Business Card Reader: scan iPhone App

Business Card Reader: scan iPhone App


Seamlessly capturing contact information from business cards in 21 languages, ABBYY BCR is a powerful multi-function contact data management application which provides easy access to your contact details and supports export of CRM data to Salesforce.

With ABBYY Business Card Reader you can easily and effectively:
=>Instantly transfer business card data in 21 languages right onto your iPhone “Contacts”
=> Sync cards data across iPhone, iPad and iPod
=> Save contacts in the CardHolder, a special archive with convenient search, sorting and grouping functionality
=> Share business cards over Wi-Fi among all users of BCR
=> Export new contacts to the Salesforce CRM*

=>Forget having to manually enter contact details into your iPhone. Unsurpassed data recognition and speed, eliminate having to correct or re-key data, making creating new contacts easy and automatic.

=>CardHolder, the app’s archive, provides convenient business card search, sorting and grouping functionality.

=>‘My personal card’ group in CardHolder allows you to save your own business cards in different languages and for different occasions;

=> Sync cards data across iPhone, iPad and iPod to make cards database trouble-free, updated and accessible from all your iOS devices

=>Save captured data as a new Lead directly to the Salesforce cloud CRM. Available as monthly and yearly subscriptions.

=> Crop automatically cuts off all the background of the business card’s photo, making it looking like a real-life business card in the CardHolder.

=>Extra images together with recognized business card. Save back side of business card or photo of cards owner in addition to the contact data in CardHolder.

=>Text notes to cards easy to make, edit, look through and find.

=>Quickly verify recognition results. The app highlights uncertain characters and displays the original image so that you can confirm or correct the app’s output.

=>Forward recognized contact data via e-mail as VCard or JPEG files or via SMS as a plain text.

=>Cross-platform sharing of captured business cards for all users of BCR (thanks to AllJoyn™ by Qualcomm Innovation Center Inc.).

=>Find out more about your new contact on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln instantly!

=>Search in iPhone Maps for the address of your contact with just one tap.

=>Always have your contacts secured. Archive and restore data from saved business cards to transfer to another iPhone or computer


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