iPad Adventure Games

1:-Waking Mars

In 2097, Life Is Discovered On Mars. When Your Mission Of First Contact Becomes Trapped By A Cave-In, You Must Master The Alien Ecosystem To Survive. With Time Running Out, You Will Make A Decision That Determines The Fate Of A Lost Planet.

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iPad Version Of The Award-Winning Adventure Game From The Makers Of Samorost And Botanicula.

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Burned Out On All The New-Fangled Graphics And Dazzling Eye Candy On Your Shiny New Iphone Or Ipad? Nostalgic For A Simpler Time? Then Take Advantage Of Those Crisp High-Resolution Fonts To Relive The Glory Days Of The Great Underground Empire, Or Play Any Of Hundreds Of Great Works From The Interactive Fiction Archive.

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Bastion For Ios Features All The Highly Acclaimed Artwork, Music, And Narration That Bastion Is Known For, Along With Intuitive Touch Controls. Explore More Than 40 Lush Hand-Painted Environments As You Discover The Secrets Of The Calamity, A Surreal Catastrophe That Shattered The World To Pieces. Wield A Huge Arsenal Of Upgradeable Weapons And Battle Savage Beasts Adapted To Their New Habitat. Finish The Main Story To Unlock New Game Plus Mode And Continue Your Journey !!!

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5:-Walking Dead: The Game

Centered On A Truck Stop On A Georgia Highway, This Special Episode For Season 1 Of The Walking Dead Tells Five Linked Stories Of Survival. The Walking Dead: 400 Days Offers More Of The Horror And Human Drama Of Robert Kirkman And Telltale’s Award-Winning Series.

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