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Your spaceship has crashed on the abandoned planet full of alien bugs. Go from the desert to outpost and get out from this place.
Hold defense in each location! Hordes of alien bugs will try to destroy your defense. Shoot ’em all to survive! But remember! The closer final, the more enemies!!! Alien Bugs Defender !!!

# A lot of unique enemies
# Beautiful levels
# Strong and stupid bosses
# Upgrade tree
# Simple game-play

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Yatzy as you never seen it before!
Yatzy Saga is the most advanced and exciting dice game around the world!
Compete with Dicy in different parts of the amazing world of Yatzy.

Yatzy Saga Features :-

● Easy to learn and play
● Luck and combinations of strategy gives you a lot of challenges and excitement!
● Helpful boosters to help with challenging levels
● The game includes Classic Yatzy, Maxi Yatzy, Forced Yatzy, Giant Yatzy and much more!
● New categories that does not exist in any previous editions of Yatzy/Yahtzee!
● Computer does all calculations for you!
● No time-limit pressure

Download Our App Today!

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Wants and Needs was thoughtfully designed to view your life in three categories: Wants, Needs, and Thanks. Track your Wants, prioritize your Needs, and discover Thanks in your life. Are your Wants outweighing your Needs? Are your Needs overshadowing your Thanks? The Wants and Needs app was designed with these questions in mind to help you put your Life in Perspective.
Put Your Life in Perspective
Wants: Set goals to improve your life and prevent overconsumption.
Needs: Prioritize the important things in your life.
Thanks: Reflect on the good and discover the hidden blessings.
• Improve gratitude by comparing Wants, Needs, and Thanks with graphs and charts.

If you only want without Thanks, you will never be happy.


This app available on app store with lot of unique Features:-

  • User can add a photo to each entry
  • Users can generate chart to see progress (Bar, Line , Graph)
  • Reorder entry lists by priority
  • Use Passcode and Touch ID to secure your data
  • Weekly Reminder to remember your wants & needs
  • Share to Social Media or by email
  • Easy to export into PDF
  • Print your results
  • Today widget
  • iCloud Sync to update into app device

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You never played GAME & MUSIC together like this! Get a “iTunes music match game” – challenge to find 2 music cards from the same song to match them to pair! Play manually by swipe & tap cards or by turning-dancing & shaking phone to select cards in a compass mode! Try the 1st game playable with closed eyes! How well do you know your favourite music or artists? You can challenge yourself, friends and music artist fans 🙂

# choose any artist to play 16 music cards level (match 8 pairs at 360 degrees)
# choose any artist to play 8 music cards level (match 4 pairs at 360 degrees)
# finish the level under time bonus to get extra score
# match the pairs without mistake to get extra combos
# play fun party battles – works best with connected Apple TV
# search and play any iTunes music or artist
# great for band promotions and music events

Rules:- the more music card hints you use the less points you may achieve and you can tap & buy any song anytime during the game

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Pick any location on Earth and battle it out with other players on a real 3D map to claim that area as your own With given shots and crates. Use MAGNET and BLACK HOLE to make large groups from level crates, than BOMB and destroy them for a big combo bonuses. If you beat 3D location level’s highscore (default or by owner), you become the CITY OWNER. The same you can attack already owned cities and with new highscore record, you rule the mayorship! Facebook login is required to play free global online game, otherwise enjoy trial offline play as unlogged

“The technology is just mind-blowing. Being able to visit any city in the world alone is just stunning already, but add a gaming layer to that and the concept gets slightly better.”

“There’s no denying that visiting cities all around the world and earning points is entertaining. Collecting crates and bombing them also has a soothing effect too, almost a stress reliever”

“This game will drive you crazy and is so addictive that once you are on your mission to own a city, you cannot help playing until you finally capture that city. GeoCannon is full of twists and turns and makes you feel like a conqueror that is out there to fight and take control of any city of the world you want”

Key Features: –
# DYNAMIC LOGIC – by location, terrain, elevation, city name
# ORIGINAL LEVELS – 3D of any chosen worldwide location
# GEOPOWER – invented for passive geo travelling
# PHYSICS – top quality physics destruction engine
# PIN CONTROLS – fast controls with one finger only
# 18 POWER CARDS – with 3 upgradable weapons & power ups
# PILONS & UFOS – living game objects around the planet
# FARM ATTACKS – every city owner farm EXP from attackers
# DYNAMIC MUSIC – 9 tracks based by location and altitude

Tip: Start easy with free Cities close to your location where you have strong blue GEOPOWER radius

Technology challenge: Unity3D, Apple Maps, Google static Maps and Elevation, Facebook, AWS

Enjoy the endless augmented geospatial gaming experience with planet Earth just in your pocket

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Seek the Sanga!

Sanga is a free 2 player puzzle game that is actually played on a 3D board! Connect 3 in a row to achieve Sanga. However, what makes Sanga unique is that there are TWO ways to connect, either via color or shape. Use special power ups to add even more challenge to this amazing game.

Join the masses and discover why Sanga is unlike any other puzzle games you’ve played!

Challenge a friend, on or offline, in Multiplayer Mode.

Play against the clock in an unique 1-player Puzzle Mode. (See your high scores on the leader board.)

How to play?

In Multiplayer Mode, the first player (determined randomly) taps a piece from their “hand” and then taps the location on the Qoob to place the piece. The play then alternates between first and second player until the win condition is met.

In Puzzle Mode (1 player only), the goal is for the player to achieve the highest point value possible by placing pieces on the Qoob without getting Sanga. The faster a piece is placed, the higher the point value. The game ends when a Sanga is achieved.

Read more on the FAQ http://tinyurl.com/lsumzb4

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Ready to lock up your Facebook Friends?

Become judge and jury with Slammer Slots. Guess which one of your friends most likely committed these WILD crimes. You play with the faces of your REAL friends, meaning the game is UNIQUE to you. Sometimes it’s the person you least expect! Choose to lock em’ up or let em’ loose.

Find out what your friends are really up to!

Slammer Slots! Slots play with a new TWIST!!!

# Facebook Integration – Play with the faces you know
– More customized experience, no two players’ screens will look alike

# Criminal Lock-Up – Send your family and friends to jail
– Animation provides mug shot and jail doors closing

# Jail Terms – Funny, wild crimes that come with stiff penalties
– New twist to classic “person most likely to …” game

# Fan Participation – Send and submit new crimes
– Players can contribute to the play of the game

# Character Voice-overs – British accent
– Provides added flavor and excitement

# Social Networking – Share the guilty verdict with your friends
– Post via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text

# iTunes Integration – Listen to your favorite songs without leaving the app
– Spin the slots to your iTunes playlist

Slammer Slots  logo

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ShutterBee is a fantastic tool to capture travel experiences, share them with the world and make new friends.
Find travel companions and explore new places. Create a diary of your journeys and keep trip statistics. With the simplicity of automated check-ins and a multitude of sharing options you can always stay connected and inspire your friends and followers.

ShutterBee is incredibly versatile yet simple, offering you a variety of convenient ways to record and share your local outings or globe-trotting adventures.

# Four types of posts: big photo + comment post, check-in, photo post, panorama post;
# Ability to attach current weather and location to your posts;
# Explore people, countries, cities and places;
# Chat with friends;
# Automatic diary of your travels;
# Simple sharing across 4 social networks: Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Foursquare.

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Surf the universe of video games in the palm of your hand with iGames.

iGames makes it easy to:

# View video game trailers, see screenshots, read overviews and more for over 20,000 video game titles
# Stay up to date with Trending Games to see what’s popular
# Check out ratings of video games and rate them yourself
# Discover newly released games that you may never have heard of before
# Keep track of games you want to keep an eye on with the “Watch” feature
# Add release dates of video games to your calendar right through the app to remind you to buy/pick up a game
# Share the latest games with your friends and followers through Facebook and Twitter

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Heart shooting saga is game developed for people who are seeking adventures. Here you can get alot of fun trough playing this game.
Game offers more than 60 levels and much more will be added. Fun game with alot of different levels and difficulties.

join us and play the game!

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