We all wish to make our mobile looks good through wallpaper. For this, we mainly search on the internet. Here I will introduce you to one app which will give you the best way to get the wallpaper. It’s a Pixs app which is available on the App Store for iPhone. At this application, you can easily get the wallpapers and themes for your iPhones on the daily basis.

Pixs Features:

  • Good user interface
  • Different categories of wallpapers
  • Color filter option
  • New wallpapers added every day
  • Search any wallpaper and color
  • Check the preview of the wallpaper

You can easily get the wallpaper of any category. There are different sections of wallpapers. Just check it out below here.

Categories of the wallpapers:
  • Nature
  • Art
  • Colorful
  • Sayings and Quotes
  • Cute
  • Sparkles
  • City Vibes
  • Animal
  • Winter
  • Into the night
  • Blurred
  • Tropical Vibes

How to use this app?

This application is very much easy to use. You just need to download and install the app. Choose the wallpaper and test of the preview of the same. If it is suitable then download the image and set it as wallpaper. Meanwhile, you can also set the color through color filter option.

Overall, Pixs app is good enough to get the wallpapers and make the iPhone looks smart and attractive. There are lots of images which you can set as wallpaper.

From my side, I would like to recommend this app to everyone. It’s really a nice app and I’m happy with this.




We all love to stay connected with our friends and that is why we always find that platform. It is something a different experience of being in touch with friends even if you are far away from them. Some of the apps do not only provide a way to chat but also offers to get the information on the latest trends. Numbertank is one of them which I found as a good social platform.

Features of Numbertank:

  • Channel section: If you want to share something then this feature is best. Just tap on “Contribute” button with your followers and allow them to contribute some informative post.
  • Talk: Here you can find something like latest news, Bollywood gossips, any short video clips.
  • Secret chat: You can make yourself hide as long as you want. You can also hide your private chat and protect the same with the passcode.
  • Discover section: The popular stuff will be visible here. Anything like events, polls, contest or channel, you can find here.
  • WhatsApp Status & Xmas Stickers: Get the customized Christmas Stickers and WhatsApp Status feature.
  • PIP (Picture in Picture): This feature enables to watch the video without any interruption.

How to use:

For using this application, you must download this app and make the account. After that, use this application as like other social apps. You can have chat with others. Have a common conversation with your friends, find and share the latest topic. The best thing is that you can find any topic of your taste.

What are benefits and what makes it different from others?

If I talk about the merits of this app, this application is like a boon for those who want to keep them self-update. It’s simple to use with more good features. A user can find informative content on this platform. As per my experience, this app is really something different. Most of the social apps do not provide a platform to get informative topics and content but yes this app is providing. You can share the information with your friends too. Recently it launch a new feature for Xmas Stickers. Its easy to share lover shayari, hindi shayari, sad shayari, motivational quotes, funny clips & other comedy videos

Last words:

Numbertank is the best platform that I used ever. It’s the best way to get the information on any topic. I would like to recommend this app to everyone.





shadow chase run bear run


Do you like simple tapping and jumping games? If yes then Shadow Chase Run Bear Run can be your best choice. The game is all about cute bears name as Jimmy (Brown Bear) and Shimmy (Black Bear). The main task of the game will be collecting fruits on behalf of your bear while jumping from one platform to another.

Jimmy will run and jump and also dance for you. The twist will come when dark shadow bears name as Shimmy will come into the picture. All these bears will try to chase your brown bear and if they caught him, the game will be over. Among the fruits, there will be some magic fruits that will help your bear to destroy those shadows. Like this, you will be having some special powers.

Shadow Chase Run Bear Run Features:

Talking about the features, this game will offer excellent graphics and classic sound effect. The secret dance feature leads to the defeating of shadow bears. There will be a user-friendly playing strategy. Developers also put some boost features like charm boost, sit-up boost, immunity boost and dance boost which will help you in winning the game.


The game can only be winning if you are having a good attentive mind. Moreover, you need to follow some clever strategy and be active to win this game. Download Shadow Chase Run Bear Run and get ready to grab the ultimate fun challenge. Thanks for reading.

For more Details:

shadow chase run bear run


Instagram is one of the best platforms to share and express you through the image & video. In the present era, everyone likes to use Instagram as it is really an easy platform to share your captured moments. Here I will introduce you to one of the platforms which will help you in reposting your media. The name is Repost Photo For Instagram which is an application available on iOS platform.

Repost Photo For Instagram Features:

  • Easy to understand and use
  • Works on tapping strategy
  • Option to share the app with others
  • Feedback giving feature
  • Option to give a rating
  • Video in the application for the guideline
  • Supporting different languages like Arabic, Greek, German, Korean and many more

How to use this app?

The using of this application is really easy. You just need to tap on the given TAP button. Copy the URL and click on the back option. Finally repost the media back to Instagram with the original instagramer’s mark. The app is free to download.

Post your images on Instagram easily with the help of Repost Photo for Instagram to catch the great attention.

Well, I’m very much happy with Repost photo for Instagram application as it is the finest platform. I found it very much user-friendly and easy to use. It’s 100% RECOMMENDED.

Repost Photo For Instagram


Apple introduced the latest version name as iOS 12 for its operating system in the month of June this year. However, it has launched it on September 17. There are many of the factors which were improved in this version. In this performance, new iOS emoji, automation of strong password features etc are covered. There are some other great secrets that Apple reveals and in this blog, I’m going to introduce to you the same.

New Features in iOS 12:


Apple this time gives a good focus on performance and makes it double. This makes the iPhone and iPad faster and responsive too. iOS 12 is designed in such a way that it can run on all devices. The effect of faster response is such that camera open in a quick manner and the keyboard also appear in a quick way.

Introduction of Memoji:

Moving further Apple also introduced Memoji which are customized Animoji & emojis. These animation and other fun effects can be used with FaceTime or the message. More than that, Apple also plans to add Group FaceTime that will support for up to 32 people. This group facetime was the desire among many Android users. This also supports audio and video chats. The appearance of participants will be in tiled view.


To get the answer to the question based on famous people, there is Siri. There is a shortcut feature that is built on the workflow app. The contextual app shortcuts in Siri suggestions will be shown up on the lock screen. In the case of iPhone 6 and iPhones, this feature will not be available. Taking the consideration of password, you will get access to the password stored in iCloud. this will be provided by the personal assistant.

Compressive Time Management:

Apple has set to offer everything in a transparent way. With the help of screen time, you can easily get the weekly activity report which will tell all the details of your using the iOS device. The details will be the time you spend on each app, how many times you pick the phone. Even it will also tell that which app is sending the most of the notification.

Do not disturb:

Don’t want to get disturbed in the night through notification? Then Do Not Disturb (DND) option is for you. Not even at night, you can set it for an hour in case if you don’t want to get disturbed in a meeting or any other event.


Taking the screenshot in iOS 12 is somewhat different as compared to iOS 11. Even with the screen off, you can take the screenshot in iOS 11 but in iOS 12, the display should be ON. To markup the existing photos there is now the broader choice of pen color.

USDZ file format:

This is a new file format which will allow AR assets to be used across the system. From this, you can place 3D AR objects into the real world. Apple is also going to introduce a new app which is called as Measure.

iOS 12

Automation of Strong password:

iPad and iPhone will suggest you a strong password within iOS 12. Additionally, this will be beneficial where there is a requirement of login. The passwords will be stored on the iOS device. To share the password, there is Password AirDrop option available from which you can share the password to the nearby devices.

Hidden Features:

  • Siri Voice: There are new Siri voice options in both Male and Female voice. This is especially for Irish and South African.
  • Face ID Rescanning: You can swipe up from the button of the iPhone X to initiate a rescan.
  • Message Shortcuts: To initiate a FaceTime Audio call, there are shortcuts and this will work when you tap on a person’s name in the message app.
  • Wallpaper: There are new wallpapers available which are mostly based on nature.
  • Voice Memos: There are some voice memos which are available on iPad and Mac. For that, there are some settings for voice memos like deleting, set the default recording name and adding audio compression quality.
  • Battery Info: Instead of the last 7 days, the chart of the battery usage will show the information for the last 24 hours or last 10 days.

App Store Localization in iTunes

So this is all about the iOS 12 features that are introduced. Hope you get the useful information from this blog. Kindly share your thoughts in the below comment box.


Virtual Private Network is something which is really important for the secure browsing. As in the technological world, security is an important term so that data stay safe and do not get theft. Well, there are many apps which are providing the approach of safety but here I’m going to introduce one app name as VPN-Box which is all about getting the happy and safe browsing.

I’m using this app and trust me it is really easy to make a confidential connection and that too within a few minutes. There is no such rocket science in it. With the help of VPN-Box, you can easily get the Virtual Private Network. The main thing is that the app is really easy to use.

Key Features of VPN-Box:

You will be a wonder to know that there is no requirement of registration in this app. Just download the app and use it easily. There are no logs saved. It also enables the user to check the uploaded and downloaded data space. Additionally, there is just one tap the requirement for establishing a connection. The other options are also there like feedback, privacy policy, and rate in the setting option.

 This app is really helpful in establishing a VPN connection. One can safely broadcast the sensitive data and this allows the user to surf securely.

So this is all about the VPN-box app which I love to use and also suggest to others. To make the connection secure, this app is best.




Hamara Dost is providing the best of messaging platform for getting the interest of your choice. This app is something a unique messaging app. The platform is providing the best information based on the going trend. This will give you the useful information too. Let’s see some of the interesting features of this app.

Hamara Dost Features:

  • Select your category: User can easily select the category of his or her choice like traveling, culture and society, food, cooking, books and many more.
  • Chat feature: The chat system is something unique because the message gets delete automatically. The user can select the timer and that will be 3 sec, 30 sec, 9 min or 12 hours for the deletion of the message.
  • Official Account: With this feature, companies can create their own account. From this, companies can mass-send messages to users.
  • Sky Eye: With the help of this feature, you can easily stop strangers to locate you and additionally find people near you.
  • Change password: This option enables the user to change the password.
  • Notification: Get notified with the notification option.
  • FAQ: From this option, you can easily check and know more about the platform.

What is the merit of using this app?

The main benefit of Hamara Dost app is all about getting the best of knowledge regarding the latest trend. You can easily get the news also. Additionally, you can easily share the particular post with your friends too. You will get feeds related to your categories only. The feeds will be with eye-catchy images also. The other highlighting thing about this app is that you don’t need to worry about going the content being un-authorized or viral.

Hamara Dost is something really interesting and I would like to 100% RECOMMEND it. Rest of the experience you can take after downloading this app.

Hamara Dost




For kids, it is necessary that we let them learn along with fun. When they learn along with playing stuff it gives a good result in their development. In schools also toys are given to kids to learn. Replacing the traditional style, mobile applications are greatly contributing to this area. Fruits & Tots is one of those applications which offer a good platform for a toddler for learning.

Fruits & Tots Key Features:

  • User-friendly features
  • Colorful graphics with Red, Orange and Green color
  • 2 different soundtracks
  • Different puzzles

Playing strategy:

The playing strategy of the game is simple enough. There will be a picture representing different types of fruits and different types of questions will be ask related to fruit name, color, size, and spotting odd out. There is no complexity and any other complicated features. For the correct answer, 3 stars will be awarded and for the wrong answer, 1 or 2 stars will be awarded. There is no nothing to do other than tap and play concept.

It is available on the App store for iOS platform only. This app is perfect for the age group of 2 to 5 years of kids. Even I recommend Fruits & Tots to my friends. They also like this application very much. Download it today and let your kid enjoy this.

Fruits & Tots


Decay Z : Space Survival

Do you love to play an action survival game? If yes then Decay Z can be your cup of coffee. It’s a story based game and totally an action based. The theme of the game is somewhat horror too. It is specially made for those who love to engage in the action based game. Let’s see something more about this.

Decay Z Features:

  • Multiple weapons available
  • Dark graphics
  • Good user interface
  • RPG – Role Play Game
  • Horror based theme
  • Free to download

The main aim of this game is to protect the last group of survivor and bring everything to normal. You must attack and kill every infected person or enemy. Mind it sure that you must hit the shooting button on time.

Coming to the story, it is all about a project name as “iCarus”. In this project, a group of nations sends out people to find new earth (Utopia). While traveling to Utopia, this spaceship will spend 200 years traveling. Some of the supplies contain “Z-Virus” and from this virus, everyone gets infested whoever comes in contact with that virus.

The scientist who is also the leader of the project, try to cut off the electricity of security door in order to save the last group of survivors but from this power cut, the power reactor gets damage. Now the last group needs to make everything normal. There will be one Engineer who will wake up after hypersleep and the rest of the story, he will tell us.

More or less Decay Z is a good game that I recommend. I found no issue with this game. Download it and play it to feel the spooky gameplay.

Decay Z



JustOut News is like a boon for me. I get all the latest information with this application in a fast and effective manner. With this app, now it is possible to get the current and important news in Tamil and English regardless of time and place. It’s a very simple and effective way to grab the important information.

As far as if the features are considered as per my view, it is having all the good features. One can easily find the news through the category. After entering the keyword, you can also find the news of your taste. Other than this, you can easily switch to any one language i.e. English or Tamil.

Sharing the particular news on the messaging channel is another tremendous feature of this application. All the news is from popular news channels like News 7 Tamil, Dinakaran, TOI, The Hindu etc. Bookmark your favorite news and get your own interest. Moreover, there is notification option through which you can get a daily notification about trending news.

You can easily get the news of different categories like Politics, Business, Technology, Finance etc within a single tap. There are no advertisements and one can easily read the news continuously. It is an excellent and informative application.

The using of this app is easy and simple. Just you need to download and install like any other application. After that, you can search for news or can use the news as per the category. The news will on-screen and you can read anywhere or anytime.

At last, I would like to say that if you are news addicted, then you must try JustOut News application. It is miracle for those who want to keep themselves updated.

JustOut News