We all aware of the virtual money that we can easily earn from different kind of apps. But have you heard and thought about earning real cash money? Here I will share my experience regarding one app name as MAKE REAL QUICK CASH. It’s a simple app through which you can easily earn real money. Isn’t it sounds good? Continue with your reading, I will elaborate more things.

Working strategy:

Accessing this app is very simple. There will be simple tasks such as downloading free apps and games. Complete the survey, watch videos. Share it on Facebook and refer your friends to join this app. After that, redeem your cash through Amazon, skrill, and PayPal. Finally, enjoy your earning.

Like this you can earn anytime and anywhere.


If I talk about the features of this app, it is user-friendly. Other than this it is secure as you can prevent unauthorized access by using a password to your account. To get the information regarding offers, there is offers the option. You can share it earn for every referred friend. You can easily check your last withdraw. There are FAQ questions, through which you can easily get the answers regarding questions related to this app.

The other interesting feature is that you can contact to support team to report a problem. Mind it sure that using of proxy, VPN any other illegal access to this app is strictly prohibited. Also, do not use multiple ID on the same device. Never put your referral ID in any review.

Finally, download Make Real Quick Cash app and have an experience of real earning. Thanks!!

Make Real Quick Cash



Token app is providing me with a great way of conversion of cryptocurrency. What I found in this app is that it’s really very easy to use and additionally very much user-friendly. In this review, I will introduce you all the features of this app. I am mainly engaged in cryptocurrency business so it is obvious that I need latest updates on conversion rate. It is my luck that this app opens the door of this solution.

This app is helpful in converting more than 1000 digital currencies. One can monitor the latest market trading with this platform. I found it very much responsive; one can quickly search for the particular cryptocurrency.

App Features:

  • User-friendly
  • Quick search
  • Offline
  • Get popular cryptocurrency
  • Updates of conversion rate
  • No requirement of the sign in
  • Making of favorite cryptocurrency

My own experience:

Token app is like my right hand in my cryptocurrency working. I can access this app anywhere and anytime. It’s because of this app I can convert the digital currency from one form to another one.


If you are looking for the cryptocurrency conversion then Token app can be best for you. As per my experience, it is a nice app and I recommend this app to all my readers.



Being from the business background, I usually face debts related work. It’s really hard to manage all the debts manually and I was seeking one easy system for the same. Fortunately, I get that name as RY Debts which is an app available on Google Play and iOS.

It’s really a nice platform to manage and track all your debt related work. I can save a lot of functions like purchase, borrow, loan sale, rent etc. Now it is easy to track all the things which I rent.

Top features:

Manager: Add, modify & delete operations

Pin the operation: Pin all the important operations related to your owed

Lock the app: Using the Pin code, the app can be locked and it’s amazing security feature.

Sort Operation: You can order the operations by amounts, bill emotions, dates and due.

Calendar: Calendar to remind the due dates

Attachments: Make the attachment of operations related to your finance

Emotions: To express how you feel about an operation just use emotion icons

There are three plans in this app which are Basic, Pro & Biz. The pro features will be unlocked only for one time for life and Biz features will be active as long as your subscription is active.




I am now unable to manage my all digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, NEO, NEM, Ripple & Ethereum. There are plenty of other things which are really helpful for those who love to engage in the digital currencies at the global level. You can track the value with this easy app at the fast process. Now you can set my price alert which brings a fruitful result for you.

As in today’s time more of the people are engaged in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, ripple etc. So it’s really very important to manage all that in such a running life style. And that’s what Cryptonaut – Crypto Tracker makes easy. Really big thanks to this app and its developers.

Some of the interesting features are as follow

# Track the value at any time: You can lane through the values at any time and that too over 1 hour, week, month or even year. This is a great thing which I like.
# Multiple Currency support: One of the fantastic approaches of this app is it supports various types of currencies. So you need not to worry whether your currency is GBP, USD, EUR. Also, it is no matter of which language you belong to, Cryptonaut – Crypto Tracker supports multilanguage which is English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian etc.
# Good user interface: The app is having user-friendly interfaces and having a very clear informative interface. A user can get all the information on this app regarding his or her cryptocurrency.
# Notification: There is always a push notification comes when coin price gets a move. This helps a lot to a user in every aspect. It’s new in this game that a user can set percentage based alerts to receive the notification.

One portfolio for all your cryptocurrency: There is a single portfolio for all your related cryptocurrency which is easier to manage. You can track all your crypto coins at one place.
Eye-catching points:
# Easy to use
# Available for all currencies
# Multilanguage supportable
# Multicurrency’s supportable




LoanRoll keeps your IOUs well organized! – No more forgetting or regretting!

To keep track of all the money you have lent to someone can be tough. Papernotes or entries on your desk get easily lost or out of sight, and small amounts are often forgotten. Your smartphone will take care of that: LoanRoll keeps your IOUs organized and you only need to open your hands to collect all your money!

Create entries among your contacts to set a date for the money you lent. You don’t need to type lengthy description of when, where, and why – simply load a picture of the occassion or event (like a visit to the zoo, your roommate’s rent or the coffeeshop bill you took care of…) You can also send messages (even via WhatsApp) through LoanRoll to your phone contacts, to remind them of open dues.

To access more features, get rid of advertisements or support our developers, please upgrade to the full version!

Like the features? Any suggestion for improvement? Please send us feedback or leave a review.

Thanks for choosing us!

affordable digital solutions





As most of the people are slowly turning their ways of trading in the market, it is necessary to use different kinds of applications to use it in an effective way. Crypto coins have been one of the popular ways of making money from time to time. Crypto coins forecast is one of the popular application, which can be used in order to find the forecast of the bitcoin and buy it in an effective way. There are plenty of applications available in the market, which are known to provide various updates and news about the cryptocurrency from time to time.

Some of the features of using crypto coins forecast app

Forecast of bit coin currency market – It is necessary for people to have an efficient application, which can be used to see the estimates in an effective way. The app has been highly beneficial in finding the forecast from time to time and helps people to buy cryptocurrency in an easy way. it is necessary to have important applications in the market, which can be used to find the price and the forecast of the currency in the market, as it helps them to trade on a regular basis.

Effective money making method – Cryptocurrency is one of the suggested options for people to make money in a quick span of time. Crypto currency can be used in any part of the world and is known to provide other benefits from time to time. Trading in Crypto currency can be considered as an effective money making method, as the price of the coin is increasing on a regular basis.Regular updates – A periodic updates on the phone provides you a way to find the status on the biotins in an effective way. The regular updates give enough information about the currency to the user, which helps him or her to buy the money in an easy way.





Money Target is designed to help you reach your savings goals without wasting your time.

Unlike the other apps, Money Target splits your expenses between “Essentials” (loan, rent, bills, etc.) and “Lifestyle” (restaurants, clothes, cinema, etc.)

To help you save money and enjoy your life, Money Target is based upon the innovative ideal quotas system:
# 50% essential expenses
# 30% lifestyle
# 20% savings

Just classify your incomes and expenses and that’s it. With the widget you can check your progress without even opening the app!

Are you dreaming of an holiday, a new iPhone or that new trendy bag?
Just set your saving target and hit it with Money Target.

Money Target supports iPad split screen feature and 3D Touch.





Investing in the stock market for the first time is intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Few years ago, if you wanted to start investing, you might have called a full-service broker on the phone who charged outrageous fees just to make a trade..

As a first-time investor, even if you understand how the stock market works, you might not know how to play the market wisely.
Your portfolio might include any combination of financial assets: stocks, bonds and mutual funds, to ETFs, 401(k)s and IRAs. Keeping track of all these assets can be a challenging, if not a daunting, task. Unless you’re happy just winging it (and you should not be happy just winging it), it’s important to know what’s going on with all your investments, all the time—not just once a year when you get your tax forms in the mail.
Luckily, there are apps designed specifically for novice investors — the technology is simple to understand, yet the features are comprehensive. These apps not only facilitate stock purchases, but they can help compare fees, offer investing suggestions, analyze mutual funds, aggregate net worth or even track cash flow.

MYOBeta will provide a real number (Beta) which can be compared to your current investments or help you in selecting your investments, such as which 401k fund is appropriate for you.

If you are looking to understand the value of your mutual fund portfolio and understand more about the amount you would need to meet your financial goals, then there is a better way to access the information. You wouldn’t need the assistance of a calculator or an excel sheet too. MYOBeta help you to match your Beta with the one that is closest to yours






Local Tax: Get Real Price on Goods in your country.

The most powerful tax calculator in the App Store is now absolutely FREE and without any annoying AD inside!
While a lot of people traveling or going to a business trips they usually doing different money transaction and shopping.
Each state or province of country has its own sales tax and Local Tax help you to find out the total price of the desired mobile phone, car or any other goods.

So do not hesitate and download Local Tax right now!


Pick up any binary options trading company, and you will soon realise that their trading platform is the heart and soul on which everything’s based. Anyoption’s mobile option trading platform is no different; their app has challenged the world to come up with something more unique and innovative than their business ethics. However, that is yet to be seen.


Anyoption is one of the leading global trading companies, which deal with binary options trading. It has a presence in over 100 countries and is providing services in more than 12 languages globally. The company’s based in Cyprus; it is regulated wholly by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. For this very reason, it’s registered in the European Union and enjoys the reputation of being one of the best binary trading platforms in the world currently.


  • Returns: One of the best features of anyoption is that you can adjust the profit you can earn through daily trading. At the same time, you can also change the percentage of refund, in case you incur any losses during the trading period. With the app, you are completely in control of your investments, profits and losses.
  • Demo account for beginners: If you are a beginner and starting out in the world of binary trading, then you can benefit a lot with the demo account available to the users. This way, you can test out each of the features offered by anyoption, in a risk-free environment. Once you’re ready, you can deposit money, study the assets available, and start investing to earn profits.
  • Deposits/withdrawals: Anyoption has integrated a lot of banking options for deposits and withdrawals. You can use Wire Transfer, credit cards and Skrill among the various methods to deposit and withdraw money from your account.
  • Bubbles: This is one of the newer concepts initiated by the company. To make the concept user-friendly and easy for all types of traders, Bubbles can be moved around the asset names to indicate the prices and duration of the options. This way, the investors know what they are getting into, without enduring any complex calculations.
  • Option +: With this feature, traders can often determine the time when they want to close or sell their binary options. The idea behind the actions is to determine whether to hold the investment till the expiry or sell it off before the expiry date. Either way, the Option+ features helps traders make well-informed decisions.


  • Ease of use
  • Available as a website and a mobile app
  • Excellent interface, which can be used by beginners and experienced traders’ alike.
  • The app supports 12 languages, globally.
  • The company provides round the clock customer service. In case you get stuck anywhere, you are just a call away from getting help.



  • The trading platform is not available in the US, given the different regulation policies.
  • Payouts are limited to 65-80% of the total earnings, as and when compared to some of the other platforms in the market.