Carpooling is one of the best systems to share the ride and enjoy the cost effective travel. To get the best carpooling SeatsPlanet can be your best cup of tea. This is a normal application available on the Android and iOS platform. The amazing concept of this application is that it can be used in a dual type. A user can use it as a Driver or as Passenger both.

  • User profile account
  • FAQ questions with clear information
  • Secured Online Payment system
  • Good accessibility
  • Free to download
  • Discussion option to chat with others
  • Option to create a group
  • User-friendly graphics

How SeatsPlanet works:

At first you need to download and install the application. After that you need to make your account. You can use this application as a driver and as a passenger. As a driver you can post the ride and as a passenger you can search for the ride. Whenever you will post the ride you will have the right to accept or decline the request of rides.

My own Experience about the application:

SeatsPlanet is the best riding application. It’s quite user friendly and transparent in the approach. It’s a simple way to get the carpooling. One can make his or her commuting very much easy with this. Anybody can use it and make the extra income by becoming driver and use the car as a taxicab.

Last Words:

SeatsPlanet is such a nice application which I would like to recommend to everyone. You can trust on this app with closed eyes.



shadow chase run bear run


Do you like simple tapping and jumping games? If yes then Shadow Chase Run Bear Run can be your best choice. The game is all about cute bears name as Jimmy (Brown Bear) and Shimmy (Black Bear). The main task of the game will be collecting fruits on behalf of your bear while jumping from one platform to another.

Jimmy will run and jump and also dance for you. The twist will come when dark shadow bears name as Shimmy will come into the picture. All these bears will try to chase your brown bear and if they caught him, the game will be over. Among the fruits, there will be some magic fruits that will help your bear to destroy those shadows. Like this, you will be having some special powers.

Shadow Chase Run Bear Run Features:

Talking about the features, this game will offer excellent graphics and classic sound effect. The secret dance feature leads to the defeating of shadow bears. There will be a user-friendly playing strategy. Developers also put some boost features like charm boost, sit-up boost, immunity boost and dance boost which will help you in winning the game.


The game can only be winning if you are having a good attentive mind. Moreover, you need to follow some clever strategy and be active to win this game. Download Shadow Chase Run Bear Run and get ready to grab the ultimate fun challenge. Thanks for reading.

For more Details:

shadow chase run bear run


There always needs to have a well-organized way to always keeps reminding about things. Well, it is not possible to keep the information about things in mind all the time. To keep those recording, QRKool is one of the applications which make this task a simple one. At this platform, you can record, find and share your belongings with your friends, family or customer. It makes it easy for someone to find the belongings which are stored for a long time.

QRKool Features:

  • User Profile
  • Sharing with your contacts
  • Tutorial option to get the help
  • Writing description
  • Searching for any recorded item
  • Shop option
  • The configuration of your profile

How to use this app?

To use this application, first, download this application. After that, sign up with your details and get log in successfully. After that, you can add an item by taking pictures of your real things. You can tag and write the complete description of the same.

The managing of the record is very much easy. You can edit the item list at any time. It enables to update the list across any Android or iOS device. In case if you are retailer then you can easily set the price of your item to show your customer. This simplifies you’re business and work too. Use Kooltag to indicate location.

I must say QRKool is a very much useful application for home and office. I highly recommend this app to all my readers. Use this application and make your managing of items more simple.




I have a keen interest in automobiles and cars games. Moreover, I also like to play those games which are engaged in the business type. Here I will talk about Junkyard Tycoon which is a virtual car business game. It is a simulation game in which you can start your own garbage garage. The task in this game is all about buying vehicles, detach vehicle parts and sell those parts to earn virtual money.

Features of Junkyard Tycoon:

  • It supports different languages like Spanish, German and French etc
  • Feedback option for the user
  • Reset option to vanish all points
  • Graphics are realistic
  • Casino coin bonus
  • Classic sound effect

How to use play?

The main task is to detach the parts of the vehicle and sell them. Create your own company with the company name. A vehicle will come in which there will be a car. Initially, you need to buy the car, bike, truck & boats and detach its parts. These parts will be battery, engine, fluid, rims etc. When all the parts get detached, sell them out at vehicle part stockroom. Eventually, you can also buy diamonds if you feel it necessary. In this way, you will be able to make money in an easy way. You can also see the tutorial for understanding the game when you play it for the first time.

Last words:

Junkyard Tycoon is a really a good business game that gives a realistic approach of selling parts of vehicles. If you want to start your own scrap heap challenge then this game can be your best cup of coffee. Download it now!!

Junkyard Tycoon



The workout is incomplete without music and this is the reason Yomp is here for you. It is a workout music app which is available on the App Store and Google Play store. It is an incredible music app that offers a playlist for the daily workout. While doing exercise, music is playing an important role because it motivates us for our body. This application is perfect for joggers, runners, and walkers.

Yomp Features:

  • Supporting Multilanguage including Spanish, French, English Portuguese and many more
  • Different tempos for the workout songs for walking and jogging
  • You can stream the jogging music, exercise song anywhere
  • The user profile for having personal account and security
  • Feedback option to share your experience
  • There are pre-made mixes of gym playlist and fun music
  • Different types of music are available like Dance, Rock, Pop, 80’s and 90’s

How to use?

Coming on the using of the app, I found it very much easy to use. There is nothing any kind of difficulty in using this application. You just need to download and install the app. Choose your category and get your music. Other than this you can make your own playlist also.

So this is all about this music app.  Download Yomp and enjoy your workout music. As per my experience, it is a really wonderful application.




There is a different kind of enjoyment in the multiplayer board games. It’s because we challenge our opponent and this leads to the biggest fun. Recently a new application has been launched name as KlikIt Original which is all about the multiplayer board game. Here you can play with the other three players as your opponent. The main thing is that it works on a worldwide level so you can meet new people globally.


  • Colorful graphics
  • Challenge your friends
  • Music and sound
  • Instruction and tutorial video
  • Connect on Facebook
  • Leaderboard to check the ranking

How to play KlikIt Original?

Talking about the playing strategy, you need to play it with tapping scenario. That means, tap on the particular tile and make a row of pawns (minimum 4) of the color to collect the tiles. Each player will have a particular chance and also there will be a time limit. There will be two additional buttons, one will be STOP IT and another will be TAKE IT. The STOP IT button will block the whole row and column and in this condition, tiles will not be collected. When you tap on the “take it” button, it will trap opponents in the row and column. Additionally, there will be special tiles that will give you extra points or lose points depending on your luck.

KlikIt Original is overall an interesting game. Well, I’m happy with this game because I can share my board with my friends and family members. When there is a challenge it makes the game more interesting.

KlikIt Original



There are many games for kids that I used but recently I download a new game name as Chhota Ganesh Cycle Ride. This game app is available on both Android and iOS platform. It’s all about cute Indian God Ganesh developed specially for kids. Want to know more about this? So continue with your reading as I’ll tell you each and everything about this game.

Features of Chhota Ganesh Cycle Ride:

  • Leaderboard to check the score
  • Heaven designed graphics
  • Cool Sound
  • Sharing option
  • Different modern outfits like goggles & cap
  • Instructions to guide the player

What makes special in Chhota Ganesh Cycle Ride?

This game is interesting and also a little bit challenging. The overall concept is to tap and hold to stretch the 3D stick. Place that stick in a correct manner on the block so that there is a way for Cute Ganesh. Ganpati will be riding on the bicycle. In this way, Lord Ganesha will collect all the laddus and the score will be made on that basis only.

You need to keep the sticks at the right time because if you place the stick in a wrong way. There will be spikes on the way and you need to beware of that. The game will be over if you place the slab at the wrong time and there is no way for Ganesha to move further.

It might happen that you feel this game as challenging one in the initial time but later on, you will get addicted to this game.

Overall I love Chhota Ganesh and appreciate to develop such cute games. They are really good for child’s and adults as well.

Chhota Ganesh Cycle Ride



Everybody likes to play the game on mobile. There are so many games on my phone too but no one can beat Soap Bubble Adventure. It’s such a nice game that I like to play for a long time. Moving further I will tell you each and everything about this game. It’s all about the soap bubble through which you need to collect the things which are coming in the way.

How to play?

To play this game you need to collect the things which are coming in the way. For this, you need to switch on the fan and blow the bubble through it. There will be different kind of things which will come in the way. You need to collect those things through the bubble. But mind it sure that there will be obstacles in the way and you need to prevent your bubble from colliding with them. It is because if your bubble gets collide and burst, the game will over.

The score will increase once the bubble will pass through the obstacles. There are two kinds of bonuses. One is an energy bonus which will accelerate your bubble and another is a shield bonus which will protect your bubble from being burst.

Soap Bubble Adventure Features:

  • There is an option to sign in with your email account
  • Sharing option to share the game on various platforms
  • Classic sound to make the game more interesting
  • Switch off button to get exit from the game
  • Bonus option

So this is all about the Soap Bubble Adventure and everyone must give a try for it. It’s really a fantastic game with so much fun. So I would like to say just download this game and have fun.

Soap Bubble Adventure



Its sounds really fantastic if we get the earning through the application. It offers you the best source of earning. In this review, I’ll share my own experience with Free Money application which is made for this purpose. This app is very much simple to use. The main thing is that there is no task to do. This application is available only in the United State.

Free Money Features:

As far as if the features of this app are considered. It is having a sharing option through which you can share it on the various platforms. There is also an FAQ option through which you can clear the point. The withdrawal of the money can be by using PayPal, Amazon etc. There is also an exit option through which you can get out of the app.

Mind it sure that the minimum amount should be $10 to withdraw. Otherwise, the money will not be withdrawn in any condition. You can also get free cash app mobile reward gift. I found Free Money to be very much simple. There is no rocket science in this application. You can easily make money from home.

Free Money is such a nice application which I would like to highly recommend. I have no complaints about this app. It is good enough for all. Good work and efforts put in this application. For all those who love to earn cash, they can access this application. It is specially made for those.

So want to earn money? Download Free Money now and enjoy your earning.

Free Money

Free Money



Now there is no need to download different games as All In one Games is here to offer you all the games on one platform. Yes, it is a unique application which provides you with different mini-games with different taste. All the games are in HD quality. Coming to the features, it is having the following highlighting features.

All in One Games Features:

  • You can play the game independently
  • Each game is full of interest
  • Cool graphics
  • You can challenge your friends
  • Amazing features and themes
  • Get both easy game and hard game

There are different highlighting games like Sea Animals, cars, box tower, Birdify, Neon flight etc. More of the others, it contains a collection of racing game, arcade game, sports game, casino and more.

How to play?

There are different games so each game is having a different way of playing. Some of them are having simple gaming strategy and some of them are having a hard strategy. But all the games are interested in their own way. This I can assure about this application. You can get all the varieties at this place.

At last, I would like to say that All In one Games is the best platform which provides all kinds of games in one place. I’m happy with this application. Download this app and grab the enjoyment. Thanks for reading.

All in one Games