Take up arms for the future of Suntoria! Defend your kingdom from hordes of devilish goblins in this challenging tower defense game! Summon mighty forces and head into battle right now!

Hurl back the enemy assault in more than 40 unique missions set in medieval villages and towns.

The Wizard, Barbarian, Archer and Knight are now under your command. Issue your orders and guide them in battle. Make your diabolical enemies cut and run for their lives!

Upgrade and equip your mercenaries with the best weapon: thwart invaders with the mighty Sword of Destruction or the deadly Yew Bow!

Maximize your defenses with ingenious traps! Interrupt your foe’s advance by closing gates and placing saws, wooden stakes, bear traps and more directly in their path. Give the goblins some painful surprises!

Explore three exciting game modes: First Battle, One Life, and One Wave!

Deploy skilful tactics to defeat bosses, bandits, and shooters before they blow up the castle’s gates or slay your heroes!

What are you waiting for? The most powerful army of all time is waiting for its leader. Join the war NOW!

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Easy to start. Hard to stop.

# Start up PUZZIX and watch the hours fly by.

This simple, intuitive puzzle challenge provides 60+ levels of interactive gameplay. PUZZIX combines eye-filling color, and smooth, easy-to-use controls to give you more fun per second.

# How do you play it?

Simple. Just drop a flowing piece onto a matching piece below. Connect three or more and score — and if you connect four or more, there just might be a surprise. But keep an eye on the clock — and the descending boundary line!

# Make a habit out of a challenge. Get PUZZIX today!

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Join Bufo the Frog Wizard in a New Adventure – The sequel to the Apple Featured action hit, designed specially for kids.

# Classic arcade gameplay in a colorful cartoon world.
# Tap to cast magical blasts and defend yourself from waves of wicked Benglings.
# Explore a magical land with lots of levels and different enemies to face.
# Tap on the Magic Orbs to cast powerful spells. Whirlwinds, Firewalls and Rock Golems are all here to help you out!
# Collect Stars and upgrade your magic skills.
# Face the evil bosses that are waiting for you.
# Pay once and get the whole adventure : NO In-App purchases! NO Ads!

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How long would you survive in a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?

“Humanity has been destroyed and your duty as an ex-marine is clear: seek and destroy all zombies and save the few remaining survivors. The further you get in the game, the more challenging the environments get and the stronger the zombies become. Expose the hidden zombies with the latest generation radars and upgrade your arsenal to kill the most dangerous zombies with just one shot!”

This first-person perspective game with spectacular visual environments and realistic features will give you the sensation of being in a world overtaken by zombies!

Reload!, take aim! and execute every zombie preying on humans! Check out the best Zombie Sniper game for FREE now!


# Over 150 missions, having four different modes to choose from: campaign, where are the zombies, weapon test and superzombies
# Spectacular environments, becoming more destroyed and infected by zombies the further you get in the game.
# Use latest generation power ups like the radar to easily locate the most hidden zombies.
# Changing weather conditions. If it’s difficult by day, you can’t even imagine hunting zombies by night or in the rain.
# Find the zombies by listening doubly surround with your stereos, it will make it even more excited to play!
# Intuitive and fully configurable controls to suit to each player’s preferences.
# Spectacular ragdoll effects and action cameras.
# Choose powerful weapons, from machine guns to snipers to unleash hundreds of bullets or bazookas, which enable massive wide scale destruction.

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Epic battles await in one of the most anticipated MMO-ARPGs of 2014! Hack, slash and dispatch a barrage of attacks as you and the Soul Guardians protect Midgard from the Demon Army uprising. An intensive action RPG meets card collecting, choose to quest through single player dungeons or engage in co-op and PVP arenas with friends. Collect Soul Art Cards to evolve and fuse in order to construct extraordinary attacks!

# EXECUTE massive bosses and nefarious foes with gritty action-oriented gameplay!
# COLLECT, FUSE, and EVOLVE your Soul Arts cards to unleash powerful skills on your enemies!
# COMPETE against other players to become a champion of the Soul Guardian’s leaderboard.
# CHOOSE among an array of Soul Guardians, each with their own unique set of attacks!

Go forth! Evil waits for no one!!!

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Welcome to a new era of effortless entertainment!

Epoch is a smart and beautiful way to watch video you care about. Simply turn it on. Swipe to a channel that matches your mood. Lean back and enjoy.

We comb the cluttered web for the best video content and craft it into mood-based channels just for you. Epoch’s beautiful interface allows you to easily swipe through preloaded videos, so you are never left waiting for something to watch. As you watch, Epoch gets smarter and personalizes the experience to your interests and preferences.

It’s like your television, only smarter.

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The first and only pyrography simulator!

Tons of fun in a little application. Hours of good time.

Two instruments: magnifying lens and pyrograph and two completely different game modes. Manually selected wood as canvases. This game is not just a pastime it’ll help you create real works of art. If you like a wood and woodworking you’ll like a Pyrography.

– Carefully rendered feel
– Vast creative possibilities
– You can post your works onto social media or e-mail them
– You can make a gift for your loved ones
– You can make designs based on your own photographs.
– Realistic smoke effect.
– Burn with pyro or magnifier.
– Deco wood with burning arts drawing with your fingers.
– Kind of handicraft art.

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Fancy some festive fun? Create crazy mashups and put a unique spin on two all-time seasonal classics. No musical experience required!

Mix and match different genres to mashup Jingle Bells (Dance / Dubstep / Metal / Reggae) and Auld Lang Syne (Rock / RnB / Reggae / Dance).

Record your voice on top to produce hilarious and wacky holiday hits then share your songs to family and friends with festive animated videos on YouTube and Facebook!

Key Features:
** Remix Jingle Bells and Auld Lang Syne using studio-quality loops **
** No Musical Experience Required **
** Simple and intuitive design **
** Great fun for both kids and adults **
** Record your own voice using the built-in microphone **
** Create your own Music Video and share it to YouTube and Facebook **
** Save your songs to iCloud and access them across all your iOS devices **
** Learn about music composition with beat and bar displays **
** Full Retina display support **

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