Welcome to a new era of effortless entertainment!

Epoch is a smart and beautiful way to watch video you care about. Simply turn it on. Swipe to a channel that matches your mood. Lean back and enjoy.

We comb the cluttered web for the best video content and craft it into mood-based channels just for you. Epoch’s beautiful interface allows you to easily swipe through preloaded videos, so you are never left waiting for something to watch. As you watch, Epoch gets smarter and personalizes the experience to your interests and preferences.

It’s like your television, only smarter.

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The first and only pyrography simulator!

Tons of fun in a little application. Hours of good time.

Two instruments: magnifying lens and pyrograph and two completely different game modes. Manually selected wood as canvases. This game is not just a pastime it’ll help you create real works of art. If you like a wood and woodworking you’ll like a Pyrography.

– Carefully rendered feel
– Vast creative possibilities
– You can post your works onto social media or e-mail them
– You can make a gift for your loved ones
– You can make designs based on your own photographs.
– Realistic smoke effect.
– Burn with pyro or magnifier.
– Deco wood with burning arts drawing with your fingers.
– Kind of handicraft art.

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Drawing without pixels, without limits. Drawing where size, space, and boundaries don’t matter. Sketchology is fast, simple, and powerful. It’s a new type of drawing app.

Make something big.

Instead of giving you a virtual piece of paper, Sketchology gives you an almost limitless canvas to explore so you can do things like zoom down to an atomic level with no loss of quality. Instead of planning out thoughts, just start them.

And share. Export your design at scale — 1,500 megapixels scale


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Revolution at your fingertips.

Draw colorful lines and watch them step into the next dimension. Revolved is the best way to create beautiful 3D models.

Let your mind flow. Draw curves, choose colors, watch magic happen. Adding another dimension has never been easier.

Designed from the ground up with iOS 7 in mind. Minimalistic interface leaves stage to what’s most important – your creations.

Snap pictures of your models and post them to Twitter and Facebook. Let your friends wrap their heads around your ingenuity.

Export entire models in .obj or .stl format and bring them to live on a 3D printer or keep improving your works of art in desktop modeling tools.

Made with Passion.
Top to bottom one man job. Every single detail has been obsessively polished. Over and over (and over) again


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Video and the web are coming together. Experience both like never before with TouchCast: a new medium that looks like video, but feels more like the web.

A TouchCast is a video that is fully browsable, responsive, and alive. Webpages, images, and an assembly of video Apps (vApps) can be tapped for a two-way video experience.

It’s a TV studio in your hands. Create broadcast-quality videos with a built-in teleprompter, green screen, visual filters, sound effects, and titles. Watch TouchCasts from the app or online at TouchCast.com.

Our Mission is to bring the wonder of the web to video and usher in a new age of expression. Anyone can easily create professional-quality videos that finally behave like the rest of the web.

Explore videos, express yourself and engage viewers in a whole new way.  We invite you to try TouchCast and help define this new medium.

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Fancy some festive fun? Create crazy mashups and put a unique spin on two all-time seasonal classics. No musical experience required!

Mix and match different genres to mashup Jingle Bells (Dance / Dubstep / Metal / Reggae) and Auld Lang Syne (Rock / RnB / Reggae / Dance).

Record your voice on top to produce hilarious and wacky holiday hits then share your songs to family and friends with festive animated videos on YouTube and Facebook!

Key Features:
** Remix Jingle Bells and Auld Lang Syne using studio-quality loops **
** No Musical Experience Required **
** Simple and intuitive design **
** Great fun for both kids and adults **
** Record your own voice using the built-in microphone **
** Create your own Music Video and share it to YouTube and Facebook **
** Save your songs to iCloud and access them across all your iOS devices **
** Learn about music composition with beat and bar displays **
** Full Retina display support **

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Welcome to Fun Town! Come play on busy Main Street or visit its many shops – “a winning formula” – 4/5 Gamezebo

14 AMAZING MINI-GAMES IN ONE… creative play that’s fun, engaging and educational…

* BUILD A BIKE and take it for a ride
* MAKE A HAMBURGER and then gobble it up!
* GRAB SOME PICK N MIX and much more…

Fun Town is simple, educational fun for young kids. Scroll along Main Street and interact with the various shoppers and vehicles. Choose one of the 14 the shops you’d like to visit – each is it’s own mini-game;

• Restaurant – make a Hamburger – mmm!
• Florist- grow your favorite flower.
• Bicycle Shop – make a bike and take it for a ride!
• Shoe Shop – match the pairs of shoes.
• Green Grocers – sort the fruit and place into the baskets.
• Sweet Shop – pick n mix fun!
• Market Stall – sort the vegetables and place in the crates.
• Party Shop – pop the bubbles!
• Traffic Lights – can you fix the broken lights!
• Banks – sort the bank notes and coins.
• Phone Booth – fix the keypad – replace the missing numbers.
• Supermarket- scan and pack your shopping.

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Try an app that makes your comics look great, makes reading them a pleasure, and takes all the friction out of importing and managing them.

• Ultra clean and simple to use
• Smart upscaling makes even low-res comics look great
• Auto contrast/tint fixes yellow pages and faded ink
• Self-organising library – just drop in your comics and go
• Download comics in the background while you read, directly from your cloud file-storage service
• Upgrade to pro, and download from your PC, Mac or NAS as well
• Parental controls let you flag specific comics as ok, and passcode-lock everything else out of sight
• Single-page or two-up page view
• Right-to-left reading mode
• Post screenshots directly to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or Tumblr
• Reads and understands comic tag info

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Read with your kids. Join Lars on an eye-opening animal adventure! Fun and educational, this dynamic interactive storybook with captivating puzzles and in-depth visual glossary will delight your little one and teach them the fascinating names for groups of animals.
Hop with a mob of kangaroos, swim with a school of fish, walk with a memory of elephants. Whimsical illustration by Brooklyn artist, Carla Susanto will inspire young imaginations.


Designed to expand the little ones’ vocabulary and imagination, Lars and Friends celebrates the beauty and poetry in the English language. It indulges in the playful and humorous terms for addressing groups of animals that originated in the 15 century England.
The artwork in this artisan app started with watercolor and gouache paint on paper and wood that was scanned and brought to life digitally. The typography in this app is manually handwritten to present a wholesome and discerning experience.

STORYBOOK: Accompanied with pre-recorded narration that can be activated upon a button tap. Loaded with interactivity features that generates compelling animation.
PUZZLES: Designed to brush up the subject learned from the storybook in a fun and engaging way.
LEARN: An interactive audio-visual glossary that offers in in-depth exploration of the curious subject matter.

SECURITY : Equipped with secure parental gate that locks the info page containing links to facebook page, rate us on appstore and artist’s website.

THE ARTIST: Carla Susanto is a mother and an award-winning Brooklyn-based artist. Among Carla’s recent works, her animated shorts: Tsunami, Horses and Civilization (2010) and L’Aubade (2012) were official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival, Sguardi Altrove Milan film festival and Nuit Blanche art festival

Lars and Friends Review


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