AUTOsist Cloud Based iOS App To Maintenance Vehicle Service Records.

AUTOsist Cloud Based iOS App To Maintenance Vehicle Service Records.


Simplify your life and start keeping your car, truck, motorcycle, and other vehicle records organized electronically with ease.

AUTOsist lets you store, track, and share maintenance receipts, insurance/registration documents, gas & fuel economy logs, reminders, and any other information you find important.

AUTOsist is a cloud based system so you can access your records anytime on any type of device. We also have a desktop web portal that syncs with the app:

Why use AUTOsist?

-PROLONG the life of your car, truck, motorcycle, or any of your vehicles by keeping detailed records of things like oil changes, tire rotations, brake jobs, and other maintenance tasks. Set reminders by date and/or mileage.

-IMPROVE resale value by showing future buyers a report of your maintenance and service history and then transfer them to the new owner with a simple click.

-ACCESS key information quickly like when your last oil change was done or tires replaced by searching and sorting with ease.

-MANAGE multiple vehicles and keep all your records in one convenient place and access them across multiple devices.

#Take pictures of receipts, documents, and other records with your phones camera and store them securely
# Manage multiple cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, planes, or any type of vehicle (1 vehicle free)
# Manage multiple services for each vehicle
#Manage your fleet cars/trucks or other business vehicles
# Repair log for each vehicle
# Fuel Tracker / Gas log for each vehicle – attach receipts and track all your fuel / gas fill ups in a dedicated area
# Maintain complete service history and run a report that compiles it all together in a shareable PDF
# Store notes for each vehicle
# Email vehicle service and repair history or any records you want
# Search easily to find key information
# Transfer records to anyone with just one click
# Set reminders for upcoming maintenance, important documents expiring, or anything else you find important. (Set by date and/or mileage)
# View your records offline
# Desktop Web Portal that syncs with the app:
# Additional Metrics: Set by gallons or liters, miles or kilometers or hours, and use various currencies (Go to the tools icon or vehicle details page and click “Vehicle Settings” to edit)

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