Castro — High Fidelity Podcasts iPhone News App : Review

Castro — High Fidelity Podcasts iPhone News App : Review



# Gesture-based interface that puts content front and center.
# Episodes timeline makes it easy to find the latest episodes of all your podcasts.
# Continuous play option to automatically play the next episode.
# Voice-optimized playback speed algorithm makes podcasts sound incredibly good when played at fast or slow speeds. No other podcast app sounds this good.
# Full screen themes make podcasts look as good as they sound.
# Innovative player controls, optimized for podcast listening.
# Takes advantage of iOS 7’s background features to keep your podcasts fully updated, even when you’re not in the app.
# Automatically downloads new episodes as they are published.
# Instant, clear, notifications when new episodes come out.
# Turn on News Mode to keep only the most recent episode of frequently updated podcasts.
# Exceptionally fast search.
# Simple, well thought out settings.
# Easy to manage cellular data usage.
# Sleep timer for listening in bed. Still awake when the episode pauses? Just tap play again on the lock screen or headphone remote to extend the sleep timer.
# Intelligent storage management — you set the size limit and Castro will delete old episodes as necessary to keep within it.
# Supports streaming and offline playback.
# Ability to play episodes without subscribing to the podcast.
# We keep Castro updated regularly, fixing any bugs you report and adding new features.

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