HWAD is one of my favorite apps. It is because I love to read and write. Its special thing is that it is based on Thom Kudla’s well-reviewed book “How I Am Different”. This app allows a user to compare Thom’s two-year writer progress with once progress of writing and reading. HWAD stand for How We Are Different. It’s also having mood tracking feature which is very much innovative.

Let’s come on the features

  • Option to make account
  • Calendar to set the reminder
  • Multiple index views
  • Option to set your emotion and mood
  • Description about a reporter

Overall, I love this book. I can record the amount of time which I spent on writing each day. Even I set a reminder to get prompt on every day about the reading and writing. There is also a reading roulette option which allows a user to read an entry from How I Am Different selected at random. Through its multiple index views one can read by title, by genre, one by topic.

At last, I would like to say that HWAD i.e. How We Are Different is a nice application that everyone must consider. It’s having so many interesting things.




For the kids, there are thousands of apps which are offering different kinds of concept regarding learning. Recently I download one app to which I will introduce you all and that app is Learning Game 4 Toddler Kids. It consists of 36 various categories of 850+ things that are useful for kids to learn. It consists of body parts, family, clothes, household items, birds and animal etc.

It is specially designed by educational experts. It is the best way to measure the kid’s memory development. It’s the best way to improve your child’s imagination & attention power. It is having following features.


  • It is user- friendly
  • Easy to understand
  • 6 top-level main categories
  • 4 engaging game modes
  • Efficient learning path
  • No advertisement of third party
  • High-quality pictures
  • 146 matching levels
  • 4 engaging game modes
  • Amazing graphics for kids

It is having following stages

  • Toddler Basics
  • Kids Basics
  • Household
  • And other categories like Fruits, nature, bird & insects etc.

At last, I would like to highly recommend Leaning Games 4 Toddler kids to everyone who wants to make their child perfect in learning. Just let your child learn and unlock levels. It’s really a nice app, so just download it and avail the concept.




Saboteur II is one of my favorite games which I love to play. It’s because it is having an adventure, also it is based on Ninja fun. The game is all about avenging angel that breaks into a high-security compound to alter the course of a nuclear ballistic missile. Additionally, the game is all new 8 bit graphics with an extra plot. There is Saboteur story in the game.

The story is all about female Ninja name as Nina who is a sister of male Ninja. She breaks into a dictator’s high-security compound to change the course of a nuclear ballistic missile and then escape. The compound of an enemy is built on the top of a mountain. These mountains are filled with caverns and tunnels.  There is armory building on the top of the mountain and a missile silo is on the top right.

Features of the game:

  • Its extended original 1987 game
  • There is updated graphics and sound effects
  • There is MFI game controller support
  • There is extended map and explore the area
  • There is extended plot

From my point of view, this game is adventure one. There are enemies on every doorstep and the player needs to use special skills to complete the mission. If you love adventure and challenging missions then you must give a try to this game. It’s an interesting one.




I love to play puzzle games. There are so many mobile applications which are based on it but recently I download unblock container app which is all about the block puzzle. It’s really an interesting game which is available at App Store for iOS platform. It’s also an addictive game. When I started playing it, I wish to play it on daily basis.

Let’s see features of this game

  • There are four levels – Beginner, advanced, master & expert
  • Challenging slider wood puzzle
  • Suitable for all age

What the playing strategy it involves?

There is an ublock named block inside the container and around that there are so many other blocks. The task of player is to move the block in such a manner so that ublock get free. There will be beginner in the starting with low challenging, then advance with higher challenge and so on.

The game is not so challenging and difficult to play. It’s a light game to relax mind. The main key of success in the game is keeps calm and keep trying.

Last words:

Unblock container is great app which provide mean of entertainment. I suggest this app to every user who loves to engage in puzzle games. It’s an Easy to play which provide little brain workout.




There are so many games on my Android mobile but one of my favorite games is Fast of clan. This game is amazing because it’s one of the interesting with little bit challenge. Even in my family, all members like this. Moving further, I will introduce you about all the required information about this game, so continue with your reading.

The game is all about a spacecraft which will continue to move upward. There will be some obstacles in the way. Player needs to control the spacecraft and prevent it from colliding to the obstacles. Meanwhile you need to collect the coins coming in the way.

The one of the highlighted things about this game is that you can join millions of players in the world. You can see them, chat with them and have free race rank with them. The two major social platforms which help in this are Facebook and Twitter.

A player can choose any of the spacecrafts because there are 15 types of vehicles. There are 40 levels of game modes which provide endless flying.

Overall, Fast of clan is a wonderful game that provides full of entertainment and enjoyment. Once you will start playing, you will become addicted to this game, like me. So download this game and grab the enjoyment.



Fast of Clan is fast reflex challenging game which deals with the aerospace gaming. Meanwhile, it is open mobile gaming i.e. one can join millions of players worldwide.

There are thousands of mobile games develop and launch in the market on daily basis. It’s a tough competition to offer something unique and different in the same. Every developer is in the race of bringing something fresh concept. Recently Eye God introduces a mobile game name as “Fast of Clan” which offers something new regarding spaceship game. It’s fast pace game and full of challenge.

The company said it was dubbed the most competitive Game Apple App Store and Best iOS Games 2018. It openly invites everyone to join the war while picking out the spaceship and favorite links. The most noticeable thing regarding this game is that it also enables one to join millions of players worldwide. This can be possible via two most popular social media platforms i.e. Facebook and Twitter.

Choosing your spaceship is another feature which this game is offering. There are 15 vehicles which help in experiencing the power deal. Additionally, they say there are 40 levels with each having different playing experience. This makes it more interesting because playing experience will vary with level.

Some other features:

  • User-friendly
  • Chat and free race rank with others
  • Fast space & dangerous
  • Option to choose the color
  • Provide a way to discover the strange area with so many scary barriers

The strategy of the game is simple enough to understand. Only one needs to move the spaceship in right or left to prevent it from clashing with obstacles. Also, there is need to collect coins coming in the way. So just beware of obstacles in this war. After completing one level successfully, the next level will be unlocked. Mind it sure the spaceship will be in high speed so keep your reflexing power attentive.


Availability: Fast of Clan is available FREE on both i.e. Android and iOS

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.EyeGod.FastOfClan

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/-/id1384897272?mt=8


In another word, this is reflex challenge game. It’s a platform to test and know your abilities. So take your decision, use your daring abilities and fight to protect your clan. Become king of glory. So are you ready to face a challenge? If yes then, all the best for your endless flying and warfare against obstacles.

For more information please reach us https://www.facebook.com/EyeGodGame


Please make your presence on the above social account to get the latest news along with the gifts from “Kings of Glory”.


Teaching a child is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and skills. However, with the time, things get changed and now there is a technology era. The way of working has changed in such a way that we get depends on technical platforms like a mobile application. These apps are also useful in teaching a child and recently I got such app name as “Racing to Read”. It’s really a simple and easy app with a set of activities that help your child learn to read.

The app is suitable for kindergarten, a preschool of the age 3 to 7 years. It provides a good experience of sounds, words, letters that help in making good skills for your child. Another highlighted thing about this app is that two reading specialists design this app and they have 40 years of experience.

Let’s see Racing to Read features

  • It has eight levels of activities, each of them has rhyme at the end
  • Give your child preparation & practice for learning to read
  • Provides instant feedback
  • Different levels with increasingly challenging level
  • At every step of the way, there are instructions
How to use it:

I already told that this app is simple to use. At an initial stage, you need to enter your Childs name. After that, you need to play the game. There will be an audio and picture on the screen. Some of the letters will be on top and the name of the picture will be below in which one letter will be missing. The task for the child is to select and drag the suitable letter from the top to make full meaning of the word.

Last words:

Racing to Read is really a nice app that helps a child to become a good reader. Additionally, it also helps in learning new words. Download this app and avail the modern way of teaching.

Racing to Read



In usual way I love to engage in fashion and boutique as it is a part of my profession. For this purpose I also need help to find out the stores. Fortunately one of my friends recommends me one app name as The Reel. This brings local fashion at my home. It’s now easy for me to find out the designer outfit and boutiques around the globe.

This app is working for mainly three kinds of things.

  • Discovering of outfits from designer brands and boutiques near by
  • Share the outfit with your friends
  • Upload your views and make the community inspired by you

There is different kind of outfit inspiration for several niche fashion categories like hiking, sports, yoga, whatever you do. The app is perfect for designer shopping.

What kind of benefit I get from this:

It is now possible to get thousands of fashionable outfit from around the world. One of the other interesting things about this app is that they are partner with retail stores, influencers & fashion brands. This helps in finding out new outfit every day. It gives me a new and different shopping experience with the use of technology.

I highly recommend this app as it is easy to search, navigate and purchase shopping.




I am a big lover of KPOP and this is the main reason I always love to engage SMING. This is the best platform that for all those who are KPOP lovers. It’s the best way where a person can request for KPOP songs, watching KPOP fans performance and many more. Whoever loves KPOP, they must refer this application. The app is very much good and useful.

It’s having following features:

  • Getting the knowledge about popular stuff in KPOP
  • Make a participation in the show
  • Live interaction
  • Create KPOP live video

I am accessing this app for a long time and found to be useful at a high level. It’s really easy to broadcast KPOP among friends. I can easily participate in polls on various topics which are created by the streamer. I also highly recommend this app to everyone who is KPOP fans. Trust me it’s really a good and useful application. The app is very much user-friendly and accessible to users. I also recommend SMING to everyone who loves to engage in KPOP related work.




There is nothing best then fitness. It’s really important to open to door for good health. Getting fitness is not as easy as we need some kind of guidance in the same. Fortunately, I get one platform that can be the best adviser for gaining the fitness. It’s having some of the best features which I will describe in this review.

What is Pro Gym Workout?

It’s a normal app which is like a substitute for your personal trainer. It contains detailed information regarding the speed of workout, weight use in workout and rest.

What are the features?

  • There is no requirement of internet
  • Fat calculator, calories calculator, protein calculator & BMI calculator
  • Listed workouts program
  • Receiving of new training
  • Receiving of notification

After using this app I get totally dependent on this platform to get the fitness goal. It provides all kinds of workout like abs workout, biceps workout, legs workout, calve workout etc. It’s also having some programs like beginner & advance bodybuilding, fat loss, quick belly fat destroyer.

Availability: The app is available at Google Play store and App store.

Last words:

Pro Gym Workout is a good app that provides all means of getting fitness goal. This app is a complete package of health and fitness. Forget your personal trainer and get join with Pro Gym Workout. Thanks for reading.