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Gains: Workout Routine Planner

Profits provide you with exercise routines made by certified personal trainers (Gains) Crash your physical fitness goals with Profits. Whether you And bodybuilding fitness trainers Are seeking to shed weight, build muscles, boost strength, or boost mass,.


Own workouts for men and women, in addition to input bios and individual contacts. Users can utilize their workouts and plans. Private trainers are vetted when registering on Profits. They’re free to include their Certified.


Your workouts inside the program. See just when and how long you’ve worked out. Track Change the stats and charts to look at your weekly, monthly, and annual activity.

Now it is time to workout efficiently & in your conditions with the assistance of private coaches.

A Few of the workouts Need a premium subscription do begin and finish


– workout programs created by fitness coaches

– lose weight, weight lifting, strength training, muscle building & more.

– find & plan workouts adjusted to your needs (level, duration, equipment, coach)

– track your workouts

– workout statistics

– add playlists

– explore personal trainers

Now it’s time to workout effectively & in your own conditions with the help of personal coaches.

Some of the workouts require a premium subscription to start and complete.

Exercise smarter with Gains, try it out for FREE!


Make a smart move with the all-new UjULUS app. Download the UjULUS App to get updated with real estate listings every 10 minutes.

UjULUS real estate app makes it extremely easy to sell/buy a property or put your house for rent in Canada. Here, we are going to have sellers, buyers, and tenants on the same platform. Explore all your selling and buying options in one place, and pick the one that works best for you.

Benefits to Sellers

All you have to do is join the app and furnish a comprehensive property list with accurate and relevant details of your property with some awesome images, compelling videos, and 3D home tours. It’s free.

You will be able to sell or rent every real estate property from apartment or house to land, even commercial property fast and immediately.

Benefits to Buyers

Find the latest properties for sale and houses for sale in your area. We are your latest home finder. Browse listing photos, see the most up-to-date home details. Filter by price, property type, and maps to find your dream home. Scroll through vivid and full-screen photos, videos and have 3D home tours of real estate and experience property from the safety of your home.

Benefits to Tenants – Search for property rental listings of all real-estate types: single-family homes, apartments, townhomes, condos, and more. Get the UjULUS app to search for house rentals, apartment rentals, room rental, and property rental on the all-new real estate app from your fingertips.

We are above the realtors!
We have now eliminated the typical 5 percent commission fee for real estate agents. You can now sell/buy a real-estate or put your house on rent and pay ZERO commission fees saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We are a one-stop destination for all your property needs. Our application has some mind-blowing features. Some of those are listed below.

60-Day Free Trial

Get a 60-day free trial of all the features within the app to sell, buy, or rent quickly.
3D Home Tours – Virtually visit thousands of residential or commercial property from the safety of your location.
Supporting Documents – Download the desired documents like purchase agreement, rental agreement, lease agreement, and credit agreement conveniently from the app.
Appraisal – Get an unbiased professional opinion of the value of your property from the comfort of your home.
Marketing Stagers – Get home staging tips and tricks to sell your property quickly.
ChatFirst App – Communicate directly with the buyer/seller/tenant and schedule a meeting with them as per your convenience.
Push Notifications – Receive messages and alerts whenever someone tries to get engaged with you.
Security – No SPAM calls. No leakage of data. Your information is secure on our app.

UjULUS is soon going to be Canada’s most popular source for real estate as it is a hassle free, simple, and really convenient real estate technology application for you.

Download today and find your perfect house or condo. It’s FREE!

Help make UjULUS better!

Bugs? Feedback? Suggestions? Please email us at contact@ujulus.com


Though I’ve gone through most of the apps on the App Store by now, I can’t help but keep my eyes peeled for new ones that hit the market. And Llama Money app developed by Elijah Patric is definitely one of my new favorites.

This Llama Money app offers a nice variety to the users that they actually find in App stores. And without a doubt in my mind, it is another great app which wholly satisfies users and won’t disappoint. Llama Money is the bill tracker that does not track you. More specifically there is no bank or personal information needed. Answering the question “What Bills Do I Have Before payday” is at the heart of Llama Money.

You can just create bills, set how often they occur, do the same with your paycheck and leave the rest to the Llama. There is no need to go through and update the due dates for everything every month. If your bill comes around monthly, just tell the Llama it is a monthly bill, and the due date will be automatically updated after you have paid it. On the Today tab you can easily see at a glance how much in bills you have before payday.


Important Features of Llama Money

Fixed or Range Amount

Do your bills vary in their amount?

No problem, you can create bills as a fixed or range amount.

Availability of Dark Mode

With full support for dark mode, Llama Money will look good no matter what color your coat. Some colors stay the same; others change, giving Llama two great looks.

Delete or Mark as Paid

Did you pay a bill early or receive your paycheck early?

You can manually mark a bill or income as paid or delete it by taping and holding.

One-Time Bills

Have a bill or income that is only going to happen once?

Mark it as a onetime thing, and after it comes due, instead of updating the due date, Llama Money will automatically delete it for you.

Customize Bill Updating

Don’t want a bill’s due date updated right away after its due date?

No problem, visit the setting screen and set how many days you want a bill to allow being overdue before Llama Money updates it for you.

Built In FAQ

The Llama thought you might have a few questions.

If anything is unclear, just check out the built in FAQ section: Ask the Llama, or join the herd on Reddit.

How the App Works:

You can simply download and install the Llama Money mobile app on your smartphone or other similar devices. Now launch the app on your device and start using it. The user has to create bills as they occur and the same with their paycheck on Llama Money. The user has to leave everything to the app which will actually give the user all the bills they have paid for a month and those which they have paid.

Final Thoughts

So recently I heard about Llama Money app developed by Elijah Patric, and it was something so different that I couldn’t wait for to use it. Now I must say, this is a completely fresh approach to bill tracker app in general, and it shouldn’t be missed.



HDR Portrait

Are you looking to make your photo into the incredible art portrait? AlphaPlugins HDR Portrait is one of the best options for enjoying the HDR portrait mode in full fledge. AlphaPlugins HDR Portrait is one of the most amazing apps that more number of artists has been using nowadays. This HDR Portrait app uses the AI with the Neural Network for detecting the faces on the photos. This advanced technology allows the user to separate the faces and other backgrounds on the image easily. A complete image will be processed with the use of HDR effects.

Astounding Artistic Effects:

AlphaPlugins HDR Portrait gives you the 100% astonishing artistic effects on background on portraits. The HDR Portrait App totally increases the beauty of the focal background effects impressively with a different kind of bokeh and blurs in a much more suitable manner. With the help of this advanced app, it is mainly compatible to give you the power to create beautiful and complex engravings with simple clicks. AlphaPlugins HDR Portrait is enabled with the fast image processing engine and intuitive interface with multi-layer support.


  • High HDR effect – strength, detail, and glow
  • 90 color filters for one-tap enhancement
  • Tune contrast and brightness
  • Color balance
  • Straighten image
  • Supports modern dual cameras
  • TrueDepth sensors
  • Own neural network facilities


High HDR Effect:

AlphaPlugins HDR Portrait has a highly advanced and faster image processing engine suitable for adding more HDR effect.

90 Color Filters For One-Tap Enhancement:

AlphaPlugins HDR Portrait has the advanced factory-installed presets to engrave the look of old masters. More than 90 color filters option for one-tap enhancement.

Tune Contrast And Brightness:

AlphaPlugins HDR Portrait app is also equipped with the Adjustable split-screen A/B view and helps on tuning the contrast and brightness mode.

Supports Modern Dual Cameras And Truedepth Sensors:

AlphaPlugins HDR Portrait supports the modern dual cameras with the TrueDepth sensors in the iPhone for detecting the faces.


Pre-K Preschool

I know that I am not the only person out there who wants to give their toddler the best tools and resources to grow, learn, and thrive. In fact, I think it is safe to say that we all want the best for our little ones. With that in mind and the reality that social distancing is still prime, finding a valuable learning platform for them to enrich their lives is essential. Luckily, there is a new app launched today called Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids. From memory improvements to perfecting numbers, colors, shapes, body parts, and much more, this app can solidify any parent’s confidence that their toddler will be completely ready to take on preschool and kindergarten.

Notable Features

It is no secret that toddlers and younger children learn the most through play. It stimulates their minds, and they are able to associate their play with real-life concepts. With that base, these toddler games for 4-year old’s are all strategically implemented and developed by educational experts to ensure that your kid can get the most benefit and value while enjoying games. Some notable features you can expect to find include:

  • 32 different elements your toddler can learn through, including indoor, outdoor, Pre-k specified content, animals, and tons of other explorations
  • Over 150 matching game levels, so your toddler will have something new to learn every day that tactfully challenges them
  • 696 interactive flashcards that have an advanced controlling system
  • Constructive screen time for your kids with trackable features for parents to monitor
  • Voice narrations and an animated teacher named Marina
  • No WiFi needed and there are no third-party advertisements
  • A simple, clean interface that gives your toddler the leverage to strengthen their visual perceptions, motor skills, critical thinking, attention and memory, vocabulary, and cognitive abilities to optimal heights.

Promotional Offering!

Though the app is free, some in-app purchases can take your toddler’s experience to more advanced levels. As a launching gift to you, there is a promotional offer starting on the launch day (June 15th), where you can save $6.99 instantly. All you have to do is apply promo code LOVE4KIDS, and you save!

This is a limited offer for discounted access to incredible features, so take advantage of it while you can so you can give your toddler the best stepping stones for developmental success.

Final Thoughts

Keeping toddlers sharp during this vital part of their development is crucial. With captivating learning games fostered on the Pre-K Preschool Games for Kids, your child is guaranteed to be enlightened and build an excellent educational foundation, all while having fun doing so. Give this new innovative app a try for yourself and see how it can transform your toddler’s mind with discovering new concepts, logical ideas, cognitive skills, and unlock their full potential.

For more assistance, you can watch the video tutorial “how to apply the promo code” in their facebook and youtube channel so you can begin your journey hassle-free. Again, the promo code is LOVE4KIDS.


Have a nice day!



For the unenlightened, a Catphishing is somebody who lies online to cause others to accept they are a person or thing they are not – a well-known dating application Tinder has even concocted an approach to leave Catphishinges speechless. They plan on taking action against the untrustworthy practice with a photograph check highlight to assist clients with telling if the individual they are conversing with is who they guarantee to be, report Birmingham Live.   However people still lie and the Catphish game is a fun way to get better at learning who might lie and who is telling the truth.  People record themselves and then mark the story as a lie or the truth.  The player then has to decide.

Identifying fake people

To catphish or not?  The fun part of the game is that you can rise up to a daily leaderboard in figuring out who is lying or not and become the best ‘Sherlock’ in the game.  Practice your detective skills and rise up the leaderbaord by being right.    You can also win at being the best ‘Catphish’ by recording your story convincing people you are telling the truth and then lying and earning a point.   Tell a story and you decide. You can tell a lie, tell the truth, tell a lie and then mark it as true or tell the truth and mark it as a lie. Then let the king Sherlocks figure out the true from the false.

Catphisher filter on instagram

Even Apps like Instagram are trying to figure the catphish problem out.  These days’ individuals are scanning for the Catphishing filter on Instagram to click selfies with. Nonetheless, many have neglected to discover and they have been posing inquiries like “What is Catphishing filter, How to get Catphishing filter, and then some. A few filters improve the essence of the individual tapping the image and more transform them into adorable creatures like canines, mouse, rabbit and the sky is the limit from there.

Thus, there are numerous Catphishing filters accessible on Instagram and Snapchat. The Catphishing filter is accessible for the story segment of the applications where one can click pictures and post tales about it. This default choice looks and acts like a URL shortened, and the normal individual wouldn’t see it.

Catphish game is a fun distraction in this world of truth or lies.   Try it out and see if you can be the top Catphish or top Sherlock for a day

Syren: Find Music With Friends

Are you looking for an exciting way of finding songs and enjoy chatting with new people from across the world? Syren: Find Music With Friends is a perfect option for getting music with enhancing the mixtapes. Syren is one of the ultimate platform allowing to thoroughly enjoy your way of sending and receiving music in mixtapes form.

Listen To Your Favorite Music:

Syren is one of the effective ways of listening to your favorite music on the go. Of course, this app allows the user to access a large number of mixtapes easily. With the use of this app, it is much easier to get the latest news, compose playlists, and get better recommendations. Whether you like to get instant information about your favorite artists, composer, or album, then Syren is the ultimate music platform.

Meet New People:

Syren assures you with the unique music platform allowing you to join the mixtape mixers. Now it is easier to exchange the mixtapes and meet new people. In fact, it is a more efficient option for discovering new music. Syren also has a unique designed music player that allows you to play songs even when your close to the app. In fact, the Syren music player has the lock screen support feature. It can be controlled using the Control Centre similar to that of the iOS Music Player.

Awesome Features Of Syren:

  • Create Mixtapes – Now you can create your own preferred mixtapes based on your preference
  • Exchange Mixtapes – share your list of mixtapes with friends online and simple to connect with other users
  • A Curated List Of Songs – listen to the fantastic list of songs updated by the enthusiastic team at Syren
  • Chat With Your Friends – Share your emotional songs with your friends with simple chat option and exchange mixtapes
  • Unique Music Player – enjoy listening to a wide list of music on the go with saving your data

Create Mixtapes:

Syren: Find Music With Friends app allows the user to simply creating the mixtapes. The main advantages include the uniqueness of compositions with the better filtering of music by popularity.

Exchange Mixtapes:

Syren app brings you a better opportunity to follow the work of your favorite and famous artists. You can exchange mixtapes with your friends as well as to new users. It is a better way of Randomly exchanging the mixtapes, and you have more options to meet popular artists.

A Curated List Of Songs:

Feeling bored! Install this app and enjoy an extensive list of songs that are updated every week. Each and every song are selected carefully by the professional team at the Syren.

Chat With Your Friends:

Use the app to chat with your friends and people that you meet while exchanging the mixtapes.


Snifferton - Discover devices near you

Today I happened to come across and stumble upon Snifferton app developed by Thomas Thompson while doing my weekly roundup of the popular App Store apps. I was greatly intrigued with Snifferton app since it looked like a special something set it apart from the others.

With the help of Snifferton app developed by Thomas Thompson you can find any bluetooth device that comes into contact with your mobile device. This reputed app permits you to mark individual devices in order to monitor their activity.

Main Software Features

  • You can save multiple locations and have them sync up with other Snifferton devices
  • Permits scanning for devices up to half a football length
  • It also alerts the user to any new devices that come close to your smartphone
  • Keep as many devices as you like to keep track of

Using Snifferton app, you can also get to know the devices nearby and share files in case you need any.  It is also illustrated that the dashboard of the app conveys you the details that comprise the number of devices, the recent timestamp and other details regarding the recently added device. Snifferton also gives vivid list of all the devices that are near to you and their signal range.

More importantly the app has got a quick and clean interface that makes it simple to use. In addition the app requires iOS 13.2 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app is free for download but comes with in-app purchases. The new version of the app comes with enhanced location manager usage.


So recently I heard about Snifferton app developed by Thomas Thompson, and it was something so different that I couldn’t wait for to use it. Now I must say, this is a completely fresh approach to discovering devices near you in general, and it shouldn’t be missed.




Actually I grew up with variety of apps in all kinds; so generally, when the popular genres are launched I can’t assist but have the eager to check it out for myself, which is what actually happened with 50Artists50States app developed by C.C.M. If users are searching for a special kind of online music promotion app to sink your mind into this weekend, then this app will not surely disappoint.

When it comes to promoting your music online, 50Artists50States doesn’t skip a beat. An all encompassing online music promotion app solution, this app has you covered with all the tools you need to promote. This app has been created with the perfect platform for unsigned artist to get discovered worldwide. You can download the app today and check out, rate and follow some incredible unsigned artist.

While we see thousands of music apps on the play stores for music-lovers to listen to and download their favorite songs, there aren’t many for budding artists and musicians. Also there are lot of people who might be searching to connect with other music artists and succeed in their music careers.


More recently latest apps made their way into Play stores for musicians to connect with each other and discover new spaces to display their music. Succeeding as a popular musician in a highly competitive globe is no joke. But there’s a ray of hope for newbie musicians now.

50Artists50States is the best app helping new musicians succeed and get in touch with their contemporaries. The app figures featured Mix Tapes, hosted Mix Tapes and Repyostate Mix type series which are qualitative, especially with many salient features in music player.


Needless to say, if you are fond of new online music promotion apps, then 50Artists50States developed by C.C.M is one that is worth trying out. I think the developers did a splendid job in terms of key features.

pcTattletale Parenting

ijura image

Are you looking for a cloud-based threat defense platform? Ijura is the right choice for your needs.

The primary function of this app is to monitor the user data in real-time. Most significantly, it can bring protection to Android devices, iPhones, and iPads against various cyberthreats.

It includes malware, phishing scams, spyware, drive-by downloads, and network, browser and operating system exploits, vulnerable applications, and Wi-Fi sniffing.

Where to get access to Ijura?

It is a uniquely developed mobile application available at leading play stores in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The users can download it for free and use this app on their tablets and smartphones.

Why should you use Ijura?

As the number of identity thefts and data breaches is increasing more, business professionals look for the best way to overcome various security threats affecting their corporate system.

Securing your tablets and smartphones against several phishing attacks caused by infected websites, emails, and text messages/SMS with Ijura is indeed a smart decision. It is because this mobile threat protection has everything to meet your security needs.

What do you expect from ijura?

Ijura is dedicated to serving the business / corporate mobile (BYOD) Bring-Your-Own-Device) user and casual users. It gives additional safety to their users for preventing personal data or financial information from being stolen or hacked.

Apart from that, it helps users to give a secure and safe smartphone experience to their kids with built-in parental control capabilities.

What makes ijura ideal for security needs?

Nowadays, individuals use mobile phones for both their business and personal purposes. It puts business and employees at the pities of a highly tricky cybercriminal population. This kind of threat to your corporate systems and data from BYOD is enormous.

Workers always use the personal devices for logging into their employer accounts, for shopping, for surfing the online sites, for email, for downloading apps/games, or for using social media.   Certain kinds of personal apps create a severe exposure place for businesses because hacking individuals use legitimate apps for building trust.

In this process, hackers encourage people to give their sensitive data and even download malicious files, which can result in business data breaches.

If you want to avoid these unwanted security hassles, you can make use of the ijura app because it can protect your data and devices.

Enjoy reliable security guard

The most specific thing about ijura software is that it integrates with mobile telecommunications operators working in the cloud platform. It helps to reject and recognize suspicious sites, apps, and links while reducing the possibilities of threats to business and personal data as well as employee privacy.

With the best range of security features, this software protects you from various malicious content or apps in real-time. It is pleasing news for users that ijura does not create any impact on the battery life, latency, and performance of your device.

Everyone can feel confident that both the personal and business data is well-protected while using ijura app.

https://apps.apple.com/us/app/applink/id1361032933?l=enpcTattletale Parenting