Puzzle Games For iPad

The Good News Is That, Whatever Type Of Puzzle You Enjoy, There Is Almost Certainly An App For It. Maybe More Than One! We’ve Compiled A List Of Some Of The Best Of Each “Genre” Of Puzzle Game, So That Every Puzzle Lover Will Find A Favorite.

1:-Big Bad Sudoku Book

If You Like Sudoku You Have To Try Big Bad Sudoku Book. It’s Our Opinion That Many Other Versions Of The Game Sort Of Take The Fun Out Of It. They Won’t Let You Enter In Wrong Numbers, And If You Ask For A Hint They Straight Up Give You The Answer To A Cell. Why Not Just Put Up A Puzzle And Solve It For You? I’ll Tell You Why, Cause That’s Not Fun! Our Approach Is A Lot Different. Our Hints Guide You To Answers Without Flat Out Giving It Away. We Provide The Tools You Need To Solve The Puzzle With Your Brain, Just Like A Real Paper Sudoku Book But Better !!!

Big Bad Sudoku Book  logog Download Now on (Free) App Store

2:-Doodle Fit 2: Around the World

Travel The World, Solving Puzzles As You Go! Visit 10 Countries, Each With 20 Puzzles Based On An Item Or Landmark From That Country. Some Puzzles Have Multiple Solutions And Some Feature Interesting Facts. Play In Around The World, Time Attack And Challenge Modes, But That’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg!

Doodle Fit 2  logog  Download Now on (Free) App Store



Puzzlejuice Takes All Of The Elements Of Your Favorite Puzzle Games And Puts It Into One Convenient Brightly Colored Package!
This Game Was Designed To Challenge Both Your Spatial And Verbal Abilities And If You Don’t Feel Overwhelmed Then You Might Not Be Human. It’s A Puzzle That Will Keep You Hooked.

Puzzlejuice  logog  Download Now on ($1.99) App Store



Wurdle Is A Fun, Flexible And Fast-Paced Word Game, Perfect For Coffee Breaks Or The Subway. Find And Trace As Many Words As Possible Before Time Runs Out. Can’t Find Any More Words? Shake The Board To Mix Up The Tiles! Customize Wurdle The Way You Like It, And See How You Measure Up Against Your Friends And The World With Online High Scores.

wurdle   logog  Download Now on ($1.99) App Store

5:-Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space Features Over 230 Interstellar Levels On Planets And In Zero Gravity, Resulting In Spectacular Gameplay Ranging From Slow-Motion Puzzles To Lightspeed Destruction. With New In-App Purchases, Brand New Birds, Brand New Superpowers, And A Whole Galaxy To Explore, The Sky Is No Longer The Limit!

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