Pre-K Preschool

I know that I am not the only person out there who wants to give their toddler the best tools and resources to grow, learn, and thrive. In fact, I think it is safe to say that we all want the best for our little ones. With that in mind and the reality that social distancing is still prime, finding a valuable learning platform for them to enrich their lives is essential. Luckily, there is a new app launched today called Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids. From memory improvements to perfecting numbers, colors, shapes, body parts, and much more, this app can solidify any parent’s confidence that their toddler will be completely ready to take on preschool and kindergarten.

Notable Features

It is no secret that toddlers and younger children learn the most through play. It stimulates their minds, and they are able to associate their play with real-life concepts. With that base, these toddler games for 4-year old’s are all strategically implemented and developed by educational experts to ensure that your kid can get the most benefit and value while enjoying games. Some notable features you can expect to find include:

  • 32 different elements your toddler can learn through, including indoor, outdoor, Pre-k specified content, animals, and tons of other explorations
  • Over 150 matching game levels, so your toddler will have something new to learn every day that tactfully challenges them
  • 696 interactive flashcards that have an advanced controlling system
  • Constructive screen time for your kids with trackable features for parents to monitor
  • Voice narrations and an animated teacher named Marina
  • No WiFi needed and there are no third-party advertisements
  • A simple, clean interface that gives your toddler the leverage to strengthen their visual perceptions, motor skills, critical thinking, attention and memory, vocabulary, and cognitive abilities to optimal heights.

Promotional Offering!

Though the app is free, some in-app purchases can take your toddler’s experience to more advanced levels. As a launching gift to you, there is a promotional offer starting on the launch day (June 15th), where you can save $6.99 instantly. All you have to do is apply promo code LOVE4KIDS, and you save!

This is a limited offer for discounted access to incredible features, so take advantage of it while you can so you can give your toddler the best stepping stones for developmental success.

Final Thoughts

Keeping toddlers sharp during this vital part of their development is crucial. With captivating learning games fostered on the Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids, your child is guaranteed to be enlightened and build an excellent educational foundation, all while having fun doing so. Give this new innovative app a try for yourself and see how it can transform your toddler’s mind with discovering new concepts, logical ideas, cognitive skills, and unlock their full potential.

For more assistance, you can watch the video tutorial “how to apply the promo code” in their facebook and youtube channel so you can begin your journey hassle-free. Again, the promo code is LOVE4KIDS.


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Look, I'm making it up!

Time has been flying swiftly. This change has helped us understand: we need to bring changes in our ways of reaching our kids! Kids being moldable: are open to newness, creativity and lots of fun. This exact idea, we have taken and incorporated in our app of the day: LOOK, I’M MAKING IT UP!

What is new in Look I’m Making it up!

  • That welcoming song!

The illustration along with the welcome note in kids’ voice is so appealing and attractive! I bet many kids would get attracted to your device, as soon as you open the App! I was opening this App and was amused to hear its Welcoming note! And who can ignore that sweet and welcoming “Hi!”, when Camilo greets his friends!

  • Never a Dull Moment

I personally believe kids need attention and time. One dull moment will make them distracted. Look I’m making it up! has taken this seriously. Kids will surely love the activeness inbuilt in the App. I like it when Camilo keeps moving his eyes on the home screen. Objects are in motion and never a dull moment is given to kids who are simply taken away by the graphics and illustration.

Many chapters to select!

  • More than one could seek for

Over time we have realized newness is the key component of apps targeting Kids. With many chapters, we are sure kids will love to surf for all of them.

  • Voice over instills excitement

Creative illustration with colorful pictures is supported by exciting voice overs! We knew kids would not like something that will never talk to them. In Look, I’m making it up! , we have coupled chapters with a voiceover with creative modulations: building excitement and emotions in kids.

  • Learning senses involved

This app is a one-stage learning platform. It serves to help kids learn using both, audio and visual senses. We prefer to Look, I’m Making it up! , because we promote the concept of improvisation coupled with fun.

Last words: Our App targets the age group of 5-9. We have incorporated fun involving lesson because it is important to be creative with Kids. Camilo is doing rounds over topics like Bake, Paint, Music, Dance and Build. Definitely, this one is not like the many kid’s apps, you might have come across!

If You Are Looking For More Educational Apps: Visit Here

How about getting something installed that would help your child’s mental development? Something that would not only keep them busy but will also interact with them and helps them feel understood.

Specialties of Feelu

  • An interactive app: We know kids love to talk. They love it more when the talks are in beautiful expression with awesome voice tone brought along with. With Feelu, kids can feel accompanied as the voice over helps them understand thing better.
  • A place to keep a track of your child’s emotions: Help your child track how he/she has been feeling all through. As a parent, you can log in later and check the progress or the emotional roller coaster your child is going through.
  • Informative: Not only about the feeling, Feelu help in fighting the most deadly norm: Bully. We understand confidence and feel loved and comfortable is very necessary for kids. Thus, we have taken a step to help kids know what to do and how to take things when encountered with such situations.

Last words:

Feelu: an app with a vision to help the child feel surrounded. The place where a kid can explore and get answers to his/her questions.  A place to express and find satisfaction.  Feelu is not the one to take up the space of the counselor or the advisors but definitely a one-stop place to help kids know the various emotions they might be unknown too.

Big time tennis fan or a GK aspirant ready to crack some quiz? A common interest for tennis will definitely keep you stuck with this app in the review today!

Key Features of World Tennis Winners

  • Simple and Basic: a Most simple app that has only two keys, “Country” and “Player” to be operated with. Thus nothing to worry about the entire various, “How to?”
  • Information Based: An app that is built to provide information about every tennis player across various countries. Helps in knowing the awards stats along with the ranking as well!
  • Self-segmented: Everybody likes it when things are organized and easy to find! That is the same case when we talk about World tennis Winners. The country and Player segments are self-organized in the alphabetical order and hence make sit relatively easy to find names from the list!
  • No need to update, we have it set right: A centrally based app that needs no updating but the list gets automatically updated. Hence it is a sure help that is easy to set!
  • Search makes it easy: Search icon as an eye helps in searching your desired player easily.

Simple ways to search!

Get on the app and search country by entering your choice of a country name. After country selection gets on the players’ list and finds all the players from the selected country. Simply tap on any player and get the information loaded below!

Last words: An information-based app that has all the power to equip you with tennis players’ awards information across the world.

Summary: Just a click to download this app and the treasure of information is within your reach when your device is well connected to the internet.


Coloring and painting is quite interesting activity when we have free time. There are lots of coloring apps and one of them is Loco which is available for the iOS platform. The main concept of this application is to provide HD quality images to color. This color book is suitable for all age group users. Let’s see some of the features of this application.

Features of Loco:

  • HD quality images
  • Music option that will provide the best music
  • Share on the different social media platforms
  • All features are customized
  • Frame and filter
  • Reset the colors of the images
  • Saving of the artwork in the different section

Categories of the images

Bird, Butterflies, Culture, Dinosaurs, Fantasy, Fashion, Flower, Food, Holidays, Mandala, Marine, Mechanics, Messages, Patterns, People, Places and Space

How to use this app?

To use this application, just download and install it. After that choose the desired image to which you want to color. Choose the desired color from the pallet and tap on the image to fill it. Like this, you will be able to fill the color and make the colorful image. There are different kinds of images, which you can enjoy to color. Save the work or share it on social Media to show it to your friends.

Last words:

Loco Coloring Book is a quite interesting application. One can fill the color anytime or anywhere with this app. It is a highly recommendable app which anyone can enjoy. Last but not least, it’s an awesome painting app. Download this app and enjoy the coloring anytime.




For the kids, there are thousands of apps which are offering different kinds of concept regarding learning. Recently I download one app to which I will introduce you all and that app is Learning Game 4 Toddler Kids. It consists of 36 various categories of 850+ things that are useful for kids to learn. It consists of body parts, family, clothes, household items, birds and animal etc.

It is specially designed by educational experts. It is the best way to measure the kid’s memory development. It’s the best way to improve your child’s imagination & attention power. It is having following features.


  • It is user- friendly
  • Easy to understand
  • 6 top-level main categories
  • 4 engaging game modes
  • Efficient learning path
  • No advertisement of third party
  • High-quality pictures
  • 146 matching levels
  • 4 engaging game modes
  • Amazing graphics for kids

It is having following stages

  • Toddler Basics
  • Kids Basics
  • Household
  • And other categories like Fruits, nature, bird & insects etc.

At last, I would like to highly recommend Leaning Games 4 Toddler kids to everyone who wants to make their child perfect in learning. Just let your child learn and unlock levels. It’s really a nice app, so just download it and avail the concept.




Teaching a child is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and skills. However, with the time, things get changed and now there is a technology era. The way of working has changed in such a way that we get depends on technical platforms like a mobile application. These apps are also useful in teaching a child and recently I got such app name as “Racing to Read”. It’s really a simple and easy app with a set of activities that help your child learn to read.

The app is suitable for kindergarten, a preschool of the age 3 to 7 years. It provides a good experience of sounds, words, letters that help in making good skills for your child. Another highlighted thing about this app is that two reading specialists design this app and they have 40 years of experience.

Let’s see Racing to Read features

  • It has eight levels of activities, each of them has rhyme at the end
  • Give your child preparation & practice for learning to read
  • Provides instant feedback
  • Different levels with increasingly challenging level
  • At every step of the way, there are instructions
How to use it:

I already told that this app is simple to use. At an initial stage, you need to enter your Childs name. After that, you need to play the game. There will be an audio and picture on the screen. Some of the letters will be on top and the name of the picture will be below in which one letter will be missing. The task for the child is to select and drag the suitable letter from the top to make full meaning of the word.

Last words:

Racing to Read is really a nice app that helps a child to become a good reader. Additionally, it also helps in learning new words. Download this app and avail the modern way of teaching.

Racing to Read



English is such a language which is a useful worldwide due to its popularity. To improve learn English people even join classes. But now you don’t need to go anywhere as Business English Listening app is there on your phone. The app is meant for providing English knowledge to people of all class.

I’ m accessing this app and really it’s awesome. It’s easy plus very useful in improving the English language. For fun, there is a quiz which you can enjoy at the fullest moment. For each topic, you can have three quizzes. Let’s explore some of the more features here.


  • Simple graphics
  • Different and useful topics
  • Easy language to understand
  • Writing option is there, where you can write whatever you heard
  • For the sound system, you can change the pitch or speed
  • Install option is there to get text-to-speech engine from Google

The app is good for corporate people, students and other normal people who want to improve their English. There are total 20 topics out of which 10 are unlocked and 10 are locked. You can also share the phrases through long pressing with the other apps.

In my experience, the app is really wonderful and useful. Download it and boost up your English language.






I love to read geographical facts and I’m really happy to get Geography Amazing Facts App which is really amazing. The app is available in both stores i.e. Google Play & Apple Store. In my free time, I use to access this app to gain more and more knowledge. The app is covering all the important knowledge that makes the complete Geography.

For getting a good knowledge of whole earth, this app is really perfect. You can get facts about dessert, lakes, rivers, continents and many more. It’s a user-friendly app with simple graphics. Let’s see its other features.


  • Easy Language
  • Different topics
  • For every topic, there is quiz
  • There are total 20 topics
  • Sound system is there so that you can also hear the facts
  • Installation of Google Text to speech engine availability
  • Available in English & Russian languages

Noted: The topics from 1 to 7 are free but topics from 8 to 20 are locked which you need to purchase it.

Is this app is age specific?

No, the app is not age specific, its available for everyone as knowledge can be gained by anyone.

Is this app is paid?

No, the app is totally free and is available at both play stores.

Thanks to the developer team:

I want to say thanks to the developer team for bringing this concept.






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