AptoPad – Handwriting Recognizing Keyboard For iOS Users.

AptoPad – Handwriting Recognizing Keyboard For iOS Users.


AptoPad is a unique replacement for the default keyboard. Instead of tapping buttons, you simply write with your finger!

Not only it recognizes handwriting, it also learns from its mistakes to adjust to you perfectly. At first it will be wrong sometimes, as it can not recognize everyone’s handwriting. However, it can be taught to recognize anyone’s handwriting, which is perfect for the personal devices like iPhone or iPad.

Write a character and wait for a fraction of a second so that the AptoPad knows that the character is finished and it can start the recognition algorithms. You will receive the results instantly. AptoPad will insert the character into the text. You can use buttons to tell the AptoPad that it made a mistake – it will correct the text and learn to recognize those characters better in the future!

# RECOGNIZES HANDWRITING: AptoPad uses newest character recognition algorithms, so it can be both fast and light enough to work in the low memory reserved for the keyboard.
# LEARNS YOUR HANDWRITING: every mistake is a lesson for AptoPad! After using it for a while it will be taught how to recognize your handwriting, which is perfect for your personal device!
# IT IS SAFE: AptoPad, unlike some other keyboard alternatives, works without allowing full access, so you can be sure that the operating system won’t allow it to store or send any data.
# REAL KEYBOARD ALTERNATIVE: there are not many keyboard alternatives. It could be perfect for example for older people, who are not familiar with the keyboard layout or have problems with small buttons.

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