Black and White a fast paced reflex game based on colour recognition

Black and White a fast paced reflex game based on colour recognition

Black and white game is an addictive and challenging game. A simple game play to understand but requires an attention throughout to make the score.

The aim of building mobile games is to provide more and more fun to the player. The technological world is full of various kinds of games which belong’s to different categories. Some of the mobile games requires good attention and can’t be played without that. So playing the those game is all about attention. To offer this Black and White game is for you.

This game is based on the three factors i.e. Unique, Challenging and Pace. One needs to be very much attentive and ready to face a challenge of color reorganization (recognition). It’s a simple game that requires a bit of attention.

“Life is more fun if you play games”

There are lots of games having different game play. Some users love to play games that have an engaging gameplay that requires their attention throughout. This is what Black and White game is offering. The game play revolves around player’s attention towards colour recognition.

How to play?

As already mentioned it’s a fast paced game, so players are always engaged throughout. There will be 4 columns in alternate black and white color. Objects of black and white clour flow from top to bottom. Tap on that object of the same color as of column i.e. if the color of the object and column is white just tap that to make points. Don’t tap on the object which is different in color as of column. There are pop up’s before each level explaining what coloured objects to tap. Just tap accordingly to gain points. For example in the initial level Tap on Same Coloured Objects as the column to gain points.

When the cummlative score is 10000 or above, you will be able to play the game in Blue, Red, Orange, and Yellow & Green. So use your tapping skills to reach high scores to unlock higher level.


  • Sound and music option
  • Vibration mode (Silent Mode)
  • Different multi color levels ( Unlock Different Coloured Version)
  • Leaderboard to check the high score
  • Option to buy a premium version without ads.

Availability: The game is available FREE on the iOS platform.

Language availability: English

Compatibility:  iOS 7.0 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad & iPod touch



Black and white game is for gamers that look for engaging, challenging simple game play. The game is for users looking at and simple challenging gameplay. The game needs the user’s attention throughout. The user’s ability to recognize colour at pace is what the game is about.


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