Black and White game is highly addictive game

Black and White game is highly addictive game


I love addictive games and additionally if there is a challenge in it, then I prefer it on a high level. There is one app name as Black and White game which I downloaded recently. Its awesome game which provides a lot of fun but minds it sure it’s challenging one. After playing this game I am sharing my own experience which I feel about this game.

As I already mention its challenging game, one needs to be active and play it with an open eye. Besides that, it’s enjoyable too. It’s not as difficult but requires your active skills to deal with. This reflex game is something unique. Let’s catch its features:


  • Fast pace game
  • Easy to understand
  • Music and sound option
  • Leaderboard to check the score
  • Multiple levels to unlock

Playing strategy:   

The concept of playing simple, there will be four columns in which objects will be coming from an upward direction. The columns will be in alternate black and white color and objects will also be in black and white. Tap on the object that matches the color of the column. For an instant, if the color of the object and column is white then tap on that object. Like this, you will also be able to unlock the levels and promote to colorful background columns.

Black and White is really an interesting game. Just play it and get the best of the playing strategy. I highly recommend this game. Just download and test your brain activeness.




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