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UjULUS real estate app makes it extremely easy to sell/buy a property or put your house for rent in Canada. Here, we are going to have sellers, buyers, and tenants on the same platform. Explore all your selling and buying options in one place, and pick the one that works best for you.

Benefits to Sellers

All you have to do is join the app and furnish a comprehensive property list with accurate and relevant details of your property with some awesome images, compelling videos, and 3D home tours. It’s free.

You will be able to sell or rent every real estate property from apartment or house to land, even commercial property fast and immediately.

Benefits to Buyers

Find the latest properties for sale and houses for sale in your area. We are your latest home finder. Browse listing photos, see the most up-to-date home details. Filter by price, property type, and maps to find your dream home. Scroll through vivid and full-screen photos, videos and have 3D home tours of real estate and experience property from the safety of your home.

Benefits to Tenants – Search for property rental listings of all real-estate types: single-family homes, apartments, townhomes, condos, and more. Get the UjULUS app to search for house rentals, apartment rentals, room rental, and property rental on the all-new real estate app from your fingertips.

We are above the realtors!
We have now eliminated the typical 5 percent commission fee for real estate agents. You can now sell/buy a real-estate or put your house on rent and pay ZERO commission fees saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We are a one-stop destination for all your property needs. Our application has some mind-blowing features. Some of those are listed below.

60-Day Free Trial

Get a 60-day free trial of all the features within the app to sell, buy, or rent quickly.
3D Home Tours – Virtually visit thousands of residential or commercial property from the safety of your location.
Supporting Documents – Download the desired documents like purchase agreement, rental agreement, lease agreement, and credit agreement conveniently from the app.
Appraisal – Get an unbiased professional opinion of the value of your property from the comfort of your home.
Marketing Stagers – Get home staging tips and tricks to sell your property quickly.
ChatFirst App – Communicate directly with the buyer/seller/tenant and schedule a meeting with them as per your convenience.
Push Notifications – Receive messages and alerts whenever someone tries to get engaged with you.
Security – No SPAM calls. No leakage of data. Your information is secure on our app.

UjULUS is soon going to be Canada’s most popular source for real estate as it is a hassle free, simple, and really convenient real estate technology application for you.

Download today and find your perfect house or condo. It’s FREE!

Help make UjULUS better!

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For the unenlightened, a Catphishing is somebody who lies online to cause others to accept they are a person or thing they are not – a well-known dating application Tinder has even concocted an approach to leave Catphishinges speechless. They plan on taking action against the untrustworthy practice with a photograph check highlight to assist clients with telling if the individual they are conversing with is who they guarantee to be, report Birmingham Live.   However people still lie and the Catphish game is a fun way to get better at learning who might lie and who is telling the truth.  People record themselves and then mark the story as a lie or the truth.  The player then has to decide.

Identifying fake people

To catphish or not?  The fun part of the game is that you can rise up to a daily leaderboard in figuring out who is lying or not and become the best ‘Sherlock’ in the game.  Practice your detective skills and rise up the leaderbaord by being right.    You can also win at being the best ‘Catphish’ by recording your story convincing people you are telling the truth and then lying and earning a point.   Tell a story and you decide. You can tell a lie, tell the truth, tell a lie and then mark it as true or tell the truth and mark it as a lie. Then let the king Sherlocks figure out the true from the false.

Catphisher filter on instagram

Even Apps like Instagram are trying to figure the catphish problem out.  These days’ individuals are scanning for the Catphishing filter on Instagram to click selfies with. Nonetheless, many have neglected to discover and they have been posing inquiries like “What is Catphishing filter, How to get Catphishing filter, and then some. A few filters improve the essence of the individual tapping the image and more transform them into adorable creatures like canines, mouse, rabbit and the sky is the limit from there.

Thus, there are numerous Catphishing filters accessible on Instagram and Snapchat. The Catphishing filter is accessible for the story segment of the applications where one can click pictures and post tales about it. This default choice looks and acts like a URL shortened, and the normal individual wouldn’t see it.

Catphish game is a fun distraction in this world of truth or lies.   Try it out and see if you can be the top Catphish or top Sherlock for a day


Actually I grew up with variety of apps in all kinds; so generally, when the popular genres are launched I can’t assist but have the eager to check it out for myself, which is what actually happened with 50Artists50States app developed by C.C.M. If users are searching for a special kind of online music promotion app to sink your mind into this weekend, then this app will not surely disappoint.

When it comes to promoting your music online, 50Artists50States doesn’t skip a beat. An all encompassing online music promotion app solution, this app has you covered with all the tools you need to promote. This app has been created with the perfect platform for unsigned artist to get discovered worldwide. You can download the app today and check out, rate and follow some incredible unsigned artist.

While we see thousands of music apps on the play stores for music-lovers to listen to and download their favorite songs, there aren’t many for budding artists and musicians. Also there are lot of people who might be searching to connect with other music artists and succeed in their music careers.


More recently latest apps made their way into Play stores for musicians to connect with each other and discover new spaces to display their music. Succeeding as a popular musician in a highly competitive globe is no joke. But there’s a ray of hope for newbie musicians now.

50Artists50States is the best app helping new musicians succeed and get in touch with their contemporaries. The app figures featured Mix Tapes, hosted Mix Tapes and Repyostate Mix type series which are qualitative, especially with many salient features in music player.


Needless to say, if you are fond of new online music promotion apps, then 50Artists50States developed by C.C.M is one that is worth trying out. I think the developers did a splendid job in terms of key features.

pcTattletale Parenting

pcTattletale Parenting

People happened to come across and stumble upon the pcTattletale Parenting app while doing their weekly roundup of the popular Play Store apps. They were greatly intrigued since it looked like a special something set it apart from the others. For the developer’s successful release on the Play Store, we trust that they did a splendid job with key features in Child monitoring aspects.

Also, the pcTattletale activity recorder is efficaciously designed to monitor Smartphones, Tablets & Computers. Also, it works on all devices. pcTattletale makes it very simple for parents to supervise everything their kids are doing online. It is also noted that parents can access and review recordings, remotely, from any Computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

Key Highlights of pcTattletale Parenting

Wide Option of Video Playback

  • pcTattletale creates a video, which allows you to view an entire day of activity in minutes.
  • It graphs activity levels so you can see the most active times—at a glance.
  • LIVE mode even permits you to see what they are doing right now.

Main Feature of Recordings

pcTattletale automatically records:

  • All E-mail—in and outbound mail
  • All Chat sessions
  • All Instant Messages
  • Every Web site visited
  • Social networks and videos too, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and more.

Easy to find out now if your child is

  • Being Cyberbullied?
  • Playing Too Many Video Games?
  • Watching Bad Videos?
  • Secret Pictures?
  • Who’s Chatting?
  • Who are they emailing?
  • Secret Social Profiles?

Discreet Nature

  • pcTattletale is discreet.
  • It doesn’t show up in the Start menu or Control Panel.
  • They will never even know it’s there.

Simple to Install

  • It is easy to install and get working.
  • Even for people with little computer experience.
  • Now you can finally know everything they are doing online.

Multiple Devices

  • Many times, a child may have a Smartphone, a Tablet, and even a laptop computer.
  • More than one child—even more devices.
  • pcTattletale makes it simple to monitor all of their devices, all of the time.
  • See their Windows computer activity from any device.

Primarily it is guided that you will need to put the pcTattletale software on the computer you like to monitor. Even the teachers and employers have found pcTattletale to be an indispensable tool to supervise classrooms and employee activity levels.

Educating about Internet Safety

Also monitoring your child’s online activity is a great way to become aware of exposure to online risks. If you see something that concerns you, it is a golden opportunity to open a dialog with your child about the importance of protecting themselves online, allowing them to know why you don’t want them visiting certain sites and explaining what kind of behavior is appropriate on social networks. Since you can’t always look over their shoulder, pcTattletale helps you keep an eye on your child, students or employees.


If you’re an ardent fan of Child monitoring apps in general, then pcTattletale Parenting is one that you must check out instantly. Once you get the hang of unique features, the app is wholly beneficial and appreciated from all corners of users.

pcTattletale Parenting

Volv - Read Less. Know More.

Reading magazines is the best way of getting news and other knowledge. Now with the evolvement of technology, we could read this information on our mobile device. Thanks to Volv which makes this work so easy and smooth. It is a magazine app that curates breaking news stories with the latest information & news. The unique thing is that it summarizes that into 70 words so that your time could be saved.

Features of Volv:

This app carries out all the classic features. It’s read more option will enable you to read the original story. So if you want to go in detail, just click on “Read More”. To know about the important & trending stories, the app is having ‘Must Read’ stories feature which contains different categories like travel, science, health, etc.

The app is having Artificial Intelligence to present the feed with breaking news. The main purpose of this is to provide all the information in one app. The 70 words story get fit into one screen, using the flashcard interface. This simplifies the reading of the story and the user could scroll through easily.

All the stories will be presented from top publications like Washington Post, CNN, Bloomberg, Daily mail & many more. Daily this application provides the news.

It merits:

This app is having all kinds of benefits.

  • As it summarizes the article in 70 words it will save you time.
  • The app carries all kinds of smart features.
  • With the help of its AI feature, it gives you the information to summarize form keeping the important things and headlines into consideration.
  • It covers all topics so the user doesn’t have to download different apps.
Accessing of this application:

As usual, you need to download and install the application. After that sing up in case if you are a new user. After making the account, you need to log in. It works smartly. Its AI will cut the clutter & present the main heading or the important part of the article in 70 words or less. This will allow you to read 5 stories per minute. You could go on any topic like politics, science, sports, etc.


Volv is a great platform that provides news and other latest information. One should avail of this application to fetch the information easily. It’s a good working app that is highly recommended.

In today’s time, there is an importance of viral. It is because to get famous or fame any content, there is no other platform to viral the things other than social media. In keeping this view, Zoebook is an application that I like to introduce to you here.

The main aim of this app is to allow users to viral the content within 48 hours. The user could easily share images or stories that he or she wants others to see. Moreover, it allows a user to communicate with friends & find new personalities.

Features of Zoebook:

  • Connecting to new: With this application, you could easily connect to new persons. Come in contact with new personalities on this platform.
  • Watching live videos: Enjoy the live video anytime or anywhere in this application.
  • Commenting on the post: If you want to share your words about any particular post, just comment on it.
  • Post details: Tap on the post details option and get the details.
  • Private communication: There is a facility to communicate privately in this application. No other thing will get out in this private chat.
  • Like: If you love any post then like it by just tapping on the Like button
  • Notification: To get any latest information, there is a notification option.
  • Report the post: You could report the post if it’s inappropriate or spam
  • Follow: Like in any other social media, in this also you could follow your best friend
How to use it?

The using of this application is so simple & easy. As a user, you need to make a profile with the help of email ID & number. After that on the home screen, you could easily upload the picture or the video by tapping on the respective icon. Add the description and then post it.

Meanwhile, you could do chatting, or go for VP which stands for Viral Post. To search any friend a user could go for a search option. This process will help in finding your old friends easy & quickly.  The post will get popular after using the option VP.

Merits of using this app:

Coming on the merits of this app. It’s having the following benefits.

  • Simple & Easy
  • User-friendly features
  • Post at any time or anywhere
  • Private communication feature

To make any content viral, Zoebook is the best social media app. A user could easily upload the story that he or she wants to make viral.

Drag Racing Manager Bike Race

In the mediocre life of routine schedules set, want to do something refreshing? Had enough with so many racing games and looking forward to the new game set? If you are a big-time bike fan, this one app is a good one to begin a new era in the Drag Racing racing game.

Key Features of Drag Racing

  • Many options of Bikes: An app that knows change of bikes is the best way to make sure one enjoys his/her game. Among the various options of bikes available, there are not only ranges of bikes available but also comes a few settings to help people make necessary changes in their bikes, as per their desire.
  • A lot in-store to choose from: Even if by chance the fuel or the necessary biking range falls short in this online easy gaming app, one can make use of the settings options and the range of various powers available.
  • Music at one’s comfort: Music helps one to make the journey easier. This might be easy for some to play. But for those least percent, who do not want to disturb others while playing this game at night, touch the music icon and make it on mute!
  • Customizing it as per one’s desire: What is that one thing, that people like to do whenever they get the app installed on the phone? Making it as per their choice and trying to customize it as much as possible!
  • An option to add your name: To your choice of bike will give you a personalized feeling. Won’t you like it and regard it as a moment of pride when the collected prizes and positions will come in front of your name!
  • Get on the groovy mode with excellent racing skills: Kids and even adults find it addicting with any racing game. The inner instinct of love for driving and excitement makes Drag racing, a potential favorite for many bikes and driving lovers!

Follow the potential inner hidden racing biker in you and unleash the different levels of fun and bike ranges surprisingly!

Last words: In this world where work and busy routine has taken a lot of time, of every individual, there is one needed way to be refreshed easily. Drag Racing is an excellent way to keep it installed on one’s phone. Play it whenever one gets the time and make sure things are falling in a proper place for everybody.

Trigga is a mobile app that gives you a platform of setting up an alarm for Youtube. It supports automated casting to the connected device.

post 4.png

Do you like to wake up daily with the new content of YouTube? Trigga is here to help you with the same. This app is meant for making your day perfect. The app is made for those who like to get notified for daily videos, apps & games. This app will be helpful in availing of a positive mindset on a daily basis.

Apart from the video, you could launch any game or any other app which will be your daily routine. This will support automated casting. The app is useful for all age group persons.

Key Features of Trigga:

  • Choose the Vibrating Pattern: In this option, you could easily select the pattern of vibration you want.
  • Sharing option: You could easily share it on the different social networking platforms.
  • The naming of alarm: A user could easily name the alarm of his or her choice.
  • Simple user interface: The UI of the application is simple enough. This makes this app user-friendly and ideal for use.
  • Accessing the app: A user could easily set the alarm as any other normal app. It’s as simple as setting an alarm on the mobile.
  • Different option: Games, dream diary, games, media, entertainment, socialization & the organization.

Use of Trigga:

Just download the app and install it. Log in with the email ID. Now you could easily set the alarm for your favorite Youtube channel.  The setting of the alarm is just like any other normal alarm app. you can select the chromecast device for which you want your alarm to play. The Youtube video will be played on the phone, in case if you don’t select the casting device.

Why this app is good?

Being simple it is very much user-friendly. One could easily use this application for being notified about daily Youtube. It is customized that makes it more convenient. This makes it good enough to use. It offers so many options like meditation, entertainment, media or the socialization.

This app is also good for those who are unfamiliar with Youtube. For the Youtube creator, this app is helpful in getting the right audience. This will support the waking consciousness with the content. It’s useful for those who don’t have much experience with YouTube.

Last words:

Trigga is a good mobile app that provides the chance of enjoying the notification for daily videos. It’s an easy app that everyone could use. Just download it! It’s FREE!

With the help of advanced technology, it is easy to get the latest news on the mobile device. Applications also play an important role in this strategy. Here I will introduce you to one app named as StoryPie which made specially for those who love to remain updated with the latest story.

The main purpose of this application is to offer all the trending information based on different niche. A user could get information on fashion, entertainment, health alert, lifestyle & many more. Read whatever you like. It’s for every one regardless of age.

Key features:

Current affairs: The option that enables you to get the latest current affair. It also keeps school students to remain updated.

Multiple categories: There are different categories for which related information could get. These categories include entertainment, lifestyle, politics and many more.

Bookmark: With the help of bookmark feature, you could easily pin yourstory and read it later on.

Favourite author profile: You can get the information about the author who made story for you. You can know about your favourite author.

E-paper: In the blog format you could get all news.

Push Notification: With the help of this feature, you can subscribe to get the notification.

Inviting friend: You can easily invite your friend through this feature.

Explore your desired niche: It is easy to explore your favourite topic and get the story on it.

Like any story: You could easily like any story & mark it.

Sharing: You can easily share the story with your friends through other platforms like whatsapp, instagram etc.

How to use it?

The using of this application is easy. Just you need to download and install it. After that, you can sign up and make your account. You will get a story on the home page. Just tap on that and you will be able to read the full story. To get any news on a particular niche you can easily find the topic through explore option.

Why it is unique?

  • Simple and easy to use
  • User friendly interface
  • Have all desired feature
  • Offer all latest news
  • Customized application that enable you to choose any topic

Price: The downloading of this app is FREE.

Last word:

StoryPie is an easy platform to fetch the latest information. All those who love to remain updated with latest trend can go for this app. Don’t miss any story now.


Human being is full of feelings and mood. Usually, it happens that we want someone to share out our feelings. In some time, we don’t get the right place or a person for the same. For this reason, Yapa is here for you. It’s a social networking app that helps you in sharing your feelings.

Key features of Yapa:

  • User profile: Filling out all the details, you can maintain your own profile. In your profile, you can set your own picture, name and other details.
  • Searching of the user: One can easily search for the user or find the user name.
  • Local help: Find help in your local area easily.
  • Adding comments: You can easily comment on others profile
  • Chatting with friends: With the help of chat option, you can easily chat with friends.
  • Follower: The number of followers could easily be checked.

Using of Yapa:

After downloading and installing, you can make the registration with the help of a mobile number. You will find some users and then you can make the conversation with them. With chatting with friends you can share your feelings and mood. You can also send yap as per your mood.

What makes this app unique?

This app is unique because this is a social networking platform but provide mental wellness. At this platform, one could easily share the feelings and connect with closest friend or celebrity.


Yapa is a social networking application but it is only for sharing your feelings rather than sharing pictures for fun. This application is highly recommendable and useful for everyone. Thanks for reading.