Audio Chef Co. Free app for iPhone

Audio Chef Co. Free app for iPhone


Experience a new way to cook! Listen and cook along with expert real-time instruction. Make sensible gourmet cuisine the easy way: simply get out the ingredients and equipment, press play, and follow the step-by-step audio. Audio Chef lets you follow a recipe without needing to touch or look at your device, so you won’t get your phone dirty or lose your place in the recipe. Maximize your kitchen efficiency, expand your palette of ingredients and techniques while learning to make delicious meals. This unique audio recipe app will appeal to both new and experienced cooks.

Four recordings are available with the free app. Buy the rest of our “30 Favorite Meals” collection – a month’s worth of our all-time favorite go-to meals for only 99 cents (in app purchase). These 30 meals are sure to please. The wholesome and luscious recipes take only 15 minutes to an hour to prepare, and include both vegetarian and meat dishes. Many of the meals can easily be prepared gluten-free, vegan, or dairy-free.

Our next collection of recipes (available soon), titled “30 Easy World Meals” is a month’s worth of authentic and eclectic international flavors made easily in your kitchen. New collections will continue to be made available.

=>Clearly narrated step-by-step audio instructions to make a complete meal.
=>Free yourself from your device while cooking so you don’t get it dirty or loose your place in the recipe.
=>30 delicious and nutritious meals utilize a variety of ingredients and cooking techniques.
=>New collections of meals added regularly.
=>Search function to find gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free meals, as well as meals with specific ingredients.
=>Beautiful photographs of each meal.
=>Written instructions for those who wish to bypass the audio function.
=>Built in timer.

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