Amino Social Networking App To Connecting You With Cool People.

Amino Social Networking App To Connecting You With Cool People.


Connecting you with cool people who share your excitement, passion, hobbies and interests at your fingertips with a swipe of your thumb. Just like IRL, customize your profile to fit the group you are in without having to log in and out.

Why Use The Amino App:

* KEEP YOUR PRIVACY: With friends, be yourself, but Amino App lets you create three profiles — or palettes — including public and private personas. Use one palette for your friends, one for school and one for work. Switching between palettes is as easy as swiping your screen.

* CREATE OR JOIN DISCUSSION COMMUNITIES: Your can create or join communities to share your views, interests & passions and use different profiles for each group.

* PRIVATE AND PUBLIC COMMUNITIES: You are in control on who you let in, make it just for your friends or let everybody in.

* NO ANNOYING NOTIFICATIONS: You can customize what notifications you choose to receive in your settings.

* PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS: You can send 1-to-1 messages whenever you want to keep it private between you and your bestie.

* MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS WITH ONE LOG-IN: Create up to three profiles, which we call palettes. And let people know as much or as little about yourself when you join or create a community. Each palette is managed completely separately.

* DON’T BE TIED TO 140 CHARACTERS: Write a post, link to a video, use images that are worth a 1,000 words.

Amino app lets you create discussion communities with like-minded people throughout the United States and Canada. Invite only friends to join or let it grow with people you can discuss daily news, politics, arts, music — absolutely anything you have an interest in.

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