Bungee Mummy: Challenges – Be Fast Or Die Fast

Bungee Mummy: Challenges – Be Fast Or Die Fast

A fast-paced, addictive package that guarantees’ full-fledged fun!


Adventure and fast-paced challenges shake hands together and take you on a new ride in this game developed by Steampunk Wizards Limited. Bungee Mummy Challenges, the sequel to the mega hit Bungee Mummy: King’s escape is a gripping adventure game that makes you work on your rapid reflexes and agility. If you are looking for hours to kill and lots of challenges, then this game is for you.

Filled with four awesome and gripping challenges. The game encourages you to pick up the pace with the first adventure challenge – Snake Smash. Scorpions and snakes are sent out to beat you down in this level. Destroy the opponents and remember to save the Greemies for extra points. The second level – Crate Escape is the ultimate test to break your accuracy. Don’t let anyone or anything inside the game distract you and drop the crates perfectly into the moving mine carts of the Greemies for extra rewards.

The third level – Bungee blast is where you get to experience the thrilling game completely. Learn to bungee jump and advance towards the cages to let the Greemies achieve freedom. But freeing them isn’t that simple, boulders are placed in your way and dodging them is the only way that can guarantee your victory. The fourth challenge requires you to turn on your detective skills. Wheel of Misfortune, as it is named has several hidden land mines. Put all the skills that you have picked up in the first three challenges and collect all the gold scarabs scattered in your way to come out victorious.

With the gameplay providing the ultimate fun factor, the graphics are made exciting and controls are kept to a minimum for an easier approach. The games are made to be a bit tough and involves a bit of physics to ensure that you being challenged. The music matches the pace of the game and instills that adventurous feel. You can also choose to bring in your friends and play with them if you feel bored with beating the computer opponent again and again.

Verdict – At the end of the day, the game stays true to its genre and beats out its predecessor. A perfect game to take you on an adventure that gets rid of your boredom almost immediately

Plus–Aggressive, fast paced and entertaining

Minus – None

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