The Animal Alphabet Singers iphone App Review

The Animal Alphabet Singers iphone App Review


Developed by leading literacy experts in collaboration with Emmy and Grammy award winning writers, animators, and performers, this app really does sing – both figuratively and literally!

Seamlessly integrating instruction, entertainment, and technology, Animal Alphabet Singers helps kids learn the alphabet in a way that never ceases to amuse and delight. 26 talking, singing (and occasionally wisecracking) animated animals, one for each letter from “alligator” to “zebra,” engage and interact with the children directly.

There’s even a magnificent 26-voice animal choral performance with harmony created by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself (Wow, were we lucky to get him!). With four modes that reinforce the connections between the individual letters and their initial sounds, kids are certain to learn important fundamentals of reading, and they’ll be smiling and giggling all the while.

The creators of Animal Alphabet Singers are veterans of some of the world’s most acclaimed media productions, including Sesame Street, Between the Lions, Avenue Q, Prairie Home Companion, Nickelodeon’s Doug, and more!

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