Alphabeats New Fast Paced Action Challenge Iphone Game

Alphabeats New Fast Paced Action Challenge Iphone Game


The mashup of word games and music games!

Alphabeats remixes spelling into a fast-paced action challenge, set to pulse-pounding tracks from exciting electronic artists. Catch the falling letters to make words, challenge yourself and your friends to score the most points, and you’ll find that you can’t stop playing – and that spelling is even cooler than you thought.

It’s easy to play!
1. Pick a song, and letters will fall in time to the beat.
2. Catch the letters you want and dodge others to make words.
3. Try to get as many points as you can by the end of the song!

The longer your word, and the rarer its letters, the more points you get. With the expedient ability to instantly define any word you spell, you can expand and refine your vocabulary on the sly as you’re having fun!

â–¶ Play along to six tracks from music masters such as Disasterpeace and Big Giant Circles!
â–¶ 15+ extra songs available to download!
â–¶ Three difficulty modes: Casual, Tricky, and the fiendishly difficult Spellfire!
▶ Use powerups wisely – shrink your word, multiply your points, or blow up letters you don’t want!
â–¶ Word of the Day gives you bonus points for learning new vocab!
â–¶ Challenge your friends using Game Center!
▶ Global score rankings – can you make the longest word ever?

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