Little Deer Engineer

With the advancement of time, many scenarios have been changed now. There are many ways to develop the mental ability of a child by teaching him or her some creative works. Little Deer Engineer is one of the apps that provide this strategy. The main purpose of this application is to give rise the opportunity to the child in raising the development in terms of better social academic & problem-solving skills. The app is helping in the development of a kid with the help of interesting stories.

Key features of Little Deer Engineer:

  • Touch & tap gaming scenario
  • Colorful graphics as per the taste of kids
  • Hand-drawn illustrators
  • Readable text that helps in making the reading easy
  • Different steam like science, engineering, technology & arts
  • Imaginative landscape
  • Each story is stand-alone
  • Independent adventure in the app

Working on this app:

Talking about the app, there is a simple & easy working of the application. It works on touch & tap concept. Initially, there will be story mentioned on the screen which parents need to read for their kids. After completing the story, there will be instructions at the end. These instructions will teach a kid how to make the airplane through the paper. You could also on & off the music as per your choice.

If talking about the story, there is a little engineer deer, living in the land of willow trees. He also had a workshop in which he builds things & research. His monkey friend, one day saw a real airplane in the sky. After this, the little deer decided to make the airplane with the paper. After completing the airplane, he gifted that to the monkey friend.

Benefits of using this app:

  • Developing the mental ability of the child
  • Understandable & easy app
  • User-friendly application
  • Good graphics
  • There is fully hand-drawn illustration
  • Colorful text for easy reading

The Benefit of this app:

The application is mainly beneficial in terms of development. The app is helpful for those who want to have their kid to enjoy fun & the development of the mental level. This helps in promoting the great awareness in kid about the growth. It’s the best combination of fun & gaining profit in terms of development.

Final Words:

Little Deer Engineer is a classic game app that provides the right platform of teaching. The application is great for kids to develop their mental ability. It’s useful & helpful application that I would like to recommend to every parent.





We all wish to make our mobile looks good through wallpaper. For this, we mainly search on the internet. Here I will introduce you to one app which will give you the best way to get the wallpaper. It’s a Pixs app which is available on the App Store for iPhone. At this application, you can easily get the wallpapers and themes for your iPhones on the daily basis.

Pixs Features:

  • Good user interface
  • Different categories of wallpapers
  • Color filter option
  • New wallpapers added every day
  • Search any wallpaper and color
  • Check the preview of the wallpaper

You can easily get the wallpaper of any category. There are different sections of wallpapers. Just check it out below here.

Categories of the wallpapers:
  • Nature
  • Art
  • Colorful
  • Sayings and Quotes
  • Cute
  • Sparkles
  • City Vibes
  • Animal
  • Winter
  • Into the night
  • Blurred
  • Tropical Vibes

How to use this app?

This application is very much easy to use. You just need to download and install the app. Choose the wallpaper and test of the preview of the same. If it is suitable then download the image and set it as wallpaper. Meanwhile, you can also set the color through color filter option.

Overall, Pixs app is good enough to get the wallpapers and make the iPhone looks smart and attractive. There are lots of images which you can set as wallpaper.

From my side, I would like to recommend this app to everyone. It’s really a nice app and I’m happy with this.




I am seeking those apps which are beneficial in some sense. There are lots of apps which are useful in making money and recently I got one app name as Make Real Money. It’s a simple and secure app that can be considered by anyone who loves to make money in an easy and fast way. The making of cash is simple just do a simple task such as completing surveys, testing services, free trials etc.


  • Option to check payment history
  • Option to check offers
  • FAQ option
  • Checking of ranking
  • Making of the account
  • Multilanguage availability
  • Option to withdraw money

User can withdraw the payment using Amazon, PayPal, WebMoney, Google Gift Card, Xbox Gift card and legends game card.

Well, the app is really useful and user-friendly but in the case, if users do any of the following things then the account will be terminated. So it is my urge to not involve in the following actions. Additionally, offers, prizes, rewards and task are not associated with Apple.

  • Using proxy, VPN or any others which allow illegal access
  • Within one device using of multiple IDs
  • Any other action that benefits to users of Make Real Money




I am a big lover of KPOP and this is the main reason I always love to engage SMING. This is the best platform that for all those who are KPOP lovers. It’s the best way where a person can request for KPOP songs, watching KPOP fans performance and many more. Whoever loves KPOP, they must refer this application. The app is very much good and useful.

It’s having following features:

  • Getting the knowledge about popular stuff in KPOP
  • Make a participation in the show
  • Live interaction
  • Create KPOP live video

I am accessing this app for a long time and found to be useful at a high level. It’s really easy to broadcast KPOP among friends. I can easily participate in polls on various topics which are created by the streamer. I also highly recommend this app to everyone who is KPOP fans. Trust me it’s really a good and useful application. The app is very much user-friendly and accessible to users. I also recommend SMING to everyone who loves to engage in KPOP related work.




Movies are the great source of entertainment and film industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. From the past time, movies are always on the high choice to pass a great time with family and friends. Earlier people use to go theatre, now they can watch the same on their mobile phone thanks to the technology.

I’m going to introduce you guys to one of the apps named as Lunet. This app is one of the wonderful and useful apps which I am accessing. The main use of this app is all about the movies. This is like a central place where you can get the information about all the movies of all over the world.

Let’s come to the top features of this app.

No creation of an account: No need to make an account or sign up for using this app. All you need to install and open and start accessing.

Details of movies: You can find each information’s of a particular movie like director, caste and year of releasing. Additionally, you can watch trailer video, poster & backdrops of film.

Simply type: You can simply find any movie by typing the name of any particular movie.

Get review and rating of movies: You can get reviews and rating information coming from TMDb* community.

Share it on social media: Share the discovered films on the social media platform with your friends.

Receive notification: You can receive the notification about particular movie whenever you wish.

Create a list: You can create your own list of movie


The Lunet is one of the useful movie apps which I get on the app store. I can get all the information about the movie anytime and anywhere in my mobile phone with a just easy tap. Additionally, I can track all the movies which I watched earlier.

It’s an easy way to explore the knowledge of any motion picture.

Price: The app is free to download but an in-app purchase is there worth $0.99






Make your conversations weird with these 14 animated stickers. Have fun being weird.

More stickers in future updates!
# No in-app purchases!


Step 1: Open a message with friend and tap the “>” button to the left of the text box.
Step 2: Tap the app button that appears (it looks like an “A”) and then tap the button that looks like four circles in the lower left of your screen to open the iMessage app drawer.
Step 3: Tap the weirdy weirdos icon and start sending stickers!





Be Creative, Be Artistic and Be Colorful.

Unleash your inner artist and draw out your artistic ability with Becolor! We crafted Becolor to minimize your effort and make it easy to create something vivid and vibrantly appealing. You will rarely find another better coloring app for adults!


## 100+ vivid color fills, including Leopard, Trees, Sky, Night, Twilight, Summer and more.
You’ll be able to color a starry-night with one click, and paint nature-like effects, like skies and clouds automatically. Wanna paint a leopard dress for your girl? so easy!

## Paint Continuously : Tap-paint-tap-paint might be stressful and inefficiency. Now you’re able to follow your finger to paint Mandala in a smooth and continuous way.

## 100+ Water Colors to choose: From Red to Sky, Blue to Ink, hundreds of handcrafted watercolor styles will roll you into a colorful world.

## 40+ preset styles for background effect: Specially designed Styles feature let you quickly and easily applied to every coloring images.

## Most interesting categories: Art, Fantasy, Girls, Nature, Animal and more will surprise to you.

## Various coloring tools: Pen, Brush, Fill, Sweep, Linear and Radial.

## 1000+ pictures to paint: Constantly daily updated coloring images with 18+ attractive categories.

History palettes collects: Specially designed “Recent Colors” makes it more easier to find your previously favorite colors.
…and more…

Now it’s time to have fun with Becolor. Drawing with Becolor is truly a relaxing experience, it gives you brilliant coloring experience and a good chance to show your talents.

Download Becolor for now, and keep your eyes focused on the constantly updating everyday!



Nytapp is a premium app for finding the best nightlife events in South Africa. It’s all you need to keep updated with the finest nightlife so you don’t miss out on anything. All you must do is open the app and you’ll get a list of events that you can scroll through.

The app focuses on nightlife such as nightclubs, bars, music concerts, student parties, shisanyamas and other events at party venues. If you like to go out and party, then you absolutely need to download this app.
The app comes with many great features, such as:

# See the events that are nearest to you and if you continue to scroll through the events, then you will see events that are farther away.
# Map view which allows you to see nearby events on a map as pins.
# Free to download and you don’t have to pay anything once you start using it.
# Share events with your friends over Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.
# Mark events as ‘interested’ to save in your profile and check them out later.
# Privacy is ensured as user profiles cannot be viewed by anyone else and you can only see the name of a profile in comments.
# Filter through events based on date, location, venue, and type.

Nytapp also gives you the option to register yourself as a user but it’s not mandatory so you can browse through events anonymously. The user profile only requires your name, mobile number, and an optional display picture. During registration, you will get an SMS to verify your mobile number. You get the option to like, comment and share events and venues.

You can even look up details about the venue. The address of the venue comes integrated with Maps and you can click on the venue to find directions through the Maps app. Contact details of the venue are also available. So, you can tap-and-call the venue.

Nytapp is a must for anyone who wants to keep checks on the latest nightlife events around them in South Africa.





This is going to be Huuuuuge people, real Bigly!
We are going to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, One Fake Tweet at a time

Download the one and only application that allows you to create Fake Donald Trump tweets!
Troll Trump, by exercising your constitutional rights of Freedom of Speech and fair use. Generate and showcase your most Winning DJT look-alike twitter posts.

Prank your friends, family, and have them scratching their heads and guessing – Did he really just say that ? Haha, you never know!

# Compose unlimited fake tweets
# Two styles to choose from – Traditional and Crayon!
# Adjust the date & time of the tweet
# Adjust the amount of retweets and number of likes each post should receive.
# Share your creations with the world, post to social media including twitter & facebook, or save the generated image to your photo library and share privately with your friends.

Whether you are a conservative republican, or a liberal democrat it doesn’t even matter! Everyone can appreciate humor as it tears down walls and borders.

Join in on the fun! The revolution begins here. Create FAKE Trump Tweets that will have you and your friends LOL’ing on the floor.




10 original cute monster creations by illustrator and graphic artist Michael Goodson.

48 unique monster emoji stickers plus accessories to personalise your messages!

Accessories include:
# Hats
# Glasses
# Speech Bubbles
# Beards
# And more!

Lil’ Monsters are a cute, fun alternative to emojis!

How to use iMessage Sticker Packs:
# Tap the App Store icon next to the text box in iMessage
# Tap the menu button (bottom left) to show you packs
# Select the Lil’ Monster sticker pack
# Add Lil’ Monster stickers to your conversations to make them 100% cuter and cooler!