BadgeBox designed for Apple Watch & iPhone to manage employees work.

BadgeBox designed for Apple Watch & iPhone to manage employees work.


BadgeBox is a HR app designed for mobile and desktop.
The app helps save time to freelancers and companies making it possible to manage daily tasks quickly and easily. Thanks to BadgeBox you will be able to manage attendance data and overtime, create timesheets on the go, track activities, projects and a lot more.

With BadgeBox, a freelancer will be able to:

# Keep track of the time spent for each job, minute per minute
# Register your work locations thanks to GPS system
# Manage work activities, create To-Do lists, mark and store the finished ones
# Generate invoices and track their deadlines
# Organize appointments, events and sync with your Google calendar
# Monitor the performance and maximize the profits of your activities
# Upload and access your files wherever you are, in maximum security
# Clock-in / out using Apple Watch

With BadgeBox, companies and their employees will be able to:

# Mobile clock-in and clock-out with the possibility of tracking punch location via GPS (as an optional feature if enabled by employer and employee)
# Create timesheets
# Submit vacation and day-off requests
# Track work time, projects and activities
# Send and review holiday and time-off requests
# Calculate overtime rates
# Manage invoice and accounting process
# Track costs and revenues for each project and activity
# Share in cloud files and data with your colleagues

Using BadgeBox you will have the following benefits:

# Improve data accuracy
# Eliminate paperwork and go green
# Reduce expenses
# Save time
# Have access to all data anytime from anywhere

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