Bottom Feeders Free Puzzle Game App for iPhone...

Bottom Feeders Free Puzzle Game App for iPhone and iPad : Review


Join me, Captain Salty, for some wicked fishing as we trawl for Bottom Feeders in the bays of Treasure Inlet. The bottom line is the more fish we catch the more Sandollars we make. The more Sandollars we Make, the more upgrades we can purchase to fish deeper waters, drop and pull nets with the flick of Your finger, upgrade to faster winches, and see more fish with powerful radar upgrades. Drop an anchor to buy some time and solve those fun puzzles.
All you have to do is catch as many Bottom Feeders as you can without tearing or losing your net! That Includes Toona, Groopers, Bloopers and four different types of Scrubbers and those slippery Darts. And Keep a special lookout for the valuable Snails or the elusive Spotted Scrubber, which is a rare delicacy and worth the most! Use the net power ups for extra catches protection and exploding those nasty Spikes and Grunts.

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