Best app for lawyers

Many regard the iPad as a gaming or streaming device, but its design is also helpful in boosting workplace efficiency. Lawyers are constantly shuttling back and forth between clients, their offices, and the courtroom, and an iPad is the perfect tool for them to take with them when they are on-the-go in order to maximize their time.

Since time management is very important for attorneys, a number of apps have been created to suit their needs and help them optimize their productivity. Many law firms are beginning to go paperless, therefore the iPad is the logical alternative for them to utilize.

So, we’ve narrowed down some of the best iPad apps for lawyers. Happy downloading!


TrialPad helps you prepare for the courtroom and for presentations by organizing your cases. You can switch settings depending on where or to whom you will be presenting to. You will be able to present video clips, images, and pertinent documentation. It was designed by lawyers for lawyers, so they’ve gotten all the technical aspects down pat. It allows you to not only manage your cases, but also annotate them when necessary. Documents and photos can be converted for compatibility with Adobe PDF.


Law firms are always on the lookout for partners to help expand their business, so it is absolutely vital for them to be updated on any movement regarding their clients. Legal experts Special Counsel emphasize the value in nurturing professional relationships and understanding the current state of the job market, as bigger opportunities can arise when you least expect them to. LinkedIn is a great platform to cultivate relationships and turn them into long-lasting client partnerships. The LinkedIn community also posts content related to their specific industries on a regular basis, so it’s perfect for staying on top of industry trends.


This free app gives you access to its law library and legal research system. It is able to produce results on research topics at top speed. FastCase even gives access to nationwide state and federal cases which are centralized in the app’s platform. This could be extremely beneficial for last-minute research, or in the courtroom when you need to cite a previous case in an instant.


Dropbox allows you to organize your files through safe folders. Files can be synced to your iOS device for easy access, whether online or offline. Its file-sharing properties let you share cases, documents, or evidence within your firm. TechnoFAQ states that it helps you back up your files when needed. It even has a scanner that converts documents into PDFs. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files can also be edited on Dropbox.


The ClioManage app was created with cloud-based legal practice management software. You’ll be able to pull out cases, documents, and calendars any time you need to. It can even be used as a messaging platform and helps you stay updated via notifications. It allows both the firm and its clients to set meetings and appointments on a singular platform, as well as featuring secure payment links, bills and expense tracking.

Don’t forget to back up your files on iCloud after downloading all of these apps. You shouldn’t have to worry about losing any important data, especially with a job as complex and demanding as being an attorney.



Designing a logo is not only my professional activity but also love this in my personal life. Earlier designing a logo was not possible without a proper system but thanks to mobile applications that make this work easy. Here I’m introducing you to one of the apps, named as DesignEvo.

Even, if you are not having any professional skills to design any logo then also this app can be used by you. This app is made for everyone from professional to non professionals. Just use your finger and design attractive logo in a few minutes. Coming on the characteristics, this app is having following features.

App Features:

  • There are around 3500+ professionally design logo templates.
  • Customization of background.
  • Sharing of the logo via message, email & other favorite social media apps.
  • Delete or duplicate option.
  • Undo and redo facility for your logo editing
  • 100+ hand-picked fonts in Traditional, Modern, Handwriting & Funny styles.
  • Saving of the logo in PNG, JPG or any transparent PNG images.
  • There are different graphics including decoration, line, shape, symbol, banner & badge.
  • Freely moving, rotating or resizing of any object.
  • Managing of layers of the selected object.




Sage Expenses & Invoices is a fast & simple way to record and understand your business transactions powered by Sage One. No previous experience is necessary. Simply create and send invoices to your customers as soon as you have finished a job. Record your business transactions in seconds, take a photo of a receipt and you’re done. Track and manage those unpaid and overdue invoices reducing the time and effort required to get paid. View your business performance any time right there in the palm of your hand. Giving you back the time you used to spend playing paperwork catch up.

Create Invoices
# Create invoice for work you have done entering descriptions
# Send invoice to your customer.
# Create products and service records including managing inventory levels.
# Record payments against invoices.
# Track and manage unpaid and overdue invoices.
# Find Invoices quickly to answer customer queries.
# Review and manage all of the invoices and transactions for each of your contacts.

Record Transactions
# Enter transactions from the overview screen in the app.
# Apply a category, description and reference.
# Add a contact and photo of a receipt or bill.
# View the receipt or bill in Sage One Start
# Record and view transactions when offline.

View your performance
# See a picture of your performance this week, month or year.
# See where your money is coming from and going to.
# Compare business performance from month to month this year or in previous years.
# Immediately view your data in the Sage One Start web application.

Find Transactions
# Simple list view of all of your transactions
# Apply simple filters
# Search for a transaction

# Import the contacts you do business with from your device
# Attach a contact to a transaction
# View contact details including their transactions

Requirements :
# Device with Android KitKat 4.4 – 4.4.4 or later.




If you are looking for an app that provides automotive service and repair solutions, then you have come to the right place. The Auto Sleuths app is an innovative app that is designed to help car buyers and owners with vehicle inspection, maintenance and repair.

App Features:
# Hire highly skilled technicians to conduct pre-purchase vehicle inspection
# Hire maintenance specialists capable of performing routine vehicle maintenance, such as tune ups, fluid checks and tire rotation
# Hire qualified auto repair technicians to fix vehicle issues, including damaged and inoperable vehicles
# Get modifications, upgrades and other similar services by posting a simple job description
# Find the right technician by sorting through technician profiles
# Negotiate with your technician to come to a mutually satisfactory price
# Rate the service your technician provides

Whether you need an oil change or the engine light has suddenly come on, this app has solutions for all your automotive needs! Here are some of the services the app provides:

One of the most important things to consider before buying a vehicle is to whether it is operating as advertised. An investigation should be conducted to make sure that the vehicle is in good working condition. The app allows you to hire a technician to conduct a pre-purchase inspection. The technician will also issue a report describing the condition of the vehicle and any issues that need to be addressed. This service is provided to for both used and new vehicles. All you need to do is download the app, describe the service you need and select the right technician for the job.

It is important to maintain a vehicle to ensure it is reliable and safe to operate. Waiting until something goes wrong is likely to result in more cost over time. The app provides users with access to qualified technicians who can provide routine maintenance services so your vehicle runs optimally for years to come. Make sure you describe the type of maintenance service you need to find the best technician for the job.

A vehicle may need repair for a variety of reasons: normal wear and tear, damage from an accident or the elements. Auto Sleuths helps users obtain repair services for all types of vehicles. The app also provides access to many additional services, including body work, component installation and custom paint jobs. Just select the type repair solutions you need or the custom services you desire to find one of the many skilled technicians on the app.



Auto Sleuths



Switchit is completely free to use! Unlimited digital cards, no ads, and a user-friendly interface.

Switchit is the only digital business app with support for video, audio, and graphics. All cards are fully interactive, look great, and work as advertised.

With Switchit:
# Create fully interactive digital business cards quick and easy
# Upload dynamic video or branded graphics to your cards
# Share your digital cards with anyone, even if they don’t have the app
# Store all your contact information and social networks in one place
# Schedule reminder alerts to follow up with people or prospective leads
# Integrates with Microsoft Office, Google Calendar, and iCloud accounts
# Online web portal for 24/7 access to your contacts from any electronic device

Switchit automatically saves the contact information of people you meet inside the app. Access and manage your contacts from the app or via the online web portal.



For real estate services COMFORT360 app is new and best app that is launched by a popular real estate company, which is known as Comfort Relocation Services. This company is a well-established company that has a network of operators all over Egypt who help you to perform various Relocation & Real-Estate services. Basically this app gives you real estate services for Egypt.  COMFORT360 is a professional business service app, which provides you all information about Relocation & Real Estate services in Egypt at single platform.

Those people who don’t want to get into the hassle of Relocation & Real Estate Services, they can use this COMFORT360 app easily. This app will provide you real information, Relocation & Real Estate Services and Appraisal Services. Here in this app you can find any kind of Property in Egypt just like Villa, Apartments, Shops, Hotels, and Office Space etc without any hassle. Using Comfort 360 app you have no need to spend a lot of time visiting other agencies/brokers when you can simply browse them all through the app. Simply browse them all through the app and get good results according to your plan.

It’s a very simple app and user interface is so user friendly. Its graphics provides you real graphics of real property. In this app includes commercial and residential appraisal, commercial and residential brokerage service in Egypt & Cairo & Alex & Ain-Sokhna & hugged, market research services & real estate Egypt, corporate housing services or rent in Egypt, corporate housing services or rent in Egypt, professional help from comfort relocation & real estate services which uses strategies that are tailored to your needs, buy, sell or rent your house with the help of this app.

COMFORT360 is also providing you a special feature to sell your house or if even you want to put an appraisal request for your house then that’s also possible. It’s provides very easy search option to find your property in Egypt. Using search option you just need to set parameters according to your recruitment, and then just searches it and it will be provide you best results. You can look at all the houses that you want and if you find one that you like you can get in touch with Comfort Relocation & Real Estate Services for an in-depth conversation.

Overall this app is best for real estate business and those who want to invest in this business. Using this app real estate agents also get all details’ about property in Egypt, So it makes very easy to sale and buy real estate’s properties in Egypt.




Send fax from your iPhone or iPad. This is the fax app you have been waiting for. The must have app for every business for sending faxes directly from your smartphone. Simply scan documents with your camera or import an image from Photos and send a fax from your iPhone or iPad. All in a simple pay as you go, pay per use fashion. Don’t get ripped off by local shops or other expensive solutions.

Sending a fax has never been easier. Simply scan, select destination, and fax your document.

# Scan documents from your camera.
# Built in scanner to straighten and convert files to black and white.
# Combine multiple pages into a single fax
# Preview documents before sending.
# Pay as you go. Buy credits and send faxes on demand.
# See full history of faxes sent or failed.
# 135+ International destinations you have a global fax machine in your pocket.

FAX logo





App builder by App Institute is a great addition to their App Maker CMS, It allows a simple way to manage customers app actions, send and schedule push notification and review app download stats. The App Builder offers you an easy to use drag and drop interface, multiple professional design templates and powerful add-ons from loyalty to booking modules.

Some of its features include: Login to access customer relationship management features which makes it a great customer service tool, because it allows you to remotely keep in touch with your valuable client base and never miss out on an opportunity to surprise your customers with great service. You can also view customer actions, insightful app analytics and schedule push notifications, all on the go.




From initial building to publishing your app in the App Stores – their app builder helps you to build an app in minutes with their easy to use drag and drop interface and on top of that keep in touch and manage your business right on your mobile device.

It is compatible with iOS 6.0 or later and runs smoothly on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Android version requires 4.0.3 and up.

App Builder by AppInstitute logo




App Builder by AppInstitute QR



DriveLogger enables you to track and log your professional and private trips with your car(s).
Each trip is assigned a category and can contain up to 10 intermediate waypoints.
All vehicles, locations and categories can be freely defined by the user.
The database can be backed up to and restored from iCloud or Dropbox.
The complete logbook can be exported as comma-separated-file for Excel (*.csv) or as printable pdf document to the local app documents, to Dropbox, iCloud Drive (iOS 8) or send via email (In-App Purchase).
Trips and Waypoints can also be entered on the new Apple Watch app!

DriveLogger logo



DriveLogger QR



Explora los mercadillos cercanos a tu población. A través de la aplicación de mercactivate accederás a la información necesaria para estar al tanto de los mercadillos de tu ciudad y de los municipios cercanos.

¿No sabes como llegar al mercadillo?No te preocupes, hemos desarrollado para ti una guía GPS para que no hay pérdida y sea más fácil llegar al lugar de tu puesto de mercadillo elegido.

Tendrás acceso a mercadillos de diferentes categorías, Dietética y nutrición, Frutas y verduras, Encurtidos y salazones, Frutos secos y gominolas, Floristería, Panadería y repostería, Charcutería, Pescadería, Menaje del hogar, Ropa de hogar, Lencería, Ropa de niños, Zapatería, Ropa señora, Ropa caballero, Ropa unisex, Informática, Liquidaciones y ocasiones, Ropa segunda mano, Telas y tejidos, Perfumería, Artículos de limpieza, Cafeterías y churrerías y Pollos Asados.

Podrás reservar tus productos favoritos y aprovecharte de las ofertas que tenemos para ti a través de la aplicación. Si no estás seguro del mercadillo al que quieres ir o el producto que quieres comprar dispondrás de imágenes y más información para asegurarte bien de a donde vas y donde compras.

A través del correo electrónico recibirás un aviso al reservar un producto y sabrás la hora de recogida.

Si todo esto te parece poco, además tendrás un chat disponible donde resolver tus dudas y/o sugerencias sobre la aplicación o cualquier tema referente a los mercadillos.

Comparte tus puestos preferidos con todos tus contactos a través de las redes sociales, no pierdas la oportunidad de que todo el mundo se haga eco de los mejores mercadillos del país.

Valora, opina y comenta acerca de tu experiencia de compra y de visita a los mercadillos y a los diferentes puestos, de esta forma ayudaremos a mejorar la aplicación y para los vendedores será un punto para poder mejorar su experiencia con sus clientes y usuarios.

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