Adrian Ant And The Sugar Factory Free Game App For iPhone...

Adrian Ant And The Sugar Factory Free Game App For iPhone and iPad: Review


You are an Ant, in a sugar factory, what more is there to say? This is the place to hang-out!

Adrian is on a mission, but needs your help! He is trying to collect enough coins to participate in his Ant clans latest auction to raise awareness for Ants with sugar addiction. A debilitating condition affecting ants all over the world!

But those pesky inconsiderate humans have left some not so sweet nasties like lemons and poison, which are aimed at preventing Adrian from succeeding, so avoid those at all costs!!

How far can you travel, and how many coins can you help Adrian collect?

Apart from the dangers, there are also power ups along the way to assist with adding more lives, higher scores, and even temporary invincibility.

Plus a global leaderboard to rank against the worlds best.

Ready for some fun?

Works on iPhone, iPad and iPods!!!

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