For App Developers, App Store optimization is an incredibly important yet frequently overlooked Opportunity when trying to create traction and growth

The ASO process starts by understanding how the App Store algorithms rank apps. What happens when you press that magic “release app” button?

It’s simple, in theory. The app store tests your app.

How? By matching you up against other apps recently released in your apps designated Primary Category.

Like any search engine, the App Store appears to be transitioning from one of semantically relevance to the deeper and more powerful KPIs that revolve around user data (nearly every algorithmic shift thus far appears to support this notion).

As the Entire industry matures (and becomes more competitive), success and failure in ranking will be much more focused on the quality experience of its users.


By the end of this post, you’ll be able to improve your Apple Store Keywords Optimization and  app store & play store rank by using fundamental ASO Techniques.


Tips 1 – Keyword: Having relevant keywords in your title can certainly improve the search rankings of your app for such keywords. As per MobileDevHQ report, there were around 84% apps in the app-store which were not having keywords in their titles. On the other hand, only 16% apps were utilizing their keywords in the app titles.

Tip 2 – Keyword Targeting:-App title & description. Once you’ve narrowed down your keyword list to 2, identify the primary & secondary keyword target. The primary target keyword should be included into the App Title. The App title is ultra important in the app store(s) ecosystem.

Tip 3- Keep the application “top of mind” through email and social media integration. Give your users a great reason to share, like, and follow

Tip 4 – Offer heavy users the opportunity to review the app. A simple push with the opportunity to rate can give your ambassadors a platform to evangelize the product

Tip 5 – Try traditional PR to improve downloads rates and a bevy of quality content regarding the site

Tip 6 –Use event tracking and some iteration of “last state” tracking to prevent users from bouncing

Tip7 –Use open graph (wisely!) to help spread the word.


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