool graphics
  • Classic sound and music

More about this app:

There are educational pop up on every page of this app. You guys just need to simply download the app and start using it. There is no registration or the making of profile. There are games that your child could enjoy. In that, there are a matching game, spelling making and selecting the right letter. The poems will automatically appear on the screen along with the pictures. Easy using for the understanding of spelling, phonics & rhyming words.

Merits of this app:

  • Kids friendly app which is safe for them
  • Understanding through stories.
  • An amazing platform to offer educational stuff.

Last words:

Cheeky Beasts is the best application for all those who want their kids to learn in a smart way. I would like to recommend this app to every parent. Download it now!!!

Summary: Cheeky Beast is a mobile app through which a kid could easily learn poem and rhymes.

Wheelie King 3


Do you like to ride a bike? Recently one new game app has been launched named as Wheelie King 3. It’s available on the Google Play store. The game is a combination of fun and challenge. One who likes to deal with bike games can have this game as the best choice. It’s fully customized with realistic graphics.

Features of Wheelie King 3

  • Different graphics settings like low& medium
  • Wheelie record
  • Different challenging tracks
  • The Option to sell the vehicle
  • Changing the color of the bike
  • Online leader board to compare your performance with others
  • Play from the off-road to the city road
  • Get the coins
  • The option of mute on & off

Playing the strategy of this game:

To play this game, you just need to download it and install the app. After that choose your own landscape. On pressing on the accelerator icon, the bike will move forward. On pressing down arrow, you will be able to do the stunt. Don’t let your bike fall down or get hit with obstacles as this will lead to game over.

The score will be count on the basis of your drifting and bonus will be given on the basis of stunt. All you need to play the game with care. It’s because if the track is challenging.


Wheelie King 3 is a bike racing game that one can enjoy anytime or anywhere. It’s a perfect way to pass free time. Download this game and deal with the challenge.

Wheelie King 3


We all love to play games on our mobile and on a daily basis, new apps are introduced in the market. Recently a new app has launched in the market and its FABFLY, available on the Google Play Store. From the name of this app, one can predict that it includes a flying concept for the fun. In this game, the main concept is about AVATAR who grow up fully with well playing.

One need to just deal with tapping fun in this game. Just tap on the screen and the avatar will fly upward. In this way, one achieves the score and the avatar will grow up.

FABFLY Key features:

Coming on the features of this game, I will say it’s a complete package of good features. There are cool music and graphics which leaves the user with a great experience. There are simple tap controls. Four challenges begin. There is an option of choosing a girl or boy Avatar in this game. Moreover, the game could be played without an internet connection. Compatible with all age groups. The concept is simple tap control.

Playing strategy:

To play this game, all you need to tap on the screen. On tapping, the avatar will fly upward. You can also change the direction of your Avatar. In the way, there will be obstacles to make the game challenging. The level of challenge will hike with time. In case if your avatar gets hit with them, the game will get over.


FABFLY is the most addictive game with an endless approach. When you start playing this game, you will not be able to forbear yourself. Using your skills you can achieve rewards. Play it once and avail the fun for real money.

Summary: FabFly is an addictive game. It’s all about challenging, fun and earning of real money. It’s available for all age groups.

Have you ever heard that witch become pretty? Yes, in Broom, you will meet at a pretty witch. It’s a mobile application available for the iOS platform. It’s actually an endless and funny game. All those Halloween freaks can deal with this game. The actual concept is to help witch in fly because she lost her broom. The best thing is that it can be played by kids and adults.

As you know that witch loves her broom and can’t fly without it. People afraid of a witch but in this game, you will meet to a pretty witch. All you need to help her in flying and collect coins.

Broom Features:

  • Kid’s mode made especially for kids
  • Rewards that you can achieve
  • Sharing option to share on the different media
  • Colorful graphics that you can enjoy
  • Many wonderful acquisitions and skills
  • Different characters

How to play this game?

You need to help witch in her fly. She makes herself pretty. All you need to help her in jumping by drawing springs. In this way, you will get the green elixirs and jump higher. It’s an actually an endless game so you can enjoy the game without any interruption. All you need to do is to help her in bouncing to collect maximum coins. The more you collect coins, the more score you will gain.

Last words:

Broom is a mobile application which helps you in passing your free time. It’s an endless game that one can enjoy anytime or anywhere. Download this game and help the pretty witch.