Brainy Ones: It’s Time to Try Your Tricks!

Brainy Ones: It’s Time to Try Your Tricks!

Sudoku: the tradition of number game has been preserved in the modern-day Apps. The Addictive and Interesting Game Puzzle was played for the first time in the 19th century when it made its appearance in the Newspapers.

The main theme of the game is to keep the numbers Repeated only Once in the particular cell. With a redesigned interface, the app makes a comeback with some Salient Features bringing Best for its Users.


  • Gaming made simple: Sudoku, Once favorite for some of the brainy ones, is been made simple and interesting. Different levels of gaming possible with the introduction of three square set of 9×9, 4×4 and 6×6. Take help using the small square sets and learn the art of winning: a feature intended for Beginners, that is NOT a Common Feature in Many Sudoku Apps!
  • Ai helps to Play it Easy! Helps you Prevent simple Mistakes by Highlighting the Repetition of Numbers. The options of Numbers First and Cell First helps in locating the number Repeated in the cell.
  • Challenge yourself Every day: Use the option of Daily Challenge and set a limit for Yourself! Crash your record and keep Attaining new Heights resulting in a lifted Confidence.
  • Beat Time: Play the Right Moves and Kill the Target within the time limit set. Challenge YOURSELF and keep Killing Your Old Records.
  • Calcudoku: A Variant to the same theme of Sudoku: Never Repeat an already used number.
  • Battle Sudoku: Playing along is NOT fun especially when you got the moves. Play the Battle Sudoku, lock in more squares and BEAT your Opponent!
  • Register your Name in the World Ranking: Flash your name in the list of World Rankers and Add a Feather in YOUR Cap! Become the Sudoku GOD on reaching level 18th from Level 0!

Last words:

Creative and Engaging game: very helpful in keeping you Busy and Self-Engaged. Enjoy the 180 emoji stamps every day provided in the Daily Challenge Puzzles. Quite Interesting Built and Appearance made Colourful and Interactive! Feel the Gaming Contentment after Solving every puzzle and Scoring the Points. Enjoy the International Ranking Method. In short, Cool app to Play, Challenge, Relax, Feel Refreshed and Repeat!


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