Below is the top 5 Applications in the Business category(data is pulled from iTunes). We also have a list for the

Best Business iPhone Apps:-

1:-  MightyMeeting

MightyMeeting is The Best Way to Share Presentations And Drawings in The Classroom, Boardroom, or Online Meetings

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2:- Skype

Say “hello” to the new Skype for iPhone.
Remastered to put your conversations with the people who matter most at your fingertips.
Stay in touch with free messaging, voice or video calls on Skype.

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3:-CamCard – Business card scanner

CamCard is Your Mobile Business Contacts. It Reads And Saves Your Business Cards, And Remembers Everyone You Meet For Business. It is The Perfect Fit For Those Who Have Lots of Business Cards or Who Love Business Social Networking

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4:-  Dropbox

Dropbox Lets You Bring All Your Photos, Docs, And Videos Anywhere And Share Them Easily. Access Any File You Save to Your Dropbox From All Your Computers, iPhone, iPad, and The Web. With Dropbox You’ll Always Have Your Important Memories And Work With You

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5:- Personal Finance

Mint Allows You to Track, Budget And Manage Your Money All in One Place, So You Can See Where You’re Spending And Where You Can Save. Open an Account, Add Your Bank, Credit, Loan And Retirement Accounts And Mint Will Automatically Pull in And Categorize Your Transactions. It’s Safe, Secure And Easy to keep Your Personal Finances Organized. Its Also Optimized For iOS 7!

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