Try An App That Makes Your Comics Look Great, Makes Reading Them a Pleasure, And Takes All The Friction out of Importing And Managing Them.

=> Ultra clean and simple to use
=> Smart upscaling makes even low-res comics look great
=> Auto contrast/tint fixes yellow pages and faded ink
=> Self-organising library – just drop in your comics and go
=> Download comics in the background while you read, directly from your cloud file-storage service
=> Upgrade to pro, and download from your PC, Mac or NAS as well
=> Parental controls let you flag specific comics as ok, and passcode-lock everything else out of sight
=> Single-page or two-up page view
=> Right-to-left reading mode
=> Post screenshots directly to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Tumblr
=> Reads and understands comic tag info

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Discover Movies, Games And Music With Cover.
Cover is a Discovery service for your iPhone. It lets you find interesting movies, games and music releases by using editorial content and search. Get to know old, new and upcoming releases, along with interesting information. Our lists and collections makes it even easier for you to find something to watch, play or listen to.

=> Observe upcoming and new releases
=> Great collections with movies, games and music
=> Browse genres
=> Look up things by using search
=> Share what you find
=> See release dates, platforms, actors, length and more.

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Slyde is the place to discover, follow, and share hot new music singles the way they were meant to be experienced, directly from the artists! All for free!
Download “slydes” – complete music experiences packed with photos, videos, articles, and more.

Add slydes to your collection and get real-time updates and extra content from the artists.

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NARR8 is a unique content channel that delivers a diverse array of interactive stories like motion comics, interactive novels, fairy tales for kids, educational & lifestyle series.

NARR8 is more than just an e-book. Every series comes complete with animation, sounds, music, HD-effects, and multimedia elements, which allow you to interact with whatever appears on the screen.

NARR8 features tales about everything from superheroes to furry, spacecraft commanders to monsters, as well as romance, science, politics, stories for kids and much more.

NARR8 also now gives you, the reader, the opportunity to create your own interactive stories with our StoryBuilder editorial tool!

What is special about NARR8:
— Modern format: text, graphics, animation, sound, music, special effects
— Popular genres: mystery, adventure, lifestyle, sci-fi, fantasy, non-fiction, education, etc.
— Groundbreaking ideas: NARR8 unites creative curious people all over the world through, from designers, to artists, writers and fans!

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Face Party! is an entertaining iPad app which allows to create interesting faces using an extensive range of various eyes, noses, mouths, and intricate accessories.
You may use one of the built-in characters or upload your own images. Take your friend’s shot and add it a bit of charm. Anyone can be beautified via Face Party!
Final pictures are made in a square format which is used for userpics in all social networks and forums. You can save these pictures on your iPad, share with a friend by mail and publish on your Facebook wall.
And you get an original and unique user icon.

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Inkist lets you paint on your iPad with highly customizable brushes and tools you expect from advanced painting software. Inkist eschews the trend of hiding interface elements from you, and presents you with everything you need up front. This minimizes the number of taps needed to switch between tools and provides you with a faster, more streamlined drawing experience.

• Stylus pressure sensitivity with Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus, Adonit Jot Touch, Pogo Connect, and Hex3 JaJa.
• Ability to screen out non-stylus touches with Adonit Jot Touch (Requires Jot Touch 4), Pogo Connect, and Intuos Creative Stylus.
• Share layered files with Inkist/Inkist Lite Mac
• Three layers with blend modes, opacity, and opacity locking settings
• Import/export PNG, PSD (Photoshop), and proprietary ISImage file formats (PSD compatibility limitations listed below)

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Welcome to a new era of effortless entertainment!

Epoch is a smart and beautiful way to watch video you care about. Simply turn it on. Swipe to a channel that matches your mood. Lean back and enjoy.

We comb the cluttered web for the best video content and craft it into mood-based channels just for you. Epoch’s beautiful interface allows you to easily swipe through preloaded videos, so you are never left waiting for something to watch. As you watch, Epoch gets smarter and personalizes the experience to your interests and preferences.

It’s like your television, only smarter.

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The first and only pyrography simulator!

Tons of fun in a little application. Hours of good time.

Two instruments: magnifying lens and pyrograph and two completely different game modes. Manually selected wood as canvases. This game is not just a pastime it’ll help you create real works of art. If you like a wood and woodworking you’ll like a Pyrography.

– Carefully rendered feel
– Vast creative possibilities
– You can post your works onto social media or e-mail them
– You can make a gift for your loved ones
– You can make designs based on your own photographs.
– Realistic smoke effect.
– Burn with pyro or magnifier.
– Deco wood with burning arts drawing with your fingers.
– Kind of handicraft art.

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Revolution at your fingertips.

Draw colorful lines and watch them step into the next dimension. Revolved is the best way to create beautiful 3D models.

Let your mind flow. Draw curves, choose colors, watch magic happen. Adding another dimension has never been easier.

Designed from the ground up with iOS 7 in mind. Minimalistic interface leaves stage to what’s most important – your creations.

Snap pictures of your models and post them to Twitter and Facebook. Let your friends wrap their heads around your ingenuity.

Export entire models in .obj or .stl format and bring them to live on a 3D printer or keep improving your works of art in desktop modeling tools.

Made with Passion.
Top to bottom one man job. Every single detail has been obsessively polished. Over and over (and over) again


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