Best Apps For Kids

1)  The Lonely Beast 123 :-

Every day, the Beast counts everything in his house, from rubber duckies to delicious cakes and shooting Stars. Join him as he waters his garden, reads books, cooks eggs and more. It’s a great way to help little Beasts learn about the magic of numbers, all the way from 1 to 12.

The Lonely Beast 123 logo Download Now on ($1.99) App Store

2 ) Mini-U: ZOO Alphabet :-

Inside The App You’ll Find 29 Game Cards, Each illustrated With An Animal and a letter. But this ZOO is Not like any other – our ZOO is full of diversity! Besides the beloved giraffes and zebras, ZOO Alphabet Also introduces your baby to the emu, Komodo dragon, jellyfish, newt, and ladybug to name just a few.

ZOO Alphabet  logo Download Now on ($2.99) App Store

4 )  Goodnight Mo ~ 3D Interactive Pop-Up Book:-

Goodnight Mo is a magically sleepy and comforting bedtime book. As night falls and the moon rises, a Cute little monster gets ready for bed. Beautiful imagery, gently rhyming narration, and soothing music Make Mo’s bedtime routine the perfect way to wind down before going to sleep.
Goodnight Mo ~ 3D Interactive Pop-Up Book Download Now on ($2.99) App Store

5 ) Farm 123 ~ StoryToys Jr :-

Kids will learn the numbers 1 to ten as they help Farmer Jo around the farm in a series of dazzling fully-Interactive scenes as a cow jumps over the moon, pigs make a muddy splash, and eggs hatch in Spectacular fashion.

Farm 123 ~ StoryToys Jr  Download Now on  ($2.99) App Store



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