Anchor Pointer — GPS Compass & Friend Navigator iPhone App : Review

Anchor Pointer — GPS Compass & Friend Navigator iPhone App : Review


Anchor Pointer is an iPhone app, that allows you to store GPS positions and find those back using a compass. This application also allows you to meet up with friends in open areas, such as large parks without using maps, moreover it will help you to find your car at a parking lot.


# Keep any GPS coordinates without reference to a map
# Use a compass which indicates the direction to your GPS point, distance, and the difference in altitude
# Use the function “meet a friend” in the park or any public place without reference to a map
# Park and find car with one tap
# Automatic night-time interface
# Metric and imperial system for measures


# Add an anchor. By adding a GPS anchor, you can set the name of the current location and assign an icon to it from the predefined set of icons.

# Favorite locations list. While accessing the list you will see all the previously saved anchors and those ones that are within 55 yd will appear in green.

# The function “meet a friend”. If you need to meet someone in a large open space, activate “meet a friend” and establish communication with the one friend. When the connection is established, both your compasses will point at each other. The odometer you will show you how far away you are from each other.

# Using Anchor Pointer you can save your parking position and later find your car by following the compass arrow, there is no easier or faster solution on the market!


Walking outdoors:- Anchor Pointer allows you to save the location of places where no man has gone before, even where No detailed maps exist. For example, you can save the coordinates of the most remote location in a beautiful forest, Snow-covered mountain peaks with a magnificent view, an oasis in the desert or your favorite place in the national park.

Human eyes don’t see well when it’s dark around you. Blinding them with bright screen of the phone makes it hard to see The road ahead. Instead of making you decrease the brightness of the screen – we’ve created night mode in Anchor Pointer, which automatically switches to dark theme at night time.

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