Atmospheir New Social Networking iphone App By Atmospheir, Inc Review

Atmospheir New Social Networking iphone App By Atmospheir, Inc Review


Atmospheir is where your address book, simple peer-to-peer communication and identity management come together.

Atmospheir allows users to share complete, and tailored, sets of contact information and social networks with every contact and have full control over the information and identity that they’re sharing with every connection.

An Atmospheir ID empowers people to make better connections, faster, and reverse-engineers how one maintains their contacts going forward – effectively providing the best way to bridge the gap between the important people we meet or know offline, and the information we need to remain completely connected, online. Atmospheir adds a unique discovery element via Bluetooth low energy, which allows users to discover potential nearby connections by establishing a 50-meter “personal area network”.


=> Choose your personalized ID (try to get your name!)

=> Share different sets of information with different types of contacts

=> Discover who’s within 50 meters by flipping on the nearby switch

=> Send 70-character messages to your contacts right from your address book

=> Introduce your friends and colleagues to people you want them to meet

=> Explore up to 22 social networks, make a call, and send a text or email right from every contact’s card

=> Never update your contacts again, as their information changes are delivered to you right on their card

=> Tag your friends and colleagues into groups to easily pull them up later

=> Share a virtual business card with anyone via SMS or Email

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