Bam Boomerang gets children reading out loud and gives them the effective, one-on-one feedback they need to practice basic literacy skills. Its Learn-To-Read App For Kids.


Step 1 – Play Games
Students play games, earn points, win virtual prizes and customize their own animated world.
Step 2 – Read Out Loud
As they play, the students read letter sounds and words aloud while the app records their voice.
Step 3 – Adults Listen
Student recordings are sent digitally to one of our army of volunteer “Listeners.” Listeners use the app to give feedback on the accuracy and fluency of student recordings using a simple touch interface. Listeners earn virtual rewards and rankings based on amount and quality of feedback. All Listener feedback is processed for accuracy and Listeners never know the identity of the students and cannot communicate directly with students.
Step 4 – Fun Feedback
The student hears his/her own recorded voice reading aloud while a cartoon character gives the student listener feedback on that recording, earning more points and virtual prizes as a reward.

For children aged 3 to 6

# We take the privacy and safety of our students very seriously and have partnered with PRIVO, a government-certified Safe Harbor program to oversee our privacy practices.
# Volunteers do not know the name of the students they are listening to.
# Volunteers cannot communicate with students.
# Volunteers can only push buttons to indicate their feedback.
# The feedback from multiple volunteers is combined and compared automatically to ensure that only accurate feedback is sent to students.

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Want to start USMLE boards preparation? How about answering a board style question every single day of your medical school? Learn on the go with USMLE Step 1 Question of the Day!

#### Your medical school companion from the day you start until you graduate! ####

Learn From Apps offers you an app which will help you practice board style question to supplement your everyday knowledge! Practice, learn, and master USMLE Step 1 board concepts, with one question a day.

# Receive a high yield multiple-choice question every day
# Explanation follows the question after you have attempted to answer the question
# Track your performance and see how other medical students and residents around the world are performing
# Access past questions if you missed them
# Save questions you like in your favorite list

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Too busy to study for the boards? Want to stay up-to-date in medicine? This app is for you! Learn on the go! Answer a high yield Internal Medicine Question of the Day!

#### Practice board style questions to supplement your everyday knowledge! ####

Internal Medicine Question of the Day helps you practice and master your internal medicine concepts on the go with board-style questions.

# Receive a high yield multiple-choice question every day
# Explanation follows the question after you have attempted to answer the question
# Track your performance and see how other physicians around the world are performing
# Access questions from past 7 days
# Save questions you like in your favorite listInternal Medicine Question of the Day logo

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Meet Ricky, the toucan that combines coloring, language learning and object recognition games, for the first time, all in one app!

Ricky wants to help your kid learn a foreign language without him losing interest and what better way is there other than games and coloring?

With Ricky as their guide, preschoolers can learn new words and phrases in English or Spanish while coloring or looking for the right object in captivating scenes.
Finish all games for a nice surprise at the end!

# 2 languages: English and Spanish
# Engaging coloring experience
# 6 word-categories ( animals, fruits, vegetables, transportation, toys, clothes)
# 36 drawings
# 3 object-recognition games with different mechanics for each episode
# Animated pencils
# Voiced-over words and phrases by native children
# Coloring suggestion in each drawing (just flip the right corner!)
# A different song for each episode
# Cute coloring sound to make the experience feel as real as possible.

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Just another day?…NEVER! With Today in History, every day is historic and epic!

April 15th, 2105. Abraham Lincoln’s clone has been elected for his 11th presidency. Living up to his legacy as THE most influential clone of any past president of the United States of America. Read more about it here. Because as always, Today in History catalogs every major event in human history; past, present & one day, the future. But for now…

Today in History is the BEST way to get key facts about iconic global events and fun facts from across the centuries, delivered right to your mobile device.

Created for history, trivia, and knowledge lovers. Get all the important events of the day or narrow your selection down to one of our specific categories: Events, Births, Deaths, Holidays, and more…

### Find wisdom in quotes from historic figures.

### Immerse yourself in the images that capture historical events as they happened.

### Feel the emotion of the headlines that made the world stop and take notice.

By experiencing historical events from a variety of angles, you’ll gain new perspective on their importance and new insights into the people who shaped the history of our world.


# Check it in the morning to get your brain pumping to start the day!
# Post your favorite fun facts to blogs and social media for inspiration and perspective!
# Share your favorite events and educate your friends and family!
# Challenge coworkers and friends with historical trivia!

Quote of the day:- Timeless wisdom from iconic historical figures.
Images:- Visual representation of every event, headline and quote.
Headlines:- Details on major events that have shaped our world.
Share:- Spread the word through links, images using FB, Twitter, email, and text.
Notifications:- Receive unique notifications of top events daily.
Sleek & Intuitive Design.
Easy access to over 100k historical events.
Several Wikipedia links per entry

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The application has 1500 sound flashcards with bright images which are divided into topics and learning games «Find a Picture».

Flashcards are an easy and interesting way for your child recognize the world around them. Approved worldwide by child psychologists, teachers and parents themselves, flashcards are ideal for very young children and those up to 7 years of age!

Flashcards for Development

During a child’s formative years, developmental cards are almost a necessity, and not just for entertainment. Flashcards are great for games and just starting conversations with your child. Plus they’re great fun!

It’s long been known that the key to developing a child’s intellectual abilities is their personal perception and experiences during the first five years of life. By showing your child these cards, you’ll:

# Stimulate brain activity
# Better develop your child’s logical thinking
# Improve their memory and attention span
# Develop reading skills faster than their peers

It’s easy to teach your child with these cards and regular studies are essential.

A Proven Approach

Start playing with your child by showing them flashcards three times a day. Do one or two sections at a time and for just 2-3 seconds for each card. Play close attention to your child’s level of engagement – when they become disinterested, stop the game.

As time progresses you should be able to increase the length of each period you use the cards, but again pay attention to your child’s level of interest as these cards work best when your child is fully engaged.

Learning Game «Find a Picture»

The additional funny learning game «Find a Picture» is specifically designed for children just a few weeks or months old. Thanks to clear interactive interface your baby will understand the game with ease, just watching what is going on in the screen. To simplify or complicate the game you can select one or several topics.

Cards are useful for the following:
# Overall cerebral development
# Memory development
# Logical thinking skills
# Early development of reading skills
# Attention span development
# Child’s general mental and social development

Application’s features: –
# The additional game «Find a Picture»
# Flashcards view slideshow
# Supported by any orientation of iPhone and iPad screen
# High quality of images
# Professional studio voiceover for cards
# Setting for cards paging

Start your child down the path to fun and successful learning right now!

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Awarded “Best Mobile Service 2014” in Finland! Users in 134 countries. Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and English fast. It’s based on a fun and scientific method and 2 weeks of studying are totally free!


WordDive is different. It is not just an app or a web service, it is a method for learning a language. This method is specifically aimed at helping you to start actually using the new language quickly and without overwhelming effort. WordDive is great for users of beginner and intermediate fluency level and for any age.

# WordDive teaches you language by activating your brain simultaneously through multiple senses: the words and phrases are presented in a variety of ways combining written text with images and audio. This activates your memory several times but does not feel like dull repetition.
# WordDive is fully personalized: it adapts the exercises to you individually, depending on your skill level and learning pace. In addition, it offers a wide, and ever growing, range of courses and topics for you to choose from and caters to your specific linguistic needs and goals.
# And, most importantly, WordDive enables permanent learning. This means that we make sure you know and still remember what you have learned in the years to come. It also means that when communicating in a foreign language, you are able to concentrate on what you want to say instead of struggling to remember the words and phrases to say it.


# Choose one of the three exercising modes – easy, medium or main exercise – depending on your level of fluency and linguistic goals.
# Track your progress and collect rewards in real time.
# Our courses are based on CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), a widely recognized framework for describing the development of foreign language skills.
# Just log into your account (or create one) and pick up from where you have left off – your results are always saved.
# No ads or hidden charges.

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My First ABC Book is the perfect companion for children older than 4 years who want to learn the letters and words in French and English.

The application offers the following categories:
# “Mon Abécédaire” in French
# “My ABC Book” in English
# More words

The child discovers the spelling and pronunciation of letters and words. Everything is presented in a playful and fun way for your child in order to learn easily the letters and words.

In the section « More words » the child can discover essential categories such as: Animals, Vegetables, Fruits, Colors and Numbers.

The application was designed for kids without advertising.

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Coosi Box promotes children’s unrestricted creativity with a twist. Your child can pick a theme they like most, fill the screen with whatever their imagination tells them to, and watch their own creation become part of a hilarious animated story scene. The same scene will be different every time so there will always be loads of surprises and fun!

“Guess what happened before”, or “Imagine what is going to happen next”. The app not only fosters creative drawing, but it can be an excellent tool to practicing a creative story telling. Children can work with their friends or parents, and inspired by their own creations they can tell their own surprising stories. The picture stories can then be published and shared with other players via a dedicated gallery. Apart from that, the app is full of cute and funny sounds that children of all ages will love!

With Coosi Box your child can
# create their unique profile in a cartoon style choosing from endless cute and funny characters
# choose from many unique scenes that are regularly updated
# use a simple and child-friendly drawing tool to create their stories
# draw their own pictures which will become part of short animations full of surprises
# save and share their creations with other children from all over the world by publishing them in the Coosi Box gallery
# see what other children came up with
# choose their favourites

Additional features-
# Process-oriented
# Fully ad-free
# No in-app purchases
# Ideal for kids aged 5 – 8

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