Mr Glue stories is an interactive story-telling app. It is a collection of original stories that we will build up over time. Each story can be personalised, and different elements added as you go along. You can add drawings and colour to the illustrations that are already there. You can record the story and add sound effects and music. You can email your creation to a friend or a member of family, for them to look and listen to.

Mr Glue is the leader of a lively cast of characters who appear in each story. Their evil cackles and signature tunes help to bring tales to life. Mr Glue Stories provides an activity that is good alone, or as a group. The youngest readers can get stuck in with help, older readers without. And why limit it to children? Travelling parent or faraway grandparent? Set up and read a bedtime story to a child or grandchild a long way away. Learn English as a foreign language. The options are endless!
Have fun!

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# Lots of FREE INTERACTIVE stories! Grab it now! #
# Tap on characters to make them speak! #
# Swipe your finger on the text and read the lines! #
# Tap on a word and learn how to pronounce it. #
# Interactive games (Card Designer, Coloring Pages, Spot the difference with each story ) #

Story Time is an interactive story telling app that is bundled with beautifully illustrated story books for children. Each story is bundled with original colourful illustrations, narrations and sound effects!

With Story Time, reading is so much fun. All the stories highlight the text as its read along. Children not only read but also learn how to read and pronounce the words clearly.

Story Time brings the classic story characters to life! Children meet their favourite characters in an all new way!

Story Time gives a mesmerizing experience that children can never forget.

Not only this, Story Time brings you activities like Spot the Difference game, Colouring book and Card designer. These activities help the young mind more curious and inquisitive.

Parents are enjoying superb reading experiences and enlightening their children with various options available only with Story Time.

While there are many free books, Parents can download samples before purchasing new books. Give each story a rating. Lock the app on odd times for over usage. Password protect the app for unwanted purchases.

Let the child submit their own story idea!

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La mayoría de los padres y profesores piensan que los niños aprenden mejor mientras se divierten.

Cuentos del Planeta Azul, con sus libros de cuentos interactivos para niños y su biblioteca educativa, enseña historia a los niños sin que se den cuenta.

La aplicación ofrece un acercamiento educativo a la historia de la Tierra y sus civilizaciones. Todas las historias están narradas por actrices profesionales, incluyen gran colorido de paisajes y personajes atractivos que a los niños les encantan. Disfruta la primera parte de cada historia de forma gratuita y descarga el resto a un pequeño precio. Es una manera inteligente de aportarle a un niño conocimiento mientras se divierte, tanto dentro como fuera del aula.

Esta aplicación incluye grandes historias que mezclan la vida real y la historia. Los cuentos abarcan temas como las antiguas pirámides, la extinción de los dinosaurios, el pirata Barbanegra, el espacio exterior y la geografía de todo el mundo. Cada historia es interactiva y enseña datos clave acerca del pasado y de la humanidad. Es un comienzo maravilloso para los niños antes de entrar en un aula donde las asignaturas parecen mucho menos divertidas.

Cuentos del Planeta Azul es una biblioteca educativa de libros interactivos para niños fácil de explorar y de manejar, por lo que los niños no tendrán problemas “jugando” con ella. En poco tiempo la sabrán utilizar sin dificultad y sacarán todo el provecho de ella.

# Disfruta de las bellas ilustraciones y sus textos.
# Incluye preguntas para valorar la comprensión. El formato de opción múltiple mejora la experiencia.
# Las puntuaciones individuales permiten a los niños revisar el material y corregir los errores. Las interacciones dentro de la aplicación son la mejor y más inteligente herramienta para ayudar en el proceso educativo.

Elige entre la amplia variedad de historias interactivas para enseñar a los niños importantes temas históricos y de humanidades:

# El secreto de la pirámide
# El niño que quería ser rey
# El descubrimiento de América
# La extinción del dinosaurio
# Laika, la perrita astronauta

# La gran carrera para alcanzar el Polo Sur
# El pirata Barbanegra
# La migración de las aves

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Flour is excited at her first day as a mail separator. Mr. Peterson stops by and asks her to meet with Ms. Margarine who gives an orientation on her work and reminds her of her pledge of loyalty to God. Meanwhile, a less than ethusiastic Coin prepares for his job as hell’s official mailman to heaven. A little nudge from his brother, Cash, and their boss, Profita, prompts him to to do his work regardless of what he feels. What will happen when angel meets demon?

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Looking for a great way to read manga scanlations online?
Love to view thumbnail manga covers before reading?
Then download Manga Book today!

What is Manga Book?

Manga Book is a manga reader application for downloading, reading and collecting your favorite manga.
# Simple and easy to use with an elegant and clean design.
# Automatic updates to titles/series/catalogs. You’ll always have new and interesting manga to read.
# Filter by genre.
# Background downloading while reading.
# Thumbnail covers in list so you can find new manga more conveniently.
# Search manga easily by author or title.
# Auto bookmark for seeing manga again easily.
# And many more features!

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Introducing Sarah Sullivan! Wearing a sparkly “S” crown, she is Super! Silly! and Sweet! Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan is about the magical hour that happens every night at bedtime, when kids “try” to go to sleep. Readers are invited to travel with Sarah through the wonders of her imagination as she learns what it is like to create her own dreams. Ultimately landing on the moon, Sarah learns that anything is possible, as long as you believe.


# Choose Autoplay, Read to Me (with word by word highlighting), or Read to Myself
# Tap all over the pages for great animations, sounds, and laugh-out-loud effects!
# Bring Sarah’s dreams to life in the Coloring Activity with 3 brush sizes and a full color palette.
# Play and learn about nocturnal animals in the flashlight game!
# Help Sarah find cookie ingredients in 3 levels of ’The Queen’s Party’!

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This Paper World App Is Inspired By The Same Name Novel ‘This Paper World’ Written By Highly Acclaimed US Author ‘Jeff Lane’.

The Worlds First Playable Novel Trailer Displays A Combination of Film and Gaming As An Introduction Into The World of Champions and Spoilers, Good and Evil and Winning Or Losing.

Will You Be A Champion or Spoiler?

Play The App, Read The Novel ‘This Paper World’, Wait For The Sequel ‘This Burning World’ This November and Watch The Movie 2015.

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Story Title: A Ferry to Airy / Teitl y Stori: Yr Ynys Aer

Laugh and Learn with the Flitlits
Categories: STORY/EDUCATION /8-11/First Language
Content: Cross-curricular/Focus on Literacy:

# ENGLISH /WELSH /U.S. ENGLISH versions of the text and narration
# RESEARCHED extensively in partnership with experienced educators
# SPANS the divide between picture books and chapter novels
# DEVELOPS IMPROVED LITERACY /appeals to both genders /encourages boys to read more
# 13 DIVERSE, TIMELESS characters that champion differences
# COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATIONAL SECTIONS that offer CROSS-CURRICULAR lesson planning options /schools /home teaching
# ‘TAP ON THE MAP’ section reveals the characters /home plots /landmarks /significant stars /17 INTRODUCTORY STORIES
# PLOTS and LANDMARKS that link extensively to generic curricula
# LINE BY LINE HIGHLIGHTING of the lyrical text to best effect. Linguistics, including Sentence Structure, may be incorporated into grammar exercises as outlined in the educational guides

The central character, JESTER BIT, is a scamp with a heart. His mischief leads to compassion, empathy, team work and a sense of fair play. Readers are invited to look behind the stories, the habitat, the interplay between the characters and more.

This story follows Jester Bit on a fantastical journey. What awaits him at the No-Zone Space?
A message reaches Doctor It at his home, the Puzzling Pit. The doctor’s pet, an I.T. scholar, is so hot underneath his collar. Both need to crack a code to save the day. Will Doctor It make contact?

# Language Selection
# Automatic Page Turning
# Scroll Back to Previous Image or Page
# On /Off Auto Play Speech
# Text Highlighting
# Interactive Features
# Narration Volume Control
# Music Volume Control
# Page Number Display

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