Buckle up and Get Ready For The Ride of Your Life With...

Buckle up and Get Ready For The Ride of Your Life With Demolition Dodge Free iOS Game


Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life with Demolition Dodge – the new exciting and addictive survival racing game from insurance specialist Adrian Flux.
Battle your way around the carnage-packed arena in your chosen car, collecting rewards, racing and dodging the deadly opponents trying their best to get between you and your prize.
# Dodge your rivals in the arena to survive destruction for as long as you can in the ultimate demolition derby
# Collect prizes as you battle for an extra time bonus in the survival racing arena
# Complete missions in a deadly racing game to unlock new cars, from retro classics to high-performance brawlers
# Arm yourself with deadly weapons to freeze your enemies and bonuses to defend your own car
# Survive the fearsome destruction derby by repairing your battle-damaged car and gaining nitrous boosts with special power-ups
# Submit your score to compete with racers around the world and enter our exclusive competition

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Demolition Dodge


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