Adventure Games For iPhone

Adventure Games Aren’t Just For Gamers Anymore. In This App guide, We Have Selected The Most Imaginative. We List Games That Hit All Or Most Of These Criteria To Give You Varied And Compelling Adventures.

1:-Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Is An Exploratory Action Adventure With An Emphasis On Audiovisual Style. Traverse A Mythic Little Realm, Use A Sword To Do Battle & Evoke Sworcery To Solve Mystical Musical Mysteries. Co-Operate With Friends Via Twitter, Experience A Videogame World That Is Affected By Moon Phases & Help A Wandering Warrior Monk Complete Her Woeful Errand.

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Burned Out On All The New-Fangled Graphics And Dazzling Eye Candy On Your Shiny New Iphone Or Ipad? Nostalgic For A Simpler Time? Then Take Advantage Of Those Crisp High-Resolution Fonts To Relive The Glory Days Of The Great Underground Empire, Or Play Any Of Hundreds Of Great Works From The Interactive Fiction Archive.

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3:-LostWinds2: Winter of the Melodias

The Award-Winning, Enchanting ‘Lostwinds’ Adventure Continues! Amazing New Season-Switching Game play. Incredible New Wind Powers At The Tips Of Your Fingers. Beautiful Visuals. Expansive New Environments To Explore. Charming New Characters, And An Absorbing Storyline. Each Element Builds On The Success Of The First Game To Make ‘Lostwinds 2: Winter Of The Melodias’ An Unmissable Experience On iPad, iPhone Or iPod Touch.

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4:-Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered

When Orphaned Robert Foster Is Seized At Gunpoint From The Peaceful Village He Calls Home And Flown A Thousand Miles To A City He’s Never Seen, He Can Only Ask Himself: Why Me? Escaping From His Abductors Into The Dark Metropolis, He Vows To Avenge The Murder Of The Only Family He’s Ever Known.

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5:-Waking Mars

In 2097, Life Is Discovered On Mars. When Your Mission Of First Contact Becomes Trapped By A Cave-In, You Must Master The Alien Ecosystem To Survive. With Time Running Out, You Will Make A Decision That Determines The Fate Of A Lost Planet.

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