Beamtask iPhone App By ME CreativeStudio : Review

Beamtask iPhone App By ME CreativeStudio : Review


The first ever productivity tool that allows you to assign tasks to people with automatic alarm reminders!

Ever feeling frustrated with people always forgetting the things you ask them to do? Annoyed having to repeatedly remind them? You need Beamtask.

# Assign tasks to others with alarm set by you, and easily track the progress.
# Decide whether to accept or reject for any tasks received, and have the alarm automatically set. You may also adjust the alarm time to best suit you with a simple tap.
# Use it as your own To-Do list by simply assigning tasks to yourself.
# Intuitive, simple to use and seamlessly sync with the cloud.

# Assigning tasks to others and cloud syncing will require internet connectivity.

Give it a try and tell us what you think!

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