Capture the best photos from your videos or live photos using Shutta...

Capture the best photos from your videos or live photos using Shutta app.


Capture the best photos from your videos or live photos. Never miss a moment again! Shutta allows you to scroll through your videos and live photos, frame by frame, to capture the perfect moment and save it as a photo without losing any resolution. Any video stored on your phone is available automatically within Shutta. Videos taken with your phone are immediately accessible, or you can sync your GoPro or professional camera footage to your phone and simply save your favourite photo moments, in print quality resolution, back to your phone. • Easily capture and extract photos from video • Retain resolution: HD video will produce HD photos • Access 4K footage recorded on iPhone 6S to extract photos in an even higher resolution (availability of 4K footage synced from other devices depends on the syncing software of your device) • Capture the precise photo moment from Live Photos • Scroll through 30/60/120/240 frames per second, depending on the frame rate of your video • Double your phone’s native frame rate with videos recorded from within Shutta (iPhone 4s & 5 only) • Take part in Shutta Missions – fun photo contests with great prizes • Find and follow friends or fellow Shuttographers on the integrated social network • Simultaneously post to the Shutta network, Facebook and Twitter • Email or SMS your favourite Shutta moments • Download the high resolution pictures straight to your phone • Free and unlimited: capture and share as many photos as you wish Take part in fun photo contests with great prizes! Browse the current Shutta Missions to find a photo contest that you would like to enter. Read the Mission Brief, then go out and capture awesome videos to extract your photos from. Post your entries to the mission directly after extracting the capture from the video, or enter your submission from the Mission detail page. Each contest comes with different, but equally awesome, prizes! In the words of some of the early adopters: “This is probably one of the most useful apps on the AppStore. […] I really enjoy seeing this community grow every single day!” “You can get a perfect picture of any point of your video that you choose! The quality of the pictures are great! A must have app!” “Awesome app. Can’t believe it’s free. Simple yet effective! It’s changed the way I take photos!” “I only use it to get still images from videos (I don’t publish them). But this is the best app to get your still images from any video!” “Love this app! Really easy to use and a super nice community.” Shutta requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Customer Support: We want you enjoy Shutta to the full and appreciate your feedback! Are you having any issues? Contact us through the contact form on and we will do our utmost to help you resolve it. Looking for additional features? Let us know so we can consider including it in the next release. Love the app? Please post a review on the app store!!

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