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There are many games which are endless and challenging and one of them is Wave the Ball app. It is a hyper-casual game which you can play non-stop for hours. It is easy to play but it is very hard to win. This hit game is endless and you can play it anytime or anywhere. It seems to be simple but it’s very much hard to win.

How to play?

Just tap on the play button and then tap on the screen. When you will tap on the screen, the waving ball will start going upward. If the waving ball gets hit with black obstacles it will get burst and the game will get over. For this reason, you must avoid obstacles and collect only coins. The best thing is that this game is endless. You can challenge your friend in this game. You could compete for the best score in the world.

Wave the Ball Key Features:

  • Good colorful & vivid graphics
  • Music & sound option
  • Shopping option
  • Sharing with friends through various messaging platforms
  • Achievement board
  • Purchasing of the points
  • A good and simple user interface

Last thought:

Wave the Ball is a classic endless and challenging game. It could be the best way to pass the time. With the help of this game, you can check and improve your concentration skills. It’s an endless hyper-casual game. Play this game and take the challenge.

Wave the Ball


Preschool Kids Learning Games


There are different kinds of games for toddlers. Here I introduce you to one app named as Preschool Kids Learning Games which is a mobile app available at iOS platform. This preschool game contains 36 various categories of 850+ things. It’s a game for toddlers and kids which will help in improving kids IQ level.

Features of Preschool Kids Learning Games:

  • Picture quiz
  • Flashcards
  • All HD quality pictures
  • Matching games
  • Efficient learning path
  • 36 categories of things for preschoolers
  • All high-quality pictures
  • 4 Engaging modes
  • Basic skills of development
  • Interactive sound effects for kids

Following are the categories:

  • Clothes
  • Alphabets
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Body Parts
  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Vehicles
  • Foods
  • Fruits
  • Flowers

How this app is working?

Just download this application and install it. Firstly choose the category and then tap on the image. When the kid will tap on the image, the name will appear on the screen. There is also a quiz section where a kid can enjoy the quiz. In that, there will be an image and your kid need to choose the correct answer from the given options.

Last words:

Preschool Kids Learning Games is an app for the kids and toddlers to learn new things. It is one of the best apps for kids. There are so many apps but this one is fantastic as per my experience.



Art & craft is something which provides the best approach to show the creativity. Here I will introduce you to one app named as Decor which is all about craft & art. This app provides the best of craft video tutorials. They update many ideas on a frequent basis so that one can get the latest idea & information.

Decor Features:

As far as if the features of this application are considered, it is having FAVOURITE option to add favorite crafts. There is also a presentation of the craft in a pictorial way. The description in the app is in easy language. There are user-friendly features and graphics in this app. Different kinds of categories. One can share the creativity on social media also.

How does this decor application works?

The working of this app is really easy and user-friendly. Just download the app and install it. Choose the desired option for which you want to get the information. Play the tutorial video or read the information. You can also read the information if you wish so. It provides easy craft skills for kids, teachers, and parents.

Merits of this app:

  • Useful information on craft & health
  • Easy to use
  • No registration required
  • Good user interface

What this app is providing?

  • Art & Craft ideas
  • Quilling
  • Useful life hack tips
  • DIY Craft
  • Craft for recycling
  • Kids craft
  • Origami
  • Greeting cards and gift packing
  • Health Ideas
  • Beauty Tips
  • Many more

Last words:

The decor is the best app for getting art & craft information. In this app, there are different kinds of information which are helpful in our life’s activity. All the craft videos are very much informative in providing craft information.





Coloring and painting is quite interesting activity when we have free time. There are lots of coloring apps and one of them is Loco which is available for the iOS platform. The main concept of this application is to provide HD quality images to color. This color book is suitable for all age group users. Let’s see some of the features of this application.

Features of Loco:

  • HD quality images
  • Music option that will provide the best music
  • Share on the different social media platforms
  • All features are customized
  • Frame and filter
  • Reset the colors of the images
  • Saving of the artwork in the different section

Categories of the images

Bird, Butterflies, Culture, Dinosaurs, Fantasy, Fashion, Flower, Food, Holidays, Mandala, Marine, Mechanics, Messages, Patterns, People, Places and Space

How to use this app?

To use this application, just download and install it. After that choose the desired image to which you want to color. Choose the desired color from the pallet and tap on the image to fill it. Like this, you will be able to fill the color and make the colorful image. There are different kinds of images, which you can enjoy to color. Save the work or share it on social Media to show it to your friends.

Last words:

Loco Coloring Book is a quite interesting application. One can fill the color anytime or anywhere with this app. It is a highly recommendable app which anyone can enjoy. Last but not least, it’s an awesome painting app. Download this app and enjoy the coloring anytime.




Whenever we are inviting anyone, we are focusing more on the attractiveness in the invitation. We try to make it more unique and classic one. Invitation cards are always used but invitation videos are having something different impression. Inviter is such an application which is all about video invitation making. This makes something unique way of inviting your guest to your party.


  • Different templates for all categories
  • 24 hours supporting
  • No watermarks in any of the template
  • All the customized features
  • Option to share on the different social media

How to use Inviter?

Using this application is quite simple. There is nothing any rocket science in this application. You will have different categories and you can choose any one as per your requirement. After that, you choose the templates and enter the details in the form of text and photos. Edit the templates and your invitation will be ready.

Before downloading, check the preview of the invitation and then download the final HD Quality Video invitation. Share the invitation with your friends and family to invite them.

Last words:

Overall, Inviter is a good application which provides a different way of making the invitation card in the form of video. I’m happy with this invitation application and recommend it 100%.



Mira’s Birthday Story


In today’s time every kid loves to read kids stories in the mobile. For this purpose, there are different applications too. One of the apps is Mira’s Birthday Story which I’m going to introduce you here. This app not only provides enjoyment but also helps in sharpening the logical skills of a child. It is actually a bunch of all edutainment mini-games which provide enjoyment and fun.

Key Features of this app:

  • Learning Mode: You can point to an object within the scene. The kid will get to learn when hearing the spelling.
  • Interactive Scenes: All the scenes will help you to sharpen the child’s logic and motor skills. The activities include cleaning of the bedroom, without hitting the sidewalk drive the bus & follow the recipe.
  • Music: Original music played by a professional musician. Readers will have random variations in background music. They have enlisted miles Jay for the music.
  • Multi-language: It is available in French, Arabic & English.
  • Realistic Graphics: There are realistic features and graphics in this application.
  • Colorful graphics: The game is having colorful graphics looks like a painting of pencil color.

What is all about Mira’s Birthday Story?

Mira is the name of the girl character and she is super excited about her birthday. The main concept is to find what will her friends & mother remembers her birthday? Your child needs to do different tasks and this will help your child in learning something new. With fun, it will help your child in improving skills.

Last words:

Mira’s Birthday Story is kid’s story app that provides interactive children’s stories. It’s actually a cute and learning application. Good learning platform for kids. Download the game and find out how Mira will get surprised on her Birthday. It is safe and suitable for all age group kids.

Mira’s Birthday Story



There are many ways to manage your blockchain and cryptocurrency operations. For many people, what matters is security and convenience to execute various operations. Scatter for Android is now here and ready to help everyone in the crypto industry. It is useful even when on the go as long as you have installed it on your Smartphone.

However, not many people understand well, what this app is and the power it holds to change how people manage crypto transactions. Read through the insights below to know how it can help you whether you are a starter on not.

The Power of Scatter

Being in a position to sign different transactions without displaying your pin or identity is something helpful in crypto enthusiasts. This app tool works with numerous others as an add-on to hide the pin and identities in the block chains.

It does not matter whether you are transacting with Bitcoins, Etherium or any other, but your wallet will feel safe from the hackers. The app too has a pin that is set at the beginning to further secure your operations. Therefore, this is a crypto solution that you cannot afford to miss. You can read more about it on

One more good functionality with scatter app is that you manage your exchange tokens without much stress. It is easy to use both for the starters and the experienced crypto gurus. This means that buying and selling of coins become safer and easier while using this app. Apart from the increased security, it can access the user to incredible platforms that transact in the best way.

If you hate boredom as you wait for the best opportunities to engage in cryptocurrencies, scatter has you covered with numerous games and casino information. Thus, you can stay engaged at all times while you are on the go.

Scatter also has another excellent feature of checking the stability of your coins in the real market. It brings it in a way that all people can understand. The graphical representation has enough information for you to know when to trade or not. In other words, scatter becomes your advisor and guide.

Apps That Work With Scatter

When you download this app on your Android phone, you will realize that it gives your access to numerous platforms and apps. Here is a list of some popular apps you can access through scatter.

  •        EOS Wallet – you can check balance and trade in this blockchain with ease as Scatter will take you directly to the right place. As you do this, it will also protect your coins by hiding your keys and credentials.
  •        EOSDAQ – this is an excellent app for doing any coin transaction while maintaining the highest security and safety. Why not access this app via Scatter?
  •        BTEX – this is another platform where you can transact in crypto without fear. The best thing is that Scatter has you covered.



There are many professionals who are engaged in the color mixing work and artist are one of them. For this reason, there is a requirement of a platform which helps in setting out the color combination. Here I’ll introduce you to Color Query Pro app which helps in making & matching out the color in web designing, painting, and graphic artists.

How to use Color Query Pro?

The using of this application is very much easy. Just point the iPhone on the wall to snap the image. For this, you can use the camera also. The app will analyze the photo to determine its properties like HSB, HEX, CMYK & RGB. When you will compare to sixteen standard pallets, you are able to find the closest color.

How to adjust color?

By touching in the center you just toggle between slider view and component view. Use the sliders to adjust the color. You can also use the color component bars for each of the color space.

Sixteen Palettes:

  • HKS K
  • RAL Classic
  • NCS
  • 日本の色の一覧 Colors of Japan
  • Federal Standard 595
  • Australian Standard 2700
  • British Standard 381
  • HTML
  • Material Design
  • Wikipedia
  • Sherwin-Williams
  • BEHR
  • Valspar
  • Resene
  • Pantone C

Key features:

  • No requirement of the internet
  • No advertisement
  • No in-app purchasing
  • No pop-ups

Last words:

Color Query Pro is a mobile application which is helpful for professionals for determining the image properties in terms of color. It is easy and convenient color converter & mixer which can be trusted by professionals. Moreover, it is highly recommendable.

Color Query Pro

Color Query Pro


Store Cards


In today’s time it is important to manage all things in a digital way. It is because it’s convenient. Here I will introduce you to one wallet app named as Store Cards where you can store all the reward points and rewards.The main use of this app is fruitful when you go shopping. The best thing is that there is no requirement of registration or sign-up.

Store Cards Features:

  • No requirement of internet
  • Backup of iCloud and restore
  • Protection by pass code
  • Facility to select the font size
  • Automatically card photo adjustment to frame boundaries

One can add the card manually through available templates or can add through camera scanning. The templates database including the most popular cards like France, India, Italy, Russia, Spain, UK, US, Ukraine, Australia, Belarus, Canada & China.

All the card templates will come with web addresses. All the loyalty programs, discount, coupons & gift cards details will be linked to it. Also, mind it sure that there is some limitation, means you can enter 15 cards for free.

The application supports for these codes:

  • Code 128
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • UPC-A / EAN-13
  • EPS-E and EAN-8
  • PDF 417
  • Aztec
  • QR Code
  • DataMatrix
  • Code 39 and Code 93

Last words:

Store Cards is a mobile app which helps you in storing all your bonus points and rewards. It is easy and convenient to use. Download now and avail your points

Store Cards

Store Cards



We all are aware of QR code and nowadays it is very much important because it’s easy and convenient to fetch data. Here I will introduce you to one app that will not only scan your QR code but it will also give the reward. The name of the app is QR Scanner Rewards. It is fast, easy and free to use. The most important thing is that it is Ads free.

It is actually providing more than regular QR scanner. One can easily earn additional rewards by inviting others. Moreover, it is also very much useful in getting the nearby deals.

QR Scanner Rewards Features:

  • It is easy to find nearby merchant rewards
  • Searching by category
  • Invite friends and earn
  • No advertisements
  • Lifetime merchant accounts which is FREE
  • Collecting digital stamp rewards
  • Redeem the existing rewards

How does it work?

QR Scanner Rewards works like a usual normal app. You just need to download and install and make your own profile. You will get other options like deals, cards etc. When you will click on deals, you will get different deals in different cities. You can also filter that in terms of categories. In this, you can invite friends and earn.

Last words:

QR Scanner Rewards app is a QR scanning app that also provides rewards. It is user-friendly and also works on all QR code. More or less, it is a perfect app that I would like to recommend to all.

QR Scanner Rewards