Apple Announced iOS 8 its Huge for developers see new features

Apple Announced iOS 8 its Huge for developers see new features

iOS 8 is The Biggest iOS Release ever — for developers and everyone else. But that wasn’t the goal. We Simply set out to create the most natural experience. Each enhancement has a purpose. Every new Feature deserves to be a new feature. Each function is more considered, each next step is more Efficient. It all adds up to an even better experience — one that is pleasantly surprising at first and Becomes utterly indispensable before you know it.

What makes iOS 8 the world’s most advanced mobile operating system?

It’s the details. The innovations. The complete experience. It’s the fact that you can now see (and edit and organise) every photo you take on all your devices. That you can add your voice into a text message. And that your health and fitness apps can now communicate with each other, with your trainer and even with your doctor.

We’ve also provided developers with deeper access and more tools. So some of the most amazing features in iOS 8 are being created right now. You’ll have new keyboard options and even more ways to share your content. And you’ll be able to use iCloud and Touch ID in ways you never have before.

It’s going to be a great autumn. But for now, here’s a preview of some of the things iOS 8 will do for you so you can do more than ever.

ios 8 phoits

Every photo you take. Now on all your devices.

Every photo, every edit, every album now lives in your iCloud Photo Library, easily viewable And Consistent on all your devices. Automatically. The all-new Photos app makes it simpler than ever to Find and Rediscover your favourite photos. And you can make every shot look even better Immediately After You’ve Taken it With Powerful New Editing Tools…..More


8 msg

Actually LOL. OL.

Now Messages lets you connect with friends and family like never before. Tap to add your voice to any Conversation. Send a video of what you’re seeing the moment you’re seeing it. And easily share your Location so they know where you are……………

8 Details

Details make the experience. These details make it brilliant.

In iOS 8, you’ll find a convenient new way to respond to notifications. Helpful shortcuts to the people You talk to most. And time-saving features for managing your mail. All of which make the experience of using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that much better…………………..




Our smartest keyboard ever.

iOS 8 makes typing easier by suggesting contextually appropriate words to complete your sentences. It even recognises who you’re typing to and whether you’re in Mail or Messages. Because your tone in An email may be different from your tone in a message………………..

8 Family Sharing

Family Sharing.
Sharing with your family comes naturally. Now it comes to all your content.

Family Sharing makes it easy for up to six people in your family to share each other’s iTunes, iBooks and App Store Store purchases. Whenever one person buys a new song, film or app, everybody gets to share. It’s also easier than ever to share family photos, a family calendar, locations and More……………..


An entirely new way to use all your health and fitness information.

Now your activity tracker, heart‑rate monitor, and other health and fitness apps can talk to each other. Which means they’ll be able to work even harder for you. And all the information is accessible in One easy‑to‑read dashboard

iPhone ipad Msc

iPhone, iPad and Mac. Connected like never before.

Things are about to get even better for people with multiple Apple devices. Now you can start an Email on one device and seamlessly continue on another. And iPhone owners can answer phone calls On their Mac or iPad, and even send SMS messages from any of Them……..


Brighter than ever.

Sometimes you’re looking for a contact or an app. Sometimes you’re looking for answers. Spotlight Now gives you suggestions from Wikipedia entries, places nearby, trending news and more. It’s even Smart enough to recognise context and location to offer you the most relevant Information………………..


Just wait till you see what app developers do next.

iOS 8 is the biggest release for developers since the introduction of the App Store. We’re giving them New tools to extend the reach of their apps and opening up new opportunities for them to take Advantage of iCloud, Touch ID and more. Which means you’ll soon see exciting new apps with Capabilities that were never possible before


iOS 8 makes a more

iOS 8 makes a more powerful business partner.

iPhone and iPad have become the devices of choice at work simply because they’re the devices of Choice in daily life. And it gets even better in iOS 8 with new productivity, security and device Management features.


iOS 8 will Be Compatible With:


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