CarAudioPlay Music App For iPhone and iPad : Review

CarAudioPlay Music App For iPhone and iPad : Review


This audio player is different than most other audio player in the App Store.
You can define up to three different configurations. Use a big number of the setting. Select one of 10 different colour patterns. Use filter to limit the number of titles shown.

Supports portrait and landscape format for playback and is tested for Iphone 4 and Iphone 5.

The options are:-
# Number of seconds to skip forward or backward within a track
# Number of seconds to skip at the beginning or at the end of the media file – eg if for podcasts at the beginning and / or end commercials are added.
# remember the last listen track
# remember the last listened position within the track
# prevent screen lock
# freely adjustable playback speed between 25% and 200%
# 10 different Desgins
# Filters for title, artist, album and genre

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