Avibra Will Turn Your Good Habits Into Life Insurance Coverage

Avibra Will Turn Your Good Habits Into Life Insurance Coverage

Habits are tough to break and they can be even harder to start. It’s easy to find a new reason every day of the week to put off things as simple as starting a flossing routine or opening a savings account. Avibra is here to help with that in a big way.

The Avibra app is there to help people choose good daily habits by rewarding them with free life insurance coverage for their small daily victories.

How does it work? The app uses advanced machine learning to analyze what you buy and do in a day, figuring out what you’re doing well at and rewarding you with boosts in your free life insurance coverage. There’s nothing quite like positive reinforcement to make you want to pick up a healthy new habit! As a user, all you have to do is link up your accounts  – like health trackers and daily purchase history – to the app. Then you just check in once a week (on their Well-being Wednesday) to get the chance to turn your good habits into real life insurance coverage.

What Is Avibra?

The Avibra app went live in 2019, providing everyday well-being advice as well as life insurance protection to everyday users. The insurance plans that Avibra sets you up with are at no cost to users of the app and are backed by big insurance giants with an A “Excellent” rating by A.M. Best, an external independent oversight entity. Plus, your coverage is guaranteed and non-conditional, meaning no one is going to deny you coverage based on your health status.

Something really unique about Avibra is how the app rolls together your everyday life, habits and goals with your life insurance. All you have to do to get started is just download the app and in a matter of minutes you can have between $5,000 – 10,000 in coverage – adding to it weekly with your various good habits.

How Avibra Works

Avibra offers two ways to improve your well-being and earn life insurance within the app.

In-app activities include things like quizzes, short educational videos & guided meditation series. Choosing to complete one of these will help you work toward better habits, but it’ll also give you a bump in life insurance coverage.

The second major way to earn those extra coverage dollars is by simply keeping up with good habits in your everyday life. Arya, Avibra’s AI system, can identify those good habits for you (including some you may never have even noticed), rewarding you along the way.

Sign-Up Process

If you sign up with Avibra now, you can choose between two membership options — Avibra Free & Avibra Basic.

With the Avibra Free plan, you’ll get that basic level insurance policy with coverage that increases weekly based on your good habits. This perk is currently only available to people 18-38 years of age, and that the cap on the policy is fairly limited.

The Avibra Basic plan ($3.99 per month) also offers Avibra users access to financial planning tools and advice as well as dietician-approved meal plans, lifestyle advice and access to a health coach.

There’s no purchase required to download the app or get access to the life insurance perks, as long as you have Avibra Free. All you have to do is follow a healthy and happy lifestyle and you’ll see your life insurance coverage grow over time.



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