Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan Book App For iPad : Review

Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan Book App For iPad : Review


Introducing Sarah Sullivan! Wearing a sparkly “S” crown, she is Super! Silly! and Sweet! Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan is about the magical hour that happens every night at bedtime, when kids “try” to go to sleep. Readers are invited to travel with Sarah through the wonders of her imagination as she learns what it is like to create her own dreams. Ultimately landing on the moon, Sarah learns that anything is possible, as long as you believe.


# Choose Autoplay, Read to Me (with word by word highlighting), or Read to Myself
# Tap all over the pages for great animations, sounds, and laugh-out-loud effects!
# Bring Sarah’s dreams to life in the Coloring Activity with 3 brush sizes and a full color palette.
# Play and learn about nocturnal animals in the flashlight game!
# Help Sarah find cookie ingredients in 3 levels of ’The Queen’s Party’!

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